1. Not to sound pessimistic or anything, but I can’t get over how much litter I see in the picture. Aside from that, gorgeous photo!

  2. Yeah it’s sad how many people will just throw stuff all over the ground. We rode the zephyr and a bunch of people threw their water cups in the mulch about 15 feet before a trash can.

  3. Yeah after posting this I regretted not moving the phone just a little to the right and I probably could have gotten diamondback in the shot

  4. I’ve been wanting this, but they don’t sell the pods by themselves where I go, you can only buy the kit over.

  5. It's always strange to me how perspective works in regards to the Gigas. The larger B&M track and further spaced supports make them look so much smaller than they actually are.

  6. Its very noticeable with wood coasters that always look taller than they are. Like, look at photos of Son of Beast. The damn things shadow seemed to loom over half the park.

  7. Son of beast was so amazing. It’s sad that it was built before it’s time. Definitely one of the most insane rides ever built and if someone didn’t ride it they could never understand lol. If they could have waited til a time like now with these hybrids coming out, it could have been a long standing coaster.

  8. Very nice, we rode it a couple of times last night and we are getting there early and will ride again today lol

  9. I think that strain has terpinolene in it also, which can act as a sedative

  10. Terpinolene does the opposite and causes the mental stimulation "sativas" are known for

  11. I ask because they have the logo on them but they don't think the dark liquid is thc or be suspicious?

  12. They don’t even look lol. TSA does not search for marijuana so as long as you’re not trying to take 150 vapes in your bag they really don’t care

  13. Weird, I just got a text saying that are officially back up and running

  14. I did to, they said they are expecting outages all day. I managed to get checked out almost immediately after posting this, so luckily I didn’t have to wait long

  15. It looks like crystallization, if so a hair dryer would get it nice and clear again

  16. Sure. I was thinking about grabbing one to try out. Let me know if you do.

  17. I did try it this is my post lol, just finished it yesterday.

  18. Haha. I couldn't see the initial comments so I thought you were responding to The post.

  19. Wait it’s stupid to think that almost all of us would go to the dispensary no matter who was behind the counter? Or that I’ve witnessed several bud tenders not know what distillate is? Elaborate and school me please.. if you have the time to tell me I’m stupid, I’d love to hear all of your talking points

  20. Some people just don’t like the truth. We are all responsible for our own bullshit and the ones who figure out that do something better. I can handle the truth and if stating the truth makes me a dick, then okay.. 👍 But I never called this person names and I told them they deserve better and they should go get better, so who is the dick 🤷‍♀️

  21. That Was the only time I’ve hit a cart and I’d say I pulled for less than 5 seconds even

  22. That was your first time? And was it your first time using such a high concentration of thc?

  23. First time using thc in months but I never smoked like my friends just here and there

  24. Then yes, I stand with my original comment, what I would give 🤩. You should try hitting it twice now 👀👀🤣

  25. Hands up every ride that allows it. My kid and I also like to scream like crazy people occasionally.

  26. I think banana kush and hikers blend pods are the best but I like those 2 as well. That banana kush is 20 seconds worth of hits followed by unconsciousness for me about every time 😂

  27. Not everyone processes cannabis the same when they eat it 🤦‍♂️. One 10mg vape hit can make my face float off and I can eat 200mg with no problem..

  28. Yeah I don’t go crazy, but I haven’t found an amount that scares me yet either 😂

  29. You think it would make a massive difference in the high also?

  30. Definitely, I’ve bought a strain from one company and it’s been meh and I’ve bought it from someone else and it’s sent my head into orbit. Also I would say this.. Sometimes I’ve used a strain and it’s been ineffective or just kind of mediocre and then I put it down and come back in a week and it is amazing. I think our bodies can kind help of dictate some of this too.

  31. I’ve read into the entourage effect and terpene profiles and both of these brands are super high on myrcene terps, but both smell different.

  32. So if 2 people processed it differently/used different terps/more or less terps it could smell a bit different and taste a bit different. Not all processors/cultivators are the same for sure.

  33. We rode when the park opened and then 2nd to last train at close and it’s way better. I gave that ride up over 10 years ago and so glad it’s worth riding again.

  34. If you get there when the park first opens you’ll have a few of the big rides checked in the first hour

  35. Nope, just my honest opinion. It seems to me that some people on Reddit are really to damn caught up in some kind of weird grade school clique mentality. It is why I am always hesitant to post.

  36. Don’t take that person seriously, they just said we need to demand stiizy 🗑

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