1. Smoothies are my go-to 5 minute breakfast. Banana, protein powder, frozen berries, oats, seeds, nut butters, choice of milk or juices. Other than that one minute oats are pretty quick, just add your toppings & some boiling water & breakfast is served.

  2. I started off with autos, Mephisto actually and I've had these seeds for a few years so I decided it's time to get to em. Photos are great but ehh. I actually have a backlog of Meph seeds I have to get thru that I purchased a few years back. I hope these are still viable. I got them soaking in a shot glass for 12 hours. Then into Roots organic/M3 soil under 240w 301b led. I'll post updates on it all. P.S. There's alot of strains I want to get too but don't have the space.. Strawberry nugget, cannacheese.. ect. Its time! :)

  3. Mephisto has some pretty impressive looking genetics, I’d like to give them a shot. It’s rare I see a photo of a mephisto plant that doesn’t look great. Which do you prefer autos or photos? I’m very new to growing, only on my third grow now but (started photos and switched to autos)

  4. Nitrogen toxicity causes clawing. What are you feeding them?/what soil are they in?

  5. Fox farm nutrients (trio) & Fox farm soil.

  6. Fox farm ocean forest is already very nitrogen rich, you should cut it with happy frog or something a little less hot in the future. Adding the bottled nutes on top is probably overdoing the nitrogen even more. I’d give a good amount of PH’d dechlorinated water for the next watering & then resume your feedings at like 1/4 - 1/2 strength.

  7. What? Flushing? I mean I do nutes, water, nutes on my typical schedule so a ‘flush’ for me is literally just stopping on a watering rather than a feeding but I thought it was common practice to flush last watering/feeding before harvest?

  8. Thanks sir! First time trying lst. Definitely stayed shorter than I thought.

  9. Hopefully she’ll beef up a bit more, what’s the breeder? Colors look like they’re gonna be sweet.

  10. Sweet seeds-was a 3 pack n they gave an extra for free. Might mess around and try it in a 1 gal pot.

  11. What size you running now? I do 5g, thinking of trying 10g next run, wanna pull consistent 4oz+ autos

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