My sister's stupidity destroyed my family

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  1. But that is drinking your own, not other people's. If they have a disease, couldn't it be passed through consuming their urine? Like all those bacterial diseases she isn't vaccinated against like typhoid and so forth

  2. Usually the piss people also let their piss sit out for weeks to “ferment” bc they think it boosts the medicinal effects, when in reality it only causes more bacteria to grow.

  3. I am crunchy. Breastfeeding, making my own baby food, cloth diapers, co-sleeping

  4. I always thought of “crunchy moms” as moms who didn’t give a fuck if their hair wasn’t washed after 2 days bc they were busy parenting. Like, let the house be a little messy, gets down and dirty with the kids, and isn’t anal about everything. Dirty hair, messy house, laid back kind of moms.

  5. It's when people identify as a baby or claims they are the same age as a baby

  6. i.e perverted people with severe mental illness that use their untreated illness as a fetish.

  7. I don’t think their profile picture is wrong.

  8. Exactly why people acting like babies shouldn’t be accepted. For one, it’s an untreated mental illness and perversion. Two, it will have social consequences for what becomes accepted. When you tiptoe around calling out shit in fear of being canceled and things like this use that to their advantage, you’ll end up seeing other fucked things as not as bad or normal in comparison when they’re all completely fucked.

  9. Totally and if her best friend sent him the vid saying “Is this who you want to marry” or whatever she said, this probably isn’t the first. The BF feels bad for OP. This sounds like an enough’s enough message. If this was way out of character and best friend knew she loves op and made a huge mistake, she might not have told him.

  10. Not her friend, his. Who is now trying to emotionally blackmail him saying if he doesn’t call off the wedding, they’ll post the video. The whole post just seems weird imo

  11. Who is this “friend” to force you into decisions? Doesn’t seem like a real friend if they’re using your emotions to blackmail you into doing what they want. Just my opinion.

  12. He must have the whole apartment as a stage then. You haven’t seen his tik-tok. I did a deep delve into his stuff. I don’t think it is fake. He shows a lot.

  13. It’s not a Joel stream without something fucking up

  14. If this isn’t further proof why animals shouldn’t be kept in cages for our amusement, I don’t know what is. Leave them in the wild where they belong, have sanctuaries for when needed. But zoos are definitely not needed.

  15. Yeah but that’s if the men get convicted at all for rape. I think it just seems to protect predators of all kinds. And women now don’t have the option to choose to not give birth even if it might kill them so why wouldn’t the courts who force every woman (and girl child in many cases) to keep every child to term and then keep them? They don’t care about children or women at all. It’s not biased for women, it’s just encouraging predators for the sake of increasing the population. They care about predators quite a bit, man or woman.

  16. BOTH genders get off too easily for sexual assault/rape. Is the assault of men by attractive women often looked at as like no big deal? Like they’re “lucky”? Absolutely. Are women often not believed? Yes. Even when they are, the men get a whopping 4 years at most. But BOTH parties are put through further trauma coming forward, and both parties rarely get the justice they deserve.

  17. One of the streeteries that have been placed all over OTR since the pandemic. Provides more seating space for these smaller restaurants and bars

  18. Really? It irks me when people use this sub as a way to “farm karma”. Why do you even care about your amount of karma? It does absolutely nothing.

  19. Have your parents tried speaking to another lawyer? This sounds like it should 100% be on the boyfriend since he was driving illegally. Another question does the insurance not follow the car? My insurance does and as my insurance agent put it "your neighbors kid could steal your car for a joyride and you'd be covered".

  20. That’s what I’m saying. They have to have a completely incompetent lawyer for them to think the boyfriends parents can win when he was the one driving, without the parents knowledge. I’d definitely be getting a different lawyer

  21. This dude has a competition show where he breaks down his creations. It was a good watch just to see all of the techniques he has come up with. He’s a genius when it comes to edible food art. He also runs his own school.

  22. Yea I’m Christian and a lot of Christian’s take stuff in the Bible out of context and the going three times a week is bull shit…..that’s why I killed the pastor

  23. I follow a lot of people who are theologists or break down religion, and

  24. This is definitely just the fetish of whoever drew this but they’re playing it off like some warning lolol

  25. This was literally just posted here not an hour ago by someone saying this was their partners cousin. Here's the news story, happened in Toronto, Ontario.

  26. Just to confirm: Do you mean

  27. Yes it does lol. If you go to spa circuit and go to the bottom and scroll through the photos, it’s right there. “Vichy Shower”

  28. Did the car throw it or did it come off of the back of that trunk? This is horrifying and why driving terrifies me.

  29. It’s bewildering to me that people can see this and still not think that is addicts need access to treatment.

  30. That skull in the terrain. Can’t even find it on the map smh

  31. I commented on another comment giving a strat but to beat it just crouch, use peashooter and shoot at it

  32. It’s not that simple bc when he splats down the icing on the ground will bounce to hit you.

  33. I would like to jump on and say as a SW, 90% of men I see are 3-4 inches, across most races. Just my experience but it’s one reason I find porn so toxic. Majority of men are under 4 inches and yet the media only shows the very well endowed.

  34. Hilda took me awhile, then Grimm really killed me, and Cala and Kahl buried me. I don’t know how many tries Hilda took, but I died over 60 times with the rest of them.

  35. It still shocks me how much I see Harambe mentioned from people all over the world

  36. Conspiracy theory asshole that wants to shove their religion and beliefs down everyone’s throat.

  37. I make and sell rad as fuck coffee. It's a smooth brew dark roast with a hint of sweetness and twice as much caffeine as a normal cup of coffee. Thanks for asking!

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