1. So basically this photo is warning us how the two can be hard to separate

  2. Not unpopular outside of the internet and confused pet owners.

  3. My cats are my kids you tripping. I also have my own reality so I know your wrong.

  4. yes, you're reducing a woman to her reproductive capacities

  5. Easily; it’s simply not a concern we have in in Australia. It just doesn’t happen. Any kind of mass shootings here are so incredibly rare, so it’s not something we even think about.

  6. Depends how rich the rich kid is. If we are talking super wealthy, family's gonna donate $50,000 toward some university foundation, then yeah they probably have an advantage.

  7. Feeling like your always in a Choke hold and thinking how can no one notice what’s going on but no it’s only you.

  8. The general carefree-ness. All that mattered was your weekend plans.

  9. According to your Reddit history you have 3 young children you need to think about. Your kids can easily get taken away from you because of this.

  10. This is how people turn to crime.

  11. I worked on a cannabis farm and we kept bees aswell. The honey was always dark green and smelled just like weed. It was pretty amazing 🥲

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