1. Forget doing bad on Euclid, I just skipped it entirely. I still got into Waterloo CS regardless.

  2. Hi I know this is a late reply but I just wanted to ask how comp Sci is as a major. A lot of my friends specifically in waterloo cs aren't doing very well and are already thinking of switching majors after their first exam

  3. My major has one of the highest drop out rates of any engineering program in Canada. It's been 2 weeks and the rumored number of dropouts so far is 30 people.

  4. Easy, go to your advisor and say you're looking for a schedule that will absolutely rail you. You want it to look like your GPA got hit by a train. They'll understand.

  5. Lmaooo, 4 years later this is still hilarious. Thank you for this.

  6. Socialism my ass. Also barracks point makes no sense. Military installations are meant to be secure... Whats more important for national security? Bismillah naan center or a military base?

  7. Thank you for making my day with this comment. You're the voice of reason in a sea of ignorant, but I also couldn't stop laughing for a good 15 minutes at BISMILLAH NAAN center 🤣

  8. At least give the class a try for a few months. There is no way for her to kill people's averages if said people are well prepared. There are many ways to get high 90s in such classes in spite of such teachers. Practice a lot and practice hard. I promise you that MHF will be the most fun course you've ever taken in your life if you do.

  9. Do you have any ressources or advice to prepare for tests and the exam?

  10. Yes, a ton actually. I made a whole 5k word post on it all to sum it up. Here's the link:

  11. No, it will most likely stay the same if not go up. The cheating epidemic was not as rampant as people on here will make it out to be. Even if it was, I certainly would not be banking on it to get me into my desired program.

  12. Was in your exact predicament last year. Keep your Semester 2 workload a bit lighter, and then enroll in Chemistry in nightschool (Your guidance counsellor can help you with that. I strongly advise you to speak with your guidance counsellor on this topic.

  13. I... what?? Please please tell me this post is not representative of the views of the average Pakistani.

  14. Thank god... if it was then I'd honestly just give up on this country.


  16. Its cuz I keep telling myself I'll do something productive the next day, which turns into the next day, and so on... I really need to stop

  17. The only way to do something is to start today. Otherwise you will end up in the Tomorrow Cycle which you seem to already be in. Start today. Right now. No delays. Otherwise you will never start.

  18. This would have been my dream schedule if I had the chance in grade 12.

  19. Got in during the first day of early admissions for Queens Engineering and CS with a 98.

  20. Took it over the summer, was one of the easiest courses I took in highschool. Finished with a 96. Is there any specific questions/advice you might have in particular? I'd be more than happy to share my experiences.

  21. If you don't mind me asking, what/who inspired you to be interested in physics, and what resources do you recommend for people wanting to strengthen their understanding of physics outside the classroom?

  22. Most commonly? An excuse used by a lot of toxic/egoistic people to make themselves feel better about their own marks while simultaneously disparaging others who may or may not have worked harder than them.

  23. So they [Waterloo] can track which schools output students who are systematically most prepared/successful in their programs, and weed out those who are not. As mentioned, which students have marks systematically inflated. That's one of the legitimate uses of this term, but that's seldom how it ends up being used.

  24. Advice coming from a Grade 12 non-Engineering student here, but many people get admitted and get used to the workload of university in general through peers and advice from upper years. If you keep up a good work ethic and have good time management, being in AP/IB doesn't really give you an edge into surviving any program in general.

  25. UofT EngSci student here. Just strengthen your work ethic and learn all the material for Calculus I and II, some of Linear Algebra, PHY180, Python/C, and some basic chemistry during the summer before first year. You'll be more than fine.

  26. So was he suppose to hang the corrupt politicians instead? With Saudi backing Nawaz, it was inevitable. He did good in killing Bughti , running his own milita and all. Read about him, he was no noble man. He joined the US, and he is not the first- or the last. In those circumstances even IK would do that imo. The power shortage is because of poor gov for over 30 years from PMLN and PPP not Musharraf. So in short: Musharraf was one of the greatest , honest and the only one who tried to tackle extremism head on.

  27. This . People think this is exaggeration, but anybody who lived there during the time knows its 110% accurate description. And not that he was even doing a good job of it either. If he was at least doing well for the province there would be more sympathy for him. In contrast, what he actually did was just terrorizing the populace daily and that's it.

  28. As someone whose family was personally affected by this Bugti regime, this "restarted Baloch insurgency" thing is complete BS. I don't want to talk poorly of dead people, but that guy is literally the reason there is no industry in the entire region. He would walk around with his followers and terrorize people, literally walking into the workplace and beating someone up for coming on "his land". My family literally celebrated the day of the army operation on the cave. Agree with your sentiment here.

  29. Wait what are your ECs like? What'd you put on your AIF?

  30. There were around 7-8 things. Though I didn't put in every last thing I did, I just put in the main ones. I put in my founding/leading/organizing of a team that's now ranked top 5 in North America, I put in my achievements and awards from the UofT Aerospace team, as well as being the only high school student to be on it (I worked as an electrical engineer for them), I also added my work self-learning CS, my work in aquatics/volunteering/part-time job, as well as threw in being an executive/media head of MUN.

  31. Ok ye these are cracked ECs, along with a 98+ avg this is really good. What type of team did you lead? And nice job on those ECs must've been a lot of work!!

  32. Thank you! Without doxing myself, it's an e-sports team for one of the larger competitive games out there. Took 10 hours a week of training people and solving stupid drama/conflict when you yourself are on edge but it was a decent experience. All the skills I learned from reaching the top level of competitive play were able to be transferred to my academics which allowed me to get to the level I am at there.

  33. Hi. I’m from a family of Kashmiris that reside in Punjab.. I live in Canada, and I just think it’s a better country man. Everything is cleaner, more developed systems and so on. Why do you believe Pakistan is 10x better?

  34. You are made aware from all directions, all the time, everywhere, from everyone, that this is not your country. Some people state it outright with the blatant racism and hate. A lot of people simply hate Pakistan as well and also control the narrative. Other people are more subtle with their prejudice and racism. Most people are walking hypocrites, being the biggest champions of diversity/inclusion/whatever and then being massive bigots and racists on the inside. This is basically the norm around here. You get to know it everyday from the news, online comments, in person interactions, etc that you're not welcome. There is no country like your own country. Seriously.

  35. Giving an exam is not rocket science. Just think of it as a big test, it's really no different at all from the tests you've been giving since grade 4.

  36. I'm the opposite right now. Absolutely oved high school, but definitely not sad that it's over, nor will I miss most things. UofT is a bit too exciting, making high school pale in comparison!

  37. Let's tell the people about Pakistan shall we? = )

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