1. Not that I would ever, but my husband would absolutely kill me if I put that on my daughter & took her out in public. What in the actual fuck.

  2. I've heard that celebrities & influencers take pictures by the batch so they can use them later. I bet Dani does that when she's in the hospital for faking it when she's not. Earlier today, she was called out on being at home, not the hospital, when people recognized the "ER" walls as being the same stucco walls as her house. Now suddenly she has a hospital photo to prove the haters wrong. Pathetic.

  3. Did she have a "mental breakdown" because of getting called out?

  4. How do Americans afford all of this stuff, when in the same country people struggle to afford legitimate health care ?

  5. Part of Obama Obamacare is that children can stay on their parents insurance until they're 26. It'll probably be a much different story in a few years when she gets kicked off her parents insurance. She'll have to actually get & maintain a real job or move out if she wants Medicaid since her parents income would be factored in to the decision if she with them. That leaves her parents paying out of pocket which seems unlikely considering the astronomical costs of all the things she munches her way into.

  6. She's genuinely mad that her liver issues weren't as serious as she tried to portray it which is pathetic & insane.

  7. "Old girl" yuck. 38 isn’t good for these circumstances but it’s not old.

  8. They weren't referring to her being old. "Old girl" or "old boy" is a phrase going back to at least the 90's & can be applied to any age.

  9. I lived in KY for about 2 years & literally met a pair of 100% bio cousins who had 3 kids. Some of the more rural areas with low populations don't see the stigma as bad.

  10. I have lived here my life in the city and the bum fuck country and I haven’t seen that. That’s anecdotal and I doubt a random couple would just tell you they’ve re 100% bio cousins, that doesn’t make sense in a real life situation. It’s a fucking stigma everywhere I promise. Statistically (and sadly) many children are molested by incest in all states. I don’t find it funny or think it’s funny to say people from Kentucky think incest is okay.

  11. I spent over a decade in the tri-state area before moving back to my home state of PA. My husband has family in KY & I was down there at least 6-10 times a year so they could spend tons with my kids. I've been to the hollers where this shit happens. They didn't tell me, my husband's family has known the family going back to their great grandparents. They go to the same church.

  12. They always preach God's will until it doesn't align with theirs, a lot like Paul & Morgan who tell everyone that their sex at birth is God's unquestioned plan for them but then got reproductive assistance because after 5 years, God was just taking too long. It's such hypocrisy.

  13. I like Zack and nothing about his comment is wrong, but it seems very mansplain-y to me. Who doesn’t know the difference between retribution and rehabilitation? Also I find this comment interesting in the context of him being a criminal defense attorney, not in a bad way or anything, but so much of the US justice system is punitive rather than rehabilitative that I wonder how he feels when his clients gets sentenced if found guilty. I’m not from the US, so maybe it’s not as bad in a blue state like Washington? I dunno.

  14. American society, government, & especially the American criminal justice system does not know the difference between retribution & rehabilitation nor restoration.

  15. Lol this is why I'm not on team Zack. Either don't comment or stand your ground and call out terrible behavior.

  16. They filmed this over a year ago. He's had more than enough time to process it & move on with his life. Is he supposed to be spending the rest of his life crying about how a bitchy girl was a bitch to him?

  17. Lol her arms look like mine because I haven't lifted in forever. A little bit of definition just when you're flexing is not a flex.

  18. Am I the only one who doesn't believe a clinician actually wrote this? It sounds like she Googled a bunch of "concerns" & then forged a document explaining how she might be at risk for all of these things b/c being sent home with antibiotics & no surgery wasn't dramatic enough and she needs an "excuse" to go back.

  19. Harry Styles and Emrata spotted kissing passionately in Tokyo

  20. She's messy af but it's one of the most endearing things about her. There's not a malicious bone in her body but she is kind of a disaster.

  21. Just adding that neurodivergence is a broad term that encompasses more than autism, but also ADHD, dyslexia, OCD, giftedness, intellectual disability, bipolar, etc. It just means that one's brain functions differently in some way from the norm.

  22. Agreed but the social awkwardness is most easily understood through the lens of autism. As someone with OCD & bipolar, social situations haven't been the same for me as they are my autistic daughter who struggles socially because she genuinely doesn't understand the dynamics of superficial social cues. I think the things people are picking up on as "odd" or "awkward" is more likely to be a condition more like that, just misreading a society that can often be fake in nature.

  23. Definitely agree with you. Because many people don't understand what neurodivergence is, I wanted to take the opportunity to flesh out the definition.

  24. Educating the public is never a bad thing or the wrong time.

  25. Shut the fuck up Shayne you thirsty ass bitch. Couldn't make it work with Natalie, couldn't make it work with Shaina, couldn't even make it work with Chloe who was his ideal match. If we want your opinion the subject will be tweaking or bad hair.

  26. He really resonated with me when he talked about how his dad made him feel stupid & worthless over school. I was a straight A student but have dyscalculia so my math grades were typically D-F while my dad could do mental math like it was all kindergarten addition. He didn't or refused to understand.

  27. Exactly we don’t know for sure. You said “I don’t remember him knowing at all”.

  28. He's literally being accused of rejecting her because she's a WOC when there's literally nothing on the show that indicates he even knew. It's just petty speculation based on your assumption that she would have told him. You're literally making this shit up.

  29. I don't really get Zacks rationale for picking Irina but it seems to be a recurring theme with all LIB contestants. They seem to not want to pick the person who safely ticks off all of the boxes and would probably be husband/wife material, but instead they pick the one with more "pizzazz", which is someone they likely won't last long with. So annoying!!

  30. I think a lot of them are a lot more afraid of marriage than they realize on a subconscious level, so maybe they do self-sabotage to some degree. No matter how much someone wants to get married or how long they've been together, it's actually really common to get terrified right before. It's a lot of pressure.

  31. I think Bliss saying her family doesn't think anyone is good enough for her is what did it. Triggered him reminding him of exes and feeling less than. So he went with someone who he thought was safer, and instead she was a hand grenade.

  32. Yep. I don't think Zack is a bad dude, I just think he needs a fuckton of therapy, particularly for trauma. I don't think he's good for anyone else until he does.

  33. I think this statement shows your level of intelligence and maturity is exactly like the season you are mocking. 🙄

  34. It sounds like you have emotional problems. Get off of Reddit & into a therapist's chair.

  35. Maybe I watched a different show, but Chelsea is insecure and constantly seeks validation at every turn. When they first met she immediately sought validation, she's easily moved to jealousy, she brags about their sex life to anyone who will listen (which I think is more her trying to convince everyone else that Kwame is into her), and she just has that absolutely desperate crazy face every time she questions him.

  36. Saying someone is insecure is not necessarily a slight to them. A lot of the women who come on LiB are very insecure & have very little self-esteem, which is why they come on the show in the first place. A lot of their previous relationships have failed because they didn't believe in themselves or know their worth or felt unworthy, etc. A lot of these women (and everyone in general) could benefit from therapy. That's how I rebuilt my self-esteem after lots of trauma & devastating rejection. Well, that & a husband of 10 years ago has told me every single day that I am beautiful and how much he loves me. But I had to do a lot of work to accept that he was being truthful & that I deserved it.

  37. This is already way better than season 2 or season 3. I love that it's so messy.

  38. I wasn't gonna say this, but this is the dumbest comment ever and I don't regret not saying this.

  39. I don't even have a bucket list but I'm going to create one just for this. Absolutely magical.

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