1. Idk…I don’t like either! There’s something off about both of them honestly.

  2. My issue with Eboni was that everything she said felt like a lecture. Contrast that with Garcelle who basically had the same assignment — Garcelle talked about her own experiences and how she felt about not fitting in and being looked at as “less than”, and it often sparked good dialogue and insight among the housewives and the viewers. Eboni often just felt like she was lecturing the others and had the effect of making them feel defensive, which in turn stopped any meaningful conversation from happening.

  3. Yep! She definitely comes across like a lecturer rather than cast. It just didn’t feel organic.

  4. Was going to vote Phaedra but Marlo is not good partner to have. So let’s find Phaedra a new partner. Kandi? Lol even Kim? Lol

  5. Yeah sorry about that. Due to lack of Vitamin D seattlites have serious ‘tudes. It also comes from being a very young city (population) with high income inequality. which of course leads to animosity between residents. They can be a wee snooty, and full of themselves sometimes at other times you cant even bring up anything about your life without making them feel destitute.

  6. I really appreciate your comment. It’s puts things into perspective. Thanks

  7. https://www.newyorker.com/culture/decade-in-review/the-age-of-instagram-face

  8. My conspiracy theory is that it was just manufactured in order to secure 50k for Gia.

  9. First, what you described is not actually racism. Second, posts about POC that include microaggressions are both horrible and serious and should be addressed.

  10. Thanks! Like seriously I don’t understand why I can’t address what I see anymore! Ok then I won’t talk anything about POC cast members or any cast members anymore because apparently I’m fcking racist POS!!!

  11. You may be communicating messages, perhaps unintentionally, that are perceived as derogatory or hostile to the receiver. Rather than getting defensive, you may want to consider the experiences of cast to figure out why your comments are viewed as problematic.

  12. Fair enough. I wanna know, I really didn’t realize . I’m sorry

  13. I suggest you reread your comment + framing and sit with why you automatically went with ghetto

  14. You guys are trying really hard to try to make everything about race and racism! Give it a rest! There are 3 other black cast members on this show and I don’t have bone to pick with them! I trash talk so many different housewives(read my post history!) regardless of their race, so just stop it!

  15. Whatever dude! I’m not gonna do this with you. Goodbye!

  16. no imo because men don’t have a history of being objectified like women. That’s why it feels different.

  17. Not really, men do it, women do it, half this sub is picking the women apart … that’s life 🤷🏽‍♀️

  18. Sooo over dorinda and her fcking tears! So much for making it nice

  19. Love Bethany but she’s sometimes vicious on weaker women and that I can’t accept! She was the underdog once and we all rooted for her so this her years later become the bully is gross

  20. Ugh! Definite not fcking Jackie! Hate that b!tch and her smug frozen face!

  21. I think if it’s not American it’s hard to relate to it because of the cultural references

  22. I’m on ep 7 of the first season, and I just wanna know when does the show get good? I’ve heard so many great things about Atlanta and I hope I don’t have to wait that long for a good season

  23. I believe at the time of airing they were nick named the Ramen and why was she wearing dried Ramen noodles on her head.

  24. Your time is priceless, so just never come here again.

  25. What an asshole reply. Why are you defensive If I post a legit concern here?

  26. You should consider the optics of calling wigs unnatural given that in both the real housewives and the real world they are predominantly worn by black women...

  27. No they’re not! I don’t think only black women wear wigs. We’ve seen in this on most of RHO franchise! Most of the women regardless of race wear some sort of fake hair to enhance their real hair! This is what this post is about! The fact that everyone is pointing the finger at black women here is the real problem.

  28. You're missing the point. All I am saying is that calling wigs unnatural when we know that the people who use wigs most regularly are black women, does not look good. I understand that lots of people wear wigs.

  29. Alright I’m sorry, I get what you’re saying now. I was talking about all types of fake hair. Esp the type of fake hair worn everyday. I was coming from a place of how do these women tolerate it because it seems so uncomfortable. That’s all. This has nothing to do with race at all.

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