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  1. Well no one listened to him when he threatened the nation, then called on the Proud Boys and other radical groups to "stand down and stand by". You witnessed it when he commanded the crowd on January 6th to "march down the street and stop the steal". He has always had the charisma to get people to do whatever he wanted. Now he is calling for a civil war? Look out America, it's going to be a tough year.

  2. Politicians are the catalyst for the disjointed structure of our nation. We spend so much time on creating artificial resources than creating healthy alternatives for babies. Why do we think it is "Morally Right" to provide the crucial supplement that is scarce to Americans? We as Americans should not be surprised, we should be just as upset if not more than the patriots. The immigrants have access to free healthcare (something Americans do not). The unbelievable aspect of it all is that American tax dollars is funding this provision, a provision that is only available to immigrants.

  3. The way she sat in the office while trump greeted some of his guests was questionable. Her husband did nothing wrong he did what every spouse should do, fight for their spouse because they can't while employed. The weakness and sinister appearance comes from her, she was the one hiding the truth.

  4. I was there. I'm not a big Chappelle fan or supporter, but he wasn't even telling jokes as a routine or anything. He was talking about the incident that happened, and then talking about the joke he made.

  5. Who cares what she thinks, now that she is out of the White House she is the authority on judging people? What about her volatile home life, having to live the daily division of political support in her own home

  6. Why are we attacking this young man? We should be trolling society for framing such a picture that this is a great subject to display. That this is a better look than him with a black young lady.

  7. Good for her, whoever the lucky guy becomes had better be ready the experience will long term.

  8. I don't condone domestic abuse at any level, but of all the evidence of her abusive language and physical abuse towards him how is she the victim? Is it because she spoke up first?

  9. Because she is, they all did drugs and drank together. These Hollywood fucks irritate me, money is involved so now they are playing the holy one and "I'm the victim" stance.

  10. Just because a picture of a perfectly toned, tanned pretty woman is posted does not mean that it represents the standard of beauty. This is merely SI trying to sell it's product. I mean let's be honest, would anyone subscribe to SI if a 275 pound woman with stretch marks, missing teeth, bad skin and extra pouches around the waist and arms?

  11. The clowns (politicians) have no clue what they want to do. It should be really obvious to these supporters of more laws that the current laws do not deter anyone with ill intent. This 18 year old kid (a man in society's mind) LEGALLY purchased the firearms and ammo. The brain dead supporters in the past believed that mass shootings and other gun related crimes were committed by people not legally authorized to purchase or possess a firearm. As we painstakingly watch these incidents unfold, they are committed by people that have successfully passed a background check. I guess the blowhards are going to ask for a comprehensive background check to replace the current background check.

  12. I hope every American that ran around like chickens with their heads cut off blindly fighting against each other over issues like BLM, Trans rights, immigration reform, and scotus nominees is scratching their heads wondering what happened and how. While these media driven disagreements were being hashed by the media and on the streets, the politicians were aggressively working behind close doors on issues like: "Campaign Finance Curb, Roe V Wade, sending billions of dollars to Ukraine.

  13. The answer to gun violence lies solely in the hands of politicians. Depending on who is funding a politician will determine which direction he/she will travel. Politicians are the catalyst for laws, if the laws were not so lenient then we would have less occurrences (not I did not say "No occurrences")

  14. Musk like all behind the scene imperialist look to consume and control all media outlets so that others will not have the freedom to express themselves. Don't you dare speak about the nonsense that is going on, they will buy out the platform and control what is being published

  15. This should not be a surprise to anyone. Critical Race Theory is categorized as racist, hate teachings, while on the other hand Great Replacement Theory is being heralded as a call to action (patriotic measurements) to guarantee the stability and presence of the white man. But supporters claim that the Great Replacement theory is to to replace U.S.-born Americans with immigrants for electoral gains, and notice who supports it........White Supremacists.

  16. He is many things but this is one that he is good at.....dumping assets when he is no longer a viable player

  17. Always some asshole making ridiculous comments, they are the same shit bags that complain because they waited too long for their chicken nuggets.

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