1. I love this shampoo/conditioner…! Loved the smell and how it made my hair feel. I have thick wavyish hair that can get frizzy. I think this shampoo works better for thicker hair not fine hair if that helps.

  2. Can seasonals shop tomorrows sale or do we have to wait?

  3. Agreed! It’s been dumped…thanks for saving me $30 lol

  4. Cute little small purse! I can fit my iPhone, keychain/card holder, sunglasses, small hand lotion, and the pink Kate spade wristlet from spring box that I use for lipstick, hair ties, aspirin,etc.

  5. Thank you! How’s the quality? Does it feel like plastic?

  6. love it! great small purse (with no pockets, as others have said). perfect for my phone and wallet when I’m on the go

  7. I’m not seeing any changes after using the Dr. Brandt Bright Biotic product after about a month :/

  8. Thanks…after reading reviews I dumped it. Also it seems to be a discontinued product which had me thinking …

  9. Ooof yeah good call on ditching! I got the Hero Cosmetics Lightning Wand in a recent sale and have actually noticed change with that one, if you’re still in the market for a dark spot corrector!

  10. I received a Michael Kors passport wallet (my husband sniped this), a round cloth basket, a bottle of PUR Iconic Glow, and a Fruit Butter lip mask. This was last week. Hope that helps!

  11. That helps thank u. That’s been the starter for like 6months…I guess they have a lot of overstock!

  12. Am I the only one that hates every single option? Where’s the “hero” item…? I might have to skip this box….

  13. I got the diffuser and there is zero throw on the scent. I mean it kinda pretty sitting on my desk and I'm contemplating purchasing a different oil to see if that helps. The bf says the reeds suck. I had one in my cart because I'm weird and thought I'd feel better having a pair LMAO. I ended up taking it out. Idk if that helps or not 🙃

  14. Thank u! I actually have one already and like the subtle scent and looks really pretty!

  15. Hello I was just wondering how many categories are there normally? Or do we just pick between one and 2?

  16. Good to know! Thanks guys! Sounds like I’m getting the bowls instead lol

  17. Anything saucy really…like pasta sauce. I’ve used it for soups and Mac and cheese too. I just used it yesterday in the oven for baked apples. I love the size and find it to be really practical for my needs

  18. The brand is very well known for winter coats. I had one of their winter coats and loved it. Great quality. I did hear the sleeves might be a bit short on this rain coat but not sure.

  19. Wow I haven’t even gotten order has been processed email yet….

  20. I haven’t received any shipping notifications and I’ve been checking my inbox like a maniac lol. Here’s hoping all of our orders ship quickly!

  21. Is this the mystery bundle given for free when u spend $75 or more on this last sale??

  22. That’s awesome! Love those products! Thanks for posting!

  23. All the sales are basically the same except for the items offered (there’s always repeats, but also new items each sale) and the shipping logistics - add-ons will ship with your box, so there’s no min spend for free shipping like there is for the edit (aka non-add on) sales. Oh, and this particular sale had some really good pricing that in my experience isn’t the norm - the prices are typically good for many items, but not quite as good usually as this most recent sale. Um, and the other sales don’t last a full week like this one did.

  24. The previous sales made no sense to me. Prices were not deals imo. But this last sale was fantastic! I snagged a few great deals!

  25. The Sunday Riley CEO glow has been in a BUNCH of beauty boxes lately...which means it's all over Mercari and poshmark for cheaper. You can pick one up there for $20 or so new. I sold the one I got in my last Ipsy bag for about that much.

  26. Thank u! I actually checked Mercari . The listings are all for the smaller bottle so actually the price from FFF is the better value

  27. I quite liked the Melt when it came in the box a few years ago. Lasts forever and you don't need a lot.

  28. I was thinking of signing up for a seasonal as well to get some of the extra in each category that I really want. But I wondered if those items I wanted would be sold out by the time seasonals customize their box. Does that happen?

  29. The pic on the left is the back of the bag and pic on the right is the front of the bag. They just flipped the straps to the other side to show the full back if that makes sense

  30. I’m a GA convert, but the exfoliant is very medicinal smelling to me

  31. The LXMI melt is my HOLY GRAIL SKINCARE PRODUCT. I cannot live without it

  32. That’s what I keep hearing! Looking forward to trying it

  33. If the Dutch over was bigger and had better reviews id be happy but category 1 is the only one I like

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