This black hotdog in IKEA

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  1. I believe it’s like a joke explaining why he turned out the way he did. Like “I wasn’t dropped on my head as a child, I was thrown down a flight of stairs!”

  2. I am the girl and this video* and I find your comment disrespectful. It's nice to be called cute every once in a while.

  3. Low key in love with Robin but Dustin or Murray might be my overall favorite..

  4. Should be the Widow who’s missing every shot instead…

  5. I mean yeah, but your jokes kinda show how you think. Would you show this to your girlfriend? Wife? Mom? Daughter?

  6. Your banner and pfp are of dogs shitting…

  7. and? can you not think through sexualization of a person vs a poop joke?

  8. It’s just funny how judgmental and critical you are of it lol

  9. I’ve got the high ground you little bitch!

  10. How many eggs until you actually feel OP and can farm them with ease? About 160 eggs on Pugnala and still don’t feel THAT crazy yet…

  11. Star Guardian Sona! I mean Varsity DVA…

  12. She didn’t hit Angela hard enough!

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