1. I mean i was an anarchist in chicago when i was younger and we mostly squatted, played music for money, and dumpstered to survive. Shop lifting is too high profile. We also had little veggie gardens in abandoned lots.

  2. Its more about trying to grow a culture that revolves around both self reliance and mutual aid. Humans used to live wherever there was space and created everything they needed for survival by creating it themselves. Now almost all the means for survival are owned by one class of people and in order to gain access to those means of survival, you have to sell ypur life to that same class of people, who then live a life of ease and leisure. The idea is to take back your neighborhood from landlords who turn family homes into Air BnBs and let land sit empty because theyd rather hold it and speculate on real estate. the same kind of people who throw away food in grocery stores and then put a lock on the dumpster because its more profitable for them to throw things away than feed people who need it. we wouldve spent every second of our lives cultivating empty lots and fixing up abandoned houses if it wasnt for the fact that some capitalist who lives in a different state owns it and wants it to stay the way it is for their own personal benefit.

  3. If everyone lived according to your ideals, at least half of the worlds population would be chronically undernourished. There's a reason why farmers replaced hunters and gatherers, and why factory workers replaced most farmers.

  4. They remain in office only formally? What exactly does that mean? Like they are there but have 0 authority anymore?

  5. I assume it means they retain pay and rank, but they have no position in the organizational chart.

  6. What else will they come up with? There is only lizzard or alien left.

  7. It is a sign of weakness. It is an admission that Russia cannot defeat Ukraine. So Putin turns to his bag of dirty tricks, as usual.

  8. Lol, there hasn't been a fair election in Turkey in years, they're about as impartial on the voting counting as Russia

  9. Fair election or not, the Turks know Erdogan and many want to see a change of face.

  10. For sure, the problem is they're not going to get a change of face in a rigged game.

  11. You have obviously decided the outcome already so there is really no point in arguing. Good night.

  12. The officers already refused. A bunch Colonels and Majors sent Luka a letter about a month ago telling him that they won’t fight. The Generals are reported to have refused even earlier in the conflict

  13. They'll bring in Russian officers and there are probably a few Belarusian that did not sign that letter.

  14. True, but the Belarusian army is notorious for being fence sitters and generally useless. They didn’t help Luka during the 2020 democratic uprising which forced him to beg Putin for help. If they won’t even lift a finger to keep Luka in power, I doubt a number high enough to change anything will fight.

  15. We can only guess at what will happen. Maybe nothing, maybe a rather small force will enter Ukraine with the main task of drawing Ukrainian troops.

  16. Ohh, that is how they look like before we see them a bloody mess full of holes in a trench... 🤔

  17. https://twitter.com/WarMonitor3/status/1549333392046669824?t=v5DL7ZgCkx-4Vc1g1vqrjQ&s=19

  18. Someone should ask Amnesty if using civilians this way is illegal or not?

  19. You mean @DRovera who was the bonehead that believes the military can never be anywhere near setttlements, villages or cities.

  20. I think Orban has to go to Kyiv and kiss Zelensky's ass for the oil to start to flow. Pitin will be furious that his bitch messes with Zelensky.

  21. I think Orban has to go to Kyiv and kiss Zelensky's ass for the oil to start to flow. Pitin will be furious that his bitch messes with Zelensky.

  22. Think rare sight.. As fare as I understand they dont fly much in east part because of russian anti air defence systems that for now is too big a risk.. But think they are ready to strike when its time...

  23. If they can carry and drop an AGM-88 it is likely they will show up soonish.

  24. Putin doesn’t love Russia. He’s the one destroying it. Decades of corruption by him and his cronies have completely hollowed out the country.

  25. Putin loves the Russian Empire, not Russia as it looks today. He is in love with a fantasy that soesn't exist and never will.

  26. I may be naive but how useful is an enforced Ukrainian conscript to the Russians? View do they force them to do any effective fighting? I can can't visualise the situation?

  27. Expendable cannon fodder. They are told with a gun at their back to move towards the Ukrainian line. When the Ukrainians open fire the Russians note their positions which they will then attack.

  28. It is called Group think. If there are too many that think alike there is a risk for poor preparations for alternate scenarios than the one expected by the majority. It is not unlikely that the same racist opinion that has been revealed in several phone intercepts also played a disastrous role in the planning of the invasion.

  29. That said however, apparently no one in the UN is gonna believe them about this shit.

  30. The Democratic members of the UNSC should table a proposal to fully demilitarize ZNPP and all other civilian nuclear facilities in Ukraine and other places with ongoing armed conflicts. All explosives to be safely removed and military forces evacuated from all nuclear facilities in Ukraine at the longest distance an artillery shell can reach + 50%, with immediate effect and without exception.

  31. Just another special spontaneous combustion operation, nothing to see here.

  32. What id ho see is that Belarus does not want to go to war with Ukraine, yet.

  33. This would be a major push into Ukrainian territory, the orcs would have to move the front line 5-10 miles west to take Kramatorsk. Have they had success like that anywhere else in the area?

  34. Doesn't seem like they are getting very far, and I don't think they can stay on the offensive much longer before they run out of cannon fodder.

  35. He won among other things on promises of putting a price cap on fuel. Fuel that he will soon run out of.

  36. You need to understand it why they paid it it:

  37. Orban should go to Kyiv and kiss Zelensky's ass in front of the world's cameras, and make disparaging comments about Putin and Russians in general. That is if he wants to resolve the situation.

  38. They are all war criminals every single one of them. Identify and document.

  39. I think the answer is that they need to put more senior commanders and generals there on the front line so the requests can get approved faster. To make it easier, they should all gather in an abandoned house so they can collaborate on the best action to take. Putin himself should come and check on things, too. As often as possible.

  40. This is an artillerist. One of those who made Mariupol look like it does today. Maybe even involved in the shelling of the theatre. He is definitely a war criminal. He deserves to be liquidated.

  41. No beer for the Donetskians, I hope. Punishment for smoking near explosives.

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