1. yes, definitely doable. It's definitely an option for someone who can get into college but not university right away

  2. Oh hey, never thought I'd see IChase over here. o7 from one of the commanders of [GGWP]

  3. No. I definitely feel the pressure, but I’m exited to move on to a new chapter o my life. One where I’ll meet loads of new people, and learn new things.

  4. I am a history buff. At the time I was fascinated with the Cold War. I wish I could change it though now lol.

  5. That's so cool! What aspects of it have you studied? I did my IB Extended Essay on the Aerospace technology and education side

  6. This is false. The competitive average has been at least 96, and usually higher, for years. This is confirmed by talking to current ECE students.

  7. Can someone enlighten me on why sunnis cannot marry shias. Is it because of the conflict between iran and iraq? Are they both muslims but separate ideologies?

  8. Do you have any tips for interviews? I have to do the Mac video interview this week but I'm feeling a bit anxious about it.

  9. Very doable course load. I had a similar one actually in Grade 12. Was in the IB program taking 5 courses a semester to fulfill the requirements for Engineering. It worked out fine, and I was not stressed out much from it. In fact, I generally regard grade 11 year as having been harder than when I was taking 5 courses per semester in grade 12.

  10. Very strongly agree. Mainstream Math curriculum is a joke.

  11. If it's a legitimate, licensed online school, they do accept credits from those schools. However, there are two things to consider:

  12. As an EngSci, I endorse this answer. Those who are saying that they treat it equally are incorrect.

  13. I gave an extremely detailed response to this question in a previous post.

  14. Please do not listen to those who are recommending you drop IB. I strongly advise against being in mainstream OSSD if you plan to attend the top schools such as UofT and Waterloo. Mainstream Math and Science courses are very basic, and do not have very much breadth or depth in each topic. IB HL courses are much more rigorous and give you experience working with advanced topics you would see in your first year of university. The earlier you see something in your education career, the better you will do with that topic in university. This is on top of the fact that UofT Engineering prefers IB students during admission, on the words of the former Engineering Science Director, Professor Will Cluett, last year.

  15. As a Muslim and also a Pakistani, the poster you're responding to is a troll account meant to defame Muslims/Pakistanis with retarded comments like what you see above. Theres a good chance they're not even Muslim based on their responses. Please ignore and don't take this person seriously.

  16. While the UofT workload is extreme, especially for EngScis (Engineering Science) and ECEs (Electrical and Computer Engineers), there are many of us here in first year who have time to make meaningful side projects and build our portfolios in spite of that. It's mostly about managing your time and energy properly. Those who don't won't be able to, but those who are strong students and are strategic definitely will.

  17. Had a 100 in Calc, AF, and Physics, and a 98.5 Avg overall. A decent amount of people in my program (UofT Engineering Science) had 100s in high school as well. This can be freely verified online in various media outlets where they post the name and future program of students who graduated with 100 averages.

  18. Exams aren't really anything special. It's just one big test. The first time you write one will be harder due to the anxiety/stress factor. However, this factor significantly decreases as you write more and more. I wrote a total of 14-15 midterms and finals last semester. After my 2nd or 3rd one, I did not get stressed out, and I could write like normal. I also have strong test taking skills, so that helps me significantly. That's about as much preparation you can do apart from knowing the content. If you want to learn better test taking skills, I'd recommend watching my test taking advice video.

  19. interstellar , physics teacher would love u lol

  20. every physics teacher’s weakness

  21. Been there done that. Had MHF4U, MCV4U, and SCH4U in the same semester when I was in Grade 11. Got a 100, 100, 96. It was fine. Admittedly took unholy amounts of work though.

  22. Very doable. Had a similar semester in grade 11.

  23. I've made a video talking about the optimal test taking strategy. In it, I tell you why getting the easiest questions out of the way first is the most optimal move. There's a hierarchy of question types which you approach in descending order.

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