1. You only need a counter-sig if you look different from the last pic or don’t have a passport.

  2. I got mine renewed from Australia in October - even with postage both ways it was less than four weeks, really pleasantly surprised.

  3. How could you skip the masterpiece which is Osama! The Musical?!

  4. How do you work through this? You figure out how he made you feel, whether you trust him (aka if you genuinely believe it was a prank and him there with some chick - nobody can make that judgement for you), and you ask yourself if you’re okay with being treated that way.

  5. Everyone else seems to have said helpful stuff so the only thing I’d add from my experience (so obviously biased and strictly anecdotal) is be wary of someone who tries to make a point out of offering you their phone to look through but after a period of time where they have been able to tailor what you see.

  6. You know he did take care of me like that at the beginning. He was sooooo very much gentle I would put my head on his shoulder or lap and he would brush it for me. He would surprise me almost every day at work with little trinkets and sometimes flowers. He was so gentlemanly and charming. It's the reason why I said yes and married him within 9 months. None of my friends liked him and they were against me marrying so soon and told me to wait at least till I left college but I wouldn't listen. After we got married little things like these started creeping up and I started becoming more and more miserable than happy but it was my fault 80% of the time it happened.

  7. So at 30, I’ve had a variety of relationships varying in length and quality but until my most recent ex - I’d never had one who was inconsistent/where I felt intentionally manipulated.

  8. Not all extraverts are okay with public speaking

  9. I’m an extrovert and it’s my own personal hell. If I HAVE to do it I need to be prepared or I absolutely will cock it up without fail.

  10. They're genetically modified birds created by Bill Gates to deal with our Australia problem.

  11. Flying cockroaches was legitimately the most traumatic thing about moving to Australia for me.

  12. You are not the guy, You're not capable of being the guy. I had a guy but now I don't, You, are not the guy.

  13. I actually can only hear that in the tune of that remix video and I’m not unhappy about that

  14. Oh crap I thought it was just a gif on loop lol

  15. If you can't fart in front of your significant other they aren't the one

  16. Agree and disagree. Let’s be real, farts can be hella nasty. You should definitely be able to fart in front of them but if your room is small and you have all the doors/windows closed to keep heat in, or you’re in a car or just generally in an enclosed space it’s respectful not to hotbox your partner.

  17. Individual drivers aren't insured - cars are - and we know that Rory's car was insured. If her insurance found the driver was not at fault, they very likely would pay. It just wouldn't be very much, because a secondhand old car isn't worth a lot.

  18. Obviously this isn’t the case since it’s America but in the UK you insure yourself for a specific car. So family driving a car? Each person needs to be insured.

  19. An orthodontist will tell you. We can't see your teeth, and they need to take x-rays and all that fun stuff. I went to three orthodontist, and they were all free consultations.

  20. Same as what I was told - extra 6 months and it was something like an extra $1000-2000.

  21. It’s not completely unrealistic - I moved from a small town a few hours outside London to London and would often bump into people I went to school with. Even my mums cousin used to eat where I worked and we didn’t know who each other were for like a year. For a big city it can be quite small!

  22. Agreed until I read the comment somewhere about how the actor is a huge sleaze and now I’m team ‘stay the hell away from him!!’

  23. I can drink a Yorkshire extra strong and sleep like a baby afterwards - is this some kind of British flex?

  24. Back when you used to get charged for texting by the amount of characters me and my boyfriend at the time would text it - stands for ‘how can you say no to me face’ - probably meaning something similar to the pleading face 🥺.

  25. cringe, nothing incel about this comment

  26. Nothing incel about hating on some random girl for posting a funny picture? Not finding it funny is one thing but feeling the need to insult her rather than just moving along is basically one of the calling cards of an incel/dude lacking in genuine female interaction.

  27. I’m personally entertained by the fluffy shoes and the thing stuck to her nose. It’s a pretty kick ass turkey costume so that tickled me, but hey, maybe my sense of humour is dumb.

  28. Little Timmy won’t have any Christmas presents BECAUSE YOU WOULDN’T BUY MY WAX MELTS! YOU’RE SO SELFISH!

  29. Strong early 2000s texting vibes with this comment

  30. I saw this when I flew into Sydney a few months ago and it got a big laugh out of me.

  31. If you kids say they don't like specific foods, your wife might just be ruining them like my mom did. Pretty much until my mid 20's I thought all remotely healthy food tasted like shit.

  32. Omg completely the same! I was the pickiest eater - I was the kid who would eat frozen pizza at Christmas because I straight up refused to eat anything else.

  33. The Facebook facade is so powerful and ever present . I feel pathetic posting my gym pics bc it seems like it’s just a huge sign that says “I’m single and don’t want to be in my apt alone”

  34. Agree with the other comment - deleting it could be a good move. I lost a best friend and a partner in the last year and when I did I deleted my Facebook. It was a good option at the time as I felt the loneliest I had in a long time.

  35. Sorry but at roughly $13 a piece.. do you truly believe that’s a fair price? I’d understand if it was like $1500 but at $13 a piece you’d at least want to see what it is!

  36. Raw clean polyester fibre is about $2/kg, I’d say this is much worse but some say there’s more value in the shapes and sizes, in general about 4 shirts is 1kg.

  37. Yeah I was thinking of the lulahuns who think they have any value beyond donations or rags - $2 a piece for them to sell on at maybe $10 I could see someone being naive enough to bite.

  38. I love little shop, that would be a straight yes from me :’)

  39. 10/10 drawings. Lmaoo Huell is cracking me up because he looks like a rock.

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