1. So you were in the military, then took a government job, but were confused by government rates and BAH? Did you not look or ask about your pay your entire military career? This is a very confusing comment and doesn't seem like this could happen unless you were truly oblivious to your military pay/rates and did no research on government work prior to the extremely extensive hiring process.

  2. It's also plausible that Ukraine once sold them to Romania once upon a time

  3. Wonder how many of those were already contemplating leaving even before partial mobilization was announced

  4. Haha that is quite an interesting tell from an interviewer... did you take that comment as more of a negative thing or a positive one? I couldn't exactly interpret the tone of your story.

  5. Kind of a mixed bag. I do not believe the interviewer meant it to be negative, but I also do not believe the interviewer understood the ramifications of what they were saying.

  6. Or when everyone has already made the same joke a billion times in the comments.

  7. I like the fact that there is a "when when" tag for posts

  8. Is this for something you are designing, something academic, or just curious?

  9. Just imagining it's 3 a.m. after a night of drinking and the car alarm starts going off, but you left your keys downstairs

  10. Doesn't matter if the books are banned if she was never going to read any books at all in the first place

  11. Breakfast crunch wrap is one of the best fast food sandwiches you can get behind the breakfast baconator at Wendy’s

  12. Oh, that movie that claims to be the "funniest movie of the year" in the trailer but that same trailer is just cringey as fuck

  13. I kinda expect petty Elon to shutdown Starlink in Ukraine as payback for correcting him

  14. If he owns Twitter right now, I'd half expect him to delete the accounts of anyone who told him to bugger off on the platform. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he made those polls on purpose to weed out those people.

  15. Did the earth shake, emit a foul death-like odor, and did the sky turn blood red when you removed the coins?

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