1. There are a load of cool guys on that you tube channel! It’s great for watching police questioning.

  2. I think i just saw some LITERAL APHIDS on the branch on the photo that i posted omg😭

  3. I don’t see any aphids on these pics at all. Not sure what the fuzz is but i am almost certain it’s not animal related.

  4. A kids toothbrush with a suction cup is ideal for these kind of things.

  5. This is where i got mine from a few weeks back. Got the dynavap m 2021, dynacoil and a cleaning kit and in the box was three full size refresher bars as a surprise. Came in 2 days and have zero complaints.

  6. I'm breeding Simonacrops on Fjordur....they really are a game changer.

  7. Without a doubt they are my favourite tame in the whole game.

  8. They make taming Ardrewsarkuas a breeze. Just jump and fly away.

  9. Put lots of points into stamina and you can hover above pretty much anything and tame without a trap. I tame most things using Sinomacrops.

  10. I posted this same question about a year ago but didn't really get any helpful answer, so posting again .

  11. I use Isopropyl diluted to 70%, hot water and fairy liquid for cleaning all of my smoking pieces. I’ve never soaked anything longer than 15-20 minutes but i clean regularly. I’ve only cleaned the dynacoil once (i only entered the dynaverse last week) but cleaned it the same way i clean everything else in my collection, various glass and dab rigs both quartz and titanium, and it worked as it should. I’ve also not heard of iso reacting with titanium or had any adverse effects on any of my own pieces. Hope that helps. The most important thing is clean regularly.

  12. PS4 screenshots can be sent in a message and then downloaded to a phone using the PS app. I do it all the time.

  13. Road tests are perfectly normal to see if there are any knocks or noises from your car.

  14. I play on controller and have played Gran Turismo games since the first one came out and have never changed sensitivity settings at all. Curious as to why you would?

  15. Well I gave screen share screenPlay control to a player while I was out and they changed all my setting Such as changing l1 and r1 to manually shifting gears and the sensitivity was raised for the buton configuration I just switched back to default but for sensitivity and such there is no default or at least no reset button so I was trying to find out what other controller players settings are

  16. French protests for the retirement age going up by two years. It’s been ongoing for weeks now.

  17. Are people really this thick that they don’t know how to use custard? It literally will tell you what to do with it on the label.

  18. The way OP wrote this suggested that they thought Ade would be a good addition to House of Games. I just pointed out that he had already been on that.

  19. Teach you where to post your thirst for validation?

  20. This is not an achievement of the royal family, it is an achievement of the gardeners who work for them.

  21. Yup. Only thing the monarchy have achieved is convincing idiots they have value. (Y’know since they’re not allowed to behead people they don’t like anymore.)

  22. It’s like saying Pope Julius the 2nd painted the Sistine chapel roof because he commissioned Michelangelo to do it. It’s just not right.

  23. How’d you get a job here fuckface? What kind of virus ridden link is this? Your post history is some ride!

  24. I haven’t driven it yet. Been doing all the cafe menus to unlock the Nurburgring first before doing anything else.

  25. Been playing since day one and have yet to win anything but the bottom prize haha. Congrats OP!

  26. I think i’ve opened around a dozen or so. It was a 3 star one but the other 3 star ones i’ve opened were all bottom tier prizes, i guess i got super lucky here :)

  27. YMH weather channel coming to a you tube channel near you.

  28. Look down when exiting water to avoid the annoying little jump.

  29. Well I know there are cross play servers I play on one for crystal aisle's . Didn't know if I could on solo . But thanks have a great day sir

  30. The only console cross play available is between xbox users and pc gamerpass users.

  31. At least get a stealth shelf for the 6x9’s and some stealth boxes for the subs. It looks pretty messy oh and say goodbye to the tightness of most of the screws and bolts in your car and hello to lots of rattles :)

  32. Be careful transferring to a map with a longer runtime then the current one you’re on. I’ve had a bunch of cryos run out of power when I tried to open them after transfer.

  33. Yup, this is all relating to single player though.

  34. You’re looking for a tickbox marked “show player location on map”. It’s in the main game settings.

  35. Yeah. You can use the laptop as a switch monitor and then use something like OBS to record or stream your gameplay.

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