1. Car with a boot. Not interesting. Maybe filter it in black and white and put it in a high school art show.

  2. Pretty much. In Canada they also tax things like candy and alcohol pretty heavily to dissuade people from buying it, and prevent them from getting diseases/health issues related to them.

  3. I just checked Walmart and Coke is twice as expensive in the US for a case of 12 cans. Did not expect that.

  4. I think there are additional taxes on them. So you might not see the extra costs until it’s rung up.

  5. Word what neighborhood is full of aggressive green zentai wearing women?

  6. Yeah, not like my ancestors who came here with all their papers in order, totally invited by the current inhabitants of the land, who then settled in and successfully integrated with the pre-existing culture that existed here prior to their arrival.

  7. GDP of New York State alone is 1.5 trillion. A billion is negligible.

  8. Who cares? Mods should make a thread just for whiny Karen's to complain about this.

  9. Complicating issue is stock might remain low because nobody wants to give up their sub 3.5 mortgage rate for a new one.

  10. The supply has always been low, but it’s been historically low. You’ll see people with low interest rates sell when the homes around them start to drop their prices.

  11. Prices will 💯 drop nationwide and across LI in the next 6-12 months. They’re dropping now on LI. I get emails all the time with subjects that start: “price reduction,” “owner says sell,” “bring offers.”

  12. No bc they’re not prosecuting the crimes and criminals who are robbing for quick cash for drugs really dgaf

  13. I know for NJ it’s based on where you live cause i remember odell beckham jr was always late to camp because he needed 6 months in FL

  14. No it is about where the games are played. Obj might have had other sources of income that would have been effected by the homestead. Sponsorships, etc

  15. People should read about the history of Penn South, and they will understand what this quoted comment refers to. A truly interesting piece of history.

  16. It’s not the building people have a problem with it’s knowing that a 2 year project will probably take 10.

  17. With our current understandings of the universe time travel backwards is impossible. Time travel forward (faster than normal) is theoretically possible.

  18. Some theories say that once time travel is invented you may be able to go back in time but only as far back as when time travel was invented

  19. I’m sure OP’s question about diversity statements is saliently informed by your financial situation. There’s no need for him to read this.

  20. It’s not just my financial situation it is literally everyone who commented, save for one or 2. Almost no one would recommend working in higher-ed after they’ve been in it long enough. But they’ve been there for 8 years so I guess theyr know what they’re getting into or they’re stuck. Good luck with that diversity statement.

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