1. Being a young single digit boy in the 90s, Benita was my favourite host. Only knew her having grey hair. I hardly recognised her here.

  2. Amazing. Had a few shake ups the last year. Fired from job with a lot of prior warning, I felt no desire of stress nor worry. It was a smooth transition from one job to another, to another again in the span of 2 weeks. I trusted God would guide me, and He did.

  3. Justinian Deception youtube channel also has a video on the birth certificate. It's an Aussie take on the situation.

  4. There's the man and there's the person. Know the difference and you understand the basis of the game.

  5. I agree. But don't make any connections between the 060606 Luciferase Microsoft biometric data extracting tech supported in these jabs and possibly the mark or else! It's not like these jabs change DNA or something. It's not like they're not safe and effective. It's not like YHWHs name is on our DNA. It's not like Israel was heavily restricted during the scamdemic. It's not like the Bible uses hyperbole. Prophecy is never fully understood until after it's events, but I'll continue to have my eyes on the ball so I can get a heads up prior.

  6. I'm sure you guys would have some kind of Act or the UCC that talks about legal tender.

  7. Agreed. They've never seen vans before. They are the same shoe.

  8. What's next? Taking a shit after the shot prevents effectiveness? Cutting your toe nails before the shot reduces effectiveness? Yawning after your shot helps to prevent side effects?

  9. You do realize that one possible outcome of this is a war. The world has gone to war over far less. There never will be a serious government inquiry into any of this because US officials know this

  10. I'd tend to agree with you. Maybe not war, but a rise of the people. What happens when the passion and momentum raises amongst the people? I don't think there's any safe spot but the ice caps. I don't think we've seen much of the beginning yet regarding justice. The elephant in the room is getting too big and obnoxious.

  11. What's the difference between significant inflammation and normal inflammation?

  12. AI is literally algorithms, programmed by people. AI being demonic is tinfoil hat conspiracy. Demons don't exist, neither does the devil. It's all personification of sin, a war between the members. AI is not the false messiah. The AC as we know it will most likely be Islamic. Islam is growing day by day thanks to the likes of Andrew Tate.

  13. The only part you are right about in this post is that AI is just algorithms and not the AC.

  14. When you wait for the rapture (gathering) and it doesn't happen before Gods wrath is poured out on the world, and the AC comes from Islam and wants to behead you if you don't convert, then you lose faith in Christ and convert, then Christ comes back and you're left on the outside wondering wtf happened, 'I wasn't supposed to face tribulation, how did I get it all wrong?' just know that your fundamental understanding of Greek and Hebrew translations, the use of hyperbole and allegories is absent and you've learnt from the false teachings of many churches. There is no evidence of the devil in the Bible when you strip it back past the English translations. You probably also believe that all you need to do is 'believe and be saved today'.

  15. Or else what? This is a threat of terrorism, and they all need to be locked up.

  16. Analysis paralysis is definitely a problem for me, but also forgetfulness.

  17. Far out, this is me but without a house or partner. I want to change but idk how.

  18. There's always a remedy. They just don't know what it is. They're looking in the wrong direction.

  19. I don't buy it. COVID is a much bigger narrative than Trump bad. Sure it may have helped them, but it wasn't the sole purpose. Michael Flynn is a Q anon misinformationist to throw people off the scent either for good or bad. He is not someone to take as gospel. I would trust Alex Jones more than Flynn in this current climate.

  20. I got fired from my career because they claimed this didn't happen; safe and effective. Absolute joke. Every workplace should be sued to oblivion and have their terminated employees compensated.

  21. I would say wearing Gucci or legitimate expensive clothing is arrogance. Kmart and Target sells these fashion items. It's just modern clothing items.

  22. Yea just some random guy with the same nose, ears, lips, beard, and forehead wrinkles. He expression is just different.

  23. Camera lenses as well. Left he is resting bxtch face. Right side his entire forehead is happily reactive. His face is elongated. But the ears, nose, forehead lines, and other facial artifacts are still there.

  24. So are people not just lying about being vaccinated? I’ve never been asked for any sort of proof and just say “yeah” if I’m asked. Of course I’m not technically lying, I have several vaccines from when I was a kid. I just don’t feel like getting into it with these people so it’s easier that way.

  25. I'm also vaccinated; against early childhood sickness, last shot I got was tetanus at age 7 when I slice my knee open on a rusty bike seat.

  26. What is your explanation for the acute excess mortality spike that is presented as rolling across the world from late 2019-early 2020?

  27. I don't know where I stand on the virus' legitimacy anymore, however back during 2020, Dr Rashid Buttar was suggesting 5G interference. He said a lot of people were coming in altitude sickness, which can sometimes present as flu symptoms. These people had never been at high altitude, but were having mild forms of hypoxia.

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