1. I have a brother who has a bad drinking problem also. In fact I have several family members who do. It sucks to see, but people don’t change unless they want to. You can want them to be healthier and do better and know how awesome they are and if they don’t care about any of that nothing changes. Best of luck to all involved.

  2. Universal isn’t bad for 4 or 5 year olds. It’s an amazing place and your whole family will have fun.

  3. Looks sweet. Not a popular opinion, but my personal favorite body style.

  4. I saw one if these recently and was gonna pick it up but wasn’t sure about them. Are these snakes less bitey than garter snakes? Garter snakes always seem a bit grouchy lol

  5. I mean it's too small to bite right now, they don't get very big and don't tend to bite unless extremely threatened.

  6. The one I saw was definitely bigger than the one pictured here. Still small though though, it was also the first time I had seen one so wasn’t gonna touch without knowing.

  7. I just got a handful of buckeye vapes and the lime sherbet disty surprised me.

  8. I saw some distillate of this. It’s sad they don’t put out real carts and pods with all the bud they grow. Instead they are on the dog shit botanical and disty train 😭

  9. I’ve been getting klutch pods for 35-40 bucks on sale. I just bought 10 .84 live resin for 300, I think 300 is actually a good deal at 30 per .84. That’s just me though. And yeah Michigan blah blah. Michigan has its own problems.

  10. Superflux live resin carts have become a top 3 for me.

  11. I used to post here often and they don’t go through or don’t get approved anymore so I stopped.

  12. I don’t own a coaster specific item, but my 2 favorite park apparel that I have are my 50th kings island t shirt and my pass holder lanyard for universal lol.

  13. There is a kings island commercial that plays all of the time recently that features a few rides that aren’t there lol.

  14. I’m not all that into owning snakes personally, but this seems wrong on many levels.

  15. I use both, I love 510s and I love the luster pods. I use a uni on 2.7 only and a 510 and luster last me about the same amount of time.

  16. Exactly how I like to do it, luster on the go and 510 in the uni at home

  17. I put mine in my pockets and sometimes play w my belt holders. Idk leave them alone..

  18. Go kart track in Ohio. That doesn’t say what the business actually was named or where it was, moron.

  19. Been wanting to try them for a while, but because I haven’t seen anything on them and they tend to be like 70 bucks for a .8 when I see them I have not. I’ll keep holding out now lol

  20. Yeah I saw a lot of kids in the just walking to the 2 year old range. There will be some quick moving kids, but you’ll see them coming.

  21. Yeah I saw a lot of kids in the just walking to the 2 year old range. There will be some quick moving kids, but you’ll see them coming.

  22. Camp Jurassic at islands side has a really cool play ground type area that’s pretty big. Also has a cave to explore.

  23. Man fuck Reddit for getting rid of rpan. Anyways office drummer is his name and he’s on twitch regularly with the same energy as always.

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