1. I think they mean those more bulky plastic covers. If you have any piece of plastic or object between your keyboard or screen, you very well could damage your monitor which is a fair advisory to make

  2. If Apple made an iSwitch that was known to be mechanical I still wouldn't trust it.

  3. Bullshit. Gavin Newsom specifically said the only ways to cause a blackout are voting for Drumpfler or trying the plug in literally anything else while charging your Tesla.

  4. Give him some credit. They waited like, three days, after announcing their plans to go electric by 20XX to request people conserve power before rolling blackouts.

  5. Luckily Gregor Mendel came to teach true science and save us from the tyranny if religion.

  6. Ask the same question but give the name of an Islamic mullah

  7. Asking 7th graders if they want to ban the teachings of Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi might backfire even worse once they find out who he is.

  8. Him and the Survivalist are the only characters I really liked in Honest Hearts.

  9. He lets us know that we can have a bent front sight post but he loves us all the same.

  10. Netflix: hot girl from high school who went into directly nursing, now has cringy “I’m a hero” stickers all over her Honda CRV. Thinks she’s still hot shit. “As a nurse, I know exactly what you need to watch,” as she pours out one-season carbon copy shows.

  11. I always thought you could throw an umlaut on Hulu to make it look like Finnish. Considering that's a nation of doctors who make prison wine it seems apt.

  12. Why the nursing hate? It's a respectable career with great pay and many different opportunities for advancement

  13. Nursing is the thin blue line for chicks. Quite a respectable career (maybe not CNAs) but people who make it their entire identity are cringe.

  14. He also relentlessly hunted down homosexuals in the Navy as Asst Secretary of the Navy, using highly questionable techniques such as gathering evidence by having subordinates engage in sexual activity with the men they later arrested and Courts Martialed. This was seen as so scandalously outrageous at the time when it came to public light that he was almost was fired by the President and came very close to having his career tanked. But, family connections I guess…

  15. Ya man, it was racism against Italians. AWB was racist against black people and former USSR countries. Mulford Act was racist against black people. Gun Control Act of 1968 was racist and anti sex worker.

  16. I recently took my new Heritage Rough Rider to the range to try it out. The only other guy in there at the time was two lanes over with a 44 Magnum revolver.

  17. Still waiting on mine, the date has it submitted at 12/01/22. I called yesterday actually and they said it needed 8 weeks to go through.

  18. I just got around to shooting mine for the first time today. Pretty nice for what will be $70 when they send me the check.

  19. Post-Bruen no one in the U.S. should have issue getting CCW unless they have a criminal past or are subject to a restraining order.

  20. San Francisco just issued their first one. So while you technically "can", you're going to have issues.

  21. Always remember that taking guns has always ever been to relinquish power from the people. Reagan banned open carry in California because the Black Panthers showed up armed and in force when police would brutalize members of the black community. They’d rather nobody have power than any one group to have a fighting chance.

  22. My tin foil hat is properly fitted and ain’t no way McAfee is 6ft under. That guy may be crazy, but he’s not stupid.

  23. Purple: Dirlewanger. The guy who sketched Nazis out but he was a useful monster to them.

  24. And if they were suddenly struck blind they'd be first in line to get treatment. This is the left equivalent of an AuthRight paying for their mistress to get an abortion without hesitation.

  25. Lib Center is either a cowboy dispensing frontier justice or a monkey just killing a wrong doer. Aka Monke steals banana Monkee gets killed

  26. At this point might as well let lib-right guard the streets instead of these clowns...

  27. BSFL are already high grade protein, they cook up like a scrambled egg and taste like potatoes.

  28. Britain's loins birthed Israel first though, America is more like a step dad.

  29. Hrh, reminds me of this one time I looked up what calibers could stop a bear (for funsies). One of the calibers listed was 30-06 and I was like "lmao yeah good luck with that one buddy"

  30. A black bear...? Do you guys know much about hunting them? We're talking overgrown raccoons, not things that eat mammoths.

  31. Remember they're probably 15 and needed someone to literally do their homework assignment.

  32. Winston who? Winston Chu from the hit videogame Sleeping Dogs released in 2012 for Windows, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One and Mac?

  33. A man tried to blow up his shoe with matches, so they banned lighters but still allowed matches. Plus you can bring all the accelerant you want, as long as it fits into several tiny bottles that all fit in a Ziploc. If you make a claim that X will solve something, you need to back up with evidence or walk it back if it didn't solve the problem.

  34. The mags are gay. He needs to ditch those for two more guns and commit to the New York reload.

  35. The Edward Teach reload. Flaming fuse tied into your beard to set of a cannon is optional.

  36. The even better part is that the government is not obligated to intervene and cannot be sued for damages even if a cop is standing right there watching you being stabbed on a subway train

  37. Note that's only a local case in response to federal cases like Warren v. DC and somewhat Castle Rock v. Gonzalez.

  38. Honestly, if anything, it would be a 9th amendment type of thing. Bodily autonomy as a right not enumerated in the constitution. Of course, then you once again run into the "is a fetus a person" argument

  39. Third amendment, give every fetus a brevet commission and evict that soldier!

  40. You just gotta live in Syracuse Rochester or buffalo

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