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  1. If they thought a school shooting would be bad optics then why the fuck did they do a school shooting episode? This is the United States of America, we've got a school shooting every other week:

  2. Tbh I suspect they also thought that pulling it would in itself be good optics and get them free marketing in the news while being shown in a ‘caring’ light.

  3. Statistically speaking gun owners are exponentially more likely to use the gun on themselves or against family than against some random home invader or in “self defense”

  4. A few problems with this phrasing I think.

  5. We’ve had American, Australian and Irish Jokers, maybe a South African one next.

  6. Also apparently known as ‘Fallopian buds’

  7. This was the first time I heard this particular tid-bit…….. wtf.

  8. It's generally or at least more commonly tidbit. I'd never seen tit-bit (titbit) until today, but according to Webster's that is a valid but less common spelling.

  9. It’s an alternative, and I was going for a lame double pun here (a piece of a ‘tit’ the bird, and ‘bit of a tit’…). Seems to have backfired on me. Oh well

  10. The country without required time off for mothers to bond with their babies has the most fucked up kids.

  11. I doubt a lack of maternity leave is the chief reason he did this. You get fucked up psychopathic teenagers everywhere. In the U.S., they have easy access to guns that can kill dozens of people.

  12. To the official and legal degree that one doesn’t even need some kind of permit, the U.S. is unique in the developed world.

  13. To add to this will the Russians make the connection? Those who do so are probably aware already. Love the idea though.

  14. It might mean they start asking others what it means, and thus catalyse the word spreading

  15. What an ingenious idea. Ordinary Moscovites will be reminded and feel the disgust.

  16. I wonder how many ordinary Muscovites even know what this would refer to? Propaganda is even more what they’re not told about than what they’re told to believe

  17. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=the+trap

  18. Two slang terms apply there but this is a third, ‘traps’ and in ‘trapezoid’ (muscle)

  19. Onion writers in the room taking notes like Salieri next to Mozart’s bed. “It’s wonderful. Slow down, you’re going too fast, you’re going too fast.”

  20. Loved ‘Amadeus’ but it really did Salieri dirty. He wasn’t Mozart’s level but he was a good composer and he wasn’t an evil rapey murderous creep either, but someone who gave his lessons free of charge to poorer students and was given loving tributes by former students at his funeral. He and Mozart had a rivalry at times, but also supported each other at times, and he never slept with Mozart’s wife or tried to kill him. But that’s how 90% of people think of him now. Movie did to him what Borat did to Kazakhstan.

  21. What you call "woke" is just basic human rights, and you are using extremists like in this video to claim it's some overarching movement that's infesting society. Ideas can be dismissed by calling them "woke", and people can be dismissed by calling them "SJWs". It's not much different from leftists dismissing conservative ideas by calling them fascism and nazism.

  22. We don’t use ‘woke-ism’ or SJW-ism (or wokus pokus or jiggery-wokery) today to mean human rights. It refers to an extreme and growing variety of left wing dogma that tends very strongly to (1) claim everything in sight is a social construct, (2) all social constructs are just about power dynamics, and (3) all power dynamics are determined by how people fit into an oppression pyramid based not on class like ‘actual’ Marxism but reducing people to a very few attributes - mainly race, gender and sexuality - regardless of the many other factors of the individual - and (4) worships victimhood to the point of pathology and demonises people on the wrong side of that pyramid as well as anyone who disagrees, by equating itself with the entirety of basic human rights and liberalism, which it fucking isn’t. a good portion tend to view even nuance with suspicion and that people provided it must be punished, while repeating the same 30 lines of predictable blather and cringe, especially while in a group deemed ‘good’ in that pyramid, is greeted with cultish enthusiasm. It comes with a whole set of jargon, in extreme form even rituals (as we see here...), rote responses (like yours, through to ‘it’s not my job to educate you’) that civil rights leaders from half a century ago would stare blankly at and many of which come from Marxist or toxic weirdos like John Money and Shuladit Firestone.

  23. i find it so odd that more russians don’t want change in their region. you’d think after almost a century of massive oppression,murder, and famine from evil leaders they’d want more than anything to actually be free and not have actual villains in charge.i guess they can’t see past the anti western propaganda.

  24. Unfortunately because Russia was itself the ‘big bully’ in the Russian Empire, the USSR, and now, it’s not as easy to tie the idea of turning away from that past to freedom with a sense of national pride the way it is in countries they bullied. In the other Eastern Bloc countries, the narrative (not incorrectly) disowns that past as a period of Russian oppression, which Russia itself can’t do. Even most Belarusians don’t seem to like Lukashenko one bit, but the equivalent isn’t true for Putin (who is also admittedly a lot cleverer than his Belarusian puppet).

  25. Tbf there must have been plenty of army folk with the name ‘John Brown’ by now

  26. “The longest serving and triple-elected PM of the last century is universally hated by the whole country!”

  27. Which is the third, Manx? Supposedly a few dozen people are native speakers, sort of paralleling the revival situation of Cornish

  28. Exactly. But it is tied to a still extant Manx identity and even a semi-independent polity - a small population of course, but very stable. There isn’t really an extant Goth identity unless we include a very different sort of ‘Goth’.

  29. Sicilian smile sounds like something the mafia does to you when you snitch, but I like vagina better.

  30. Right, like a Glasgow smile but then your head gets cut off and thrown in a bed.

  31. Its a pine marten or an American marten from the looks of it. They’re vicious little jerks that eat small mammals, insects, berries/nuts, and carrion. They’re vicious and will bite you before you can blink.

  32. Guessing a European pine marten based on the German being spoken

  33. There is no ban for foreign countries to use euro.

  34. Right, what would ‘illegal’ even mean? According to the laws of what jurisdiction?

  35. Certainly isn’t where communist regimes drew the line, though. ‘Lunatic asylums’ were their second favourite place to put dissenters (after six feet under), and guess what those were like.

  36. What might be confusing you is that a lot of the Gulf Arab states have massive temporary immigrant populations from elsewhere including Iran - as well as Pakistan, India, Nepal, Bangladesh - who form a lot of the workforce, both white and blue collar, all largely segregated from the Arab local population. Half of them have even had majority resident alien populations, and the resident populations of the UAE (which includes Dubai) and Qatar are something like 80% immigrants. If you meet someone from there in the US, the chances are they’re South Asian, but with a moderate chance they’re Iranian.

  37. Not the point of your story, OP, but it's Arab when you're talking about the people and Arabic for the language.

  38. It’s not entirely uncommon to use ‘Arabic’ as an adjective for the people, and recognised in the dictionary, but it’s been dying out over the last half century.

  39. It’s closer to ó if they’re from Northern England

  40. So it’s a Cold War map, not a WW2 map

  41. These 8 people are monsters, they need to face an execution for the horrors they committed.

  42. Ukraine doesn’t have the death penalty and definitely doesn’t intend to bring it back

  43. Ukraine does not have the death penalty and has no intention of returning to it. Doing so would also mean they’d leave the Council of Europe, and be a step back for joining the EU. Ukraine is better than killing captives in cold blood, even if their captives are scum who aren’t.

  44. Oh no now he’s going to get sued by the baby who hasn’t grown up

  45. What the fuck is the Reputation Institute anyway?

  46. Hot take: any ranking by a concocted metric chosen by a think tank is stupid

  47. Nah, Turkey is a racist country of rapists, murderers, thieves, and liars. Never trust a turk, and never trust their puppet cuck slaves, the azeris. Easily brainwashed and manipulated.

  48. Not sure if you’re continuing the joke or actually doing an unironic nationalistic rant

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