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  1. its hard to get loaning with such salary... most place wont even hear u if ur salary is below 600. but some does, the second hands. but those are also very tricky, most would trick newbies into buying a barely alive car. other than that, cheapest new but low safety choice would be sespressoz. the only one less than 200 for auto, for manual im not sure

  2. Anyone heard any rumour on the building that previously facilitate Ayamku in Bandar? The whole building was recently vacant/abandoned. What i heard(UNVERIFIED) , either demolish and build new one or it will be refurbish and to be owned by Baiduri.

  3. i swear bandar is filled with empty buildings now, very perfect for those kan cari tempat gelap gelapan for doing their stuff. huh.

  4. I am Brunei permanent resident. Recently did my IC and they put unknown country on my “Warganegara” 😂 Not sure what to feel 🥲

  5. ive seen people with birth date 00/00/0000... i think they are sleepy..

  6. Lots and lots of scammers out there.. lately I've seen and heard of forged govt docs too.

  7. i mean... ive seen bruneian sending money to india, i keep telling him that the person he is sending to see is a scammer and have fooled a lot people, and to not send money to this Indian anymore but he keep insisting saying " eeh aku bali barang ni, ini buat bisness ni banar ni, send sajaaaaaa, ani usin ku aku punya hal"

  8. hi and welcome, brunei is not a very big country, not that many entertainment, but there are foods and places worth checking. as for me, id recommend pasar gadong, that pretty sums up most of the foods in brunei, and temburong for a road trip and sight seeing. Sunday bandarku ceria events, make sure u know the way because a portion of road in bandar will be closed for it. And most shop in brunei closed as early as 8pm. and also during friday, all shop will be closed between 12 to 2 pm, make sure u get your lunch early.

  9. Selamat malam. Saya hendak bertanya jika asa pembaca disini tahu tempat akupunktur di daerah Brunei Muara. Terima kasih

  10. Just a warning is enough. No need to convict and ruin the life of these young people.

  11. black ace serusop if im not mistaken

  12. i heard they say it might be open again next month

  13. I've got a random question for you, if at work, would it bother you women if the men were to use the same toilet as you?

  14. i would say meh as long as its clean. but if it's a case of labelled toilets and the male or female goes to the other toilet vice versa, thats gonna bother me. they could be installing camera or somethin.

  15. ada tah tu kenangan yang inda ia mau tinggalkan.. pada 12 ogos yang penuh memori..

  16. the main problem is that many paid $3 delivery fee for their license to be delivered but it never did. Looking at the comments on IG some waited a year, you can pickup your license but no refund for your money, so is this consider a scam? it's a goverment sector who should we report to?

  17. i really thought im the only one. shieet, they becoming more rich *sigh

  18. As iready positions seem to be "easier" to get compared to big companies positions, i would go for iready whileee applying for the job i really want. Cause i ready until 18 mths saja (corrct me if im wrong), and some dont even sambung after you're done. Atleast i'll have some money and experience while waiting for my dream career opportunity

  19. yeah 18 month, but, some people were forced to renew contracts, or fooled into taking it (most of the times, promising a good salary raise bullshit)

  20. ada gabmen dentist yg better kah? manatau different area diff service my experience arah clinic tu become traumatising until today :') the nurse even blame me and say bad words. or private dentist yang budget friendly. still traumatized but i really need my teeth checked :')

  21. got my teeth shattered in an accident, been tanking it and just realized that they were decaying through the cracks. so i bought it to the dental (this was about 3 years ago) and the nurse just accused me of not brushing at all while scraping my gums and teeth in anger, and also mocking me non stop even after i explained to her what happened. my mouth bleeds after, walked out of there and having a trauma since then. been using remedies to stop the pain through the years but its becoming awful now..so yeah.. also thanks, i ll definitely check it out!

  22. Anyone knows the fastest way to send package from Brunei to Egypt? Preferably the item should arrive within this week as well. I know this sound ridiculous, but it URGENT and was just informed about it. At this point, the cost does not matter, as long as it arrives within this week.

  23. may you able to deliver whats need to be delivered

  24. why? anything stopping you from getting passport? im genuinely curious

  25. If that’s a serious question, it shows how poorly known the problem is. Have a read or google around

  26. thankyou. finally saw a term i can understand. yeah i heard about it, but not the terms used in this post. our gabmen has always been incompetent towards the system in every aspect. not a surprise

  27. I think it’s being called fake because there is currently a tiktok trend where people get into fountains. Apparently some places have had to drain theirs to stop it from happening.

  28. I swear man, if anything is happening in the world its always related to tiktok trend

  29. 2 tahun lebih 🤔 adakah sudah masanya untuk membeli yang baharu

  30. If you still using wifi that came with your broadband maybe time to upgrade. If your wireless router dont have wifi6 maybe consider an upgrade.

  31. yah tanking it for now cuz moving out soon and buying a new one 👌🏽

  32. Some yes, esp if they want to show off to the driver the car capability

  33. most sport car does, otherwise how to say its a sport car if no speed test meh. but really, location wise and the traffic needs to be considered before going all out

  34. Did anyone see the accident in katok highway going to Telanai? It was really bad. I wanna know if the victims survived, I really do pray so.

  35. i heard 2 passed. condolences. it is, really bad. please be careful on the road.. i always pray to never see a face that i know in the situation..

  36. pretty sure they planned it out already

  37. Techhaven, jlite, netcom, techsurged or chonghock? Which one would you choose? Discuss.

  38. tech haven was my first and my only place to go. helpful and beginner frenly. might look into jlite also sometimes cuz my fren recommended. not ch for sure

  39. McD and Jollibee are scams. I can get better quality and taste for cheaper price at ayamku and hua ho( taking burger as example). Change my mind.

  40. wont say better, but i would say cheaper price of same quality... meh. stopped fast food edy, home fried nowadays better.

  41. Side hustle, side hustle, side hustle. until u can land a good job. dont give up. the world will keep punching u down if u stop. Its the harsh world we live in, but nothing that you or anyone cant handle. in fact, most people do side hustle but accidentally found their passion and started their own company.

  42. u will be surprised at how much people actually need them. can even earn up to 30 per day of u are willing to work for it. especially uber too

  43. Quick Question, I m not from bandar so apologies if im being abit clueless. Rarely I go to tasek lama but can people really go jogging there? I though tasek lama is more for hiking?.

  44. yes, its build for both jogging and hiking, and several other sport equipment is also there

  45. Marriage is never about two people but bringing two families together

  46. this is the whole point of having a marriage. For any religion at all. If its a 2 person thingy then that's just a honeymoon. Just my opinion

  47. me sipping coffee while thinking which unn cable will be stolen next month 😪 nasib no more online class for me

  48. kebaliangan ku kana abari yang restoran c aminah atu naik harga sudah :') nda lagi hada tampat suprr baget menumpah ambuyat ni. ada yang tau lagi dimana ada ambuyat set?

  49. durang jadikan daging dalam set atu alacard jadinya, kalau kan samakan macam set dulu, 12+8 ish

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