1. I'm 30 and I flap nearly every day! Social stigma stopped for a while. I would sit on my hands or ball them up into fists and not even understand why, but when I started unmasking I started to realize what a relief and joy it is. Now I unthinkingly flap in public all the time!

  2. Because if you change boy to fog, it’s called, “London Fog” and it’s about a tea latte. Easy peasy.

  3. I have to see it as camp and sarcastic/ironic, otherwise I can't enjoy it lol.

  4. Comparing butch lesbians to men is so lesbophobic, please read Stone Butch Blues before spouting off nonsense.

  5. Thank you .... If people would take just a minute to understand our history maybe we wouldn't still be having this dumb ass discourse every few years.

  6. I was genuinely asking for recs. I see what you mean, like femme for.... Slightly less femme in a suit. Femme for chapstick possibly.

  7. Cool, so the neurotypicals can be comfortable? What if instead people got more comfortable with the fact that not everyone wants to make eye contact all of the time?

  8. One of the ways I unmasked was noticing how my body wanted to move when I'm alone (body rocking, hand flapping etc) and giving myself permission to move how I wanted. It was really uncomfortable at first even alone, and I had flashbacks of my mom saying mean things to me when I was young to keep me from stimming. Then slowly it felt easier and easier till it was a relief and not uncomfy in private. So I started to do it when I was with people I felt safe with.

  9. Other people do not get to tell you how to identify!! Let me ask you a question, if you met these people in real life, would you do anything sexual with them? Most likely not, unless you formed a bond. But as just sexual imagery, it's arousing. I don't watch much porn, but I do watch it occasionally, and I'm still demisexual!

  10. I have that deck, I LOVE it! Bast is my deity too. Isn't she lovely? 🥰

  11. Off course you can transition, just make sure you don't get arrested by the androgyny police

  12. I'm currently on the run, got charged with wanting to keep my boobs 😑

  13. Gender is just a concept, interpret it how you want! I'm a gender fluid AFAB person that presents like a masc lesbian some days, a suave bad boy other days, and sometimes I look like a hyper pop neon pink ultra fem girlie! It's all me:)

  14. You look great blonde! I think you'd also look good with other shades. It's really more about the shade you go with than the color you go with imo. For instance, hot pink and red wash me out really badly, but a purpley pink looks great on me.

  15. We need ways to pick up the pace in this sub 😭 Stoned gaylors are TOO chill lol

  16. I'm the opposite. I feel very dysphoric about she and him, but girl, bro, dude, princess, queen, king... All good for me. Hate lady and ma'am though.

  17. I’m thinking maybe Rep TV? She had the Rep promo guitar last night, this week was the anniversary of End Game coming out and today is also national “blame someone else” day (like Don’t Blame Me). Anti-Hero also has the hissing in “everybody agreesss 🐍,and Rep is the first album referenced in the Bejeweled video after the music starts (with the glittery black hood).

  18. folklore/evermore were the first referenced in the video, alongside speak now (“speak not tired tackey wench” with an instrumental version of enchanted playing). though yeah, she definitely referenced reputation after that, in the elevator!

  19. She's mentioning so many .... Eras. Maybe an overseas tour date announcement?

  20. Why do people think we can read their minds? This also applies to turn signals. It's not complicated. It's a binary real time representation of your intentions for the 2 tons of Nissan you've got barreling down the interstate at 3 and a half times the speed of sound!

  21. No please, stay on that soap box! I don't understand why someone wouldn't want to communicate that they're gonna suddenly move a huge metal death machine into someone else's way!!! Like... You and I could both die, dude!

  22. I don’t want to clown…I am so tired. BUT I CAN’T STOP. Well, anyway, today is national “Don’t Blame Me” day. Seems like a good time to release Rep TV.

  23. We're running the clown marathon and it's just a treadmill, no finish line 😭

  24. I tend to have similar anxieties in the talking phase. Here's some things I like to remind myself:

  25. I really wish the whole s/he thing would die already - just use they

  26. Immediately makes me think of German nationalism and nazis/Hitler, as many others have stated.

  27. “He got sick on the floor and his shoes” makes me think back to the Bejeweled music video. If Anti Hero MV glitter vomit makes us equate getting sick with being queer, what does that mean in the context of this line? “Shoes I gave you as a present line” has always made me wonder too. Curiouser and curiouser…

  28. It also reminded me of Hits Different. "I think of you with other girls/ in love/ and threw up on the street"

  29. At first I was like omg so loud, and I still think so... But my next thought was, here she is baiting gaylors while also covering Gaylor evidence to appease the straights. She truly plays every side.

  30. Chase two fan groups .... You'll probably keep both bc you're Taylor Fucking Swift

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