Man killed by police after calling 911 because his car wasn’t working

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  1. Any recommendations? Because I’ve talked to nearly every one that will actually pick up the phone

  2. We just left phoenix. We travel the entire west US and phoenix is honestly the least RV friendly of the major cities. There’s the regional parks to buy time - those are first come first serve. Are you going to be working in Phoenix? Is that why you need to be there? Only asking because Tucson is way more RV friendly.

  3. Yes I work on the west side of Phoenix and eventually I plan on getting a work from home job so I can live on the road, but I am finally ready to transition into living in the rv full time, however since I’m newer to the lifestyle I would feel much more comfortable living plugged in for the first couple months so I can get a good feel for the ins and outs of rv living and can figure out usage and get my solar system to where it needs to be to (almost) fully support my usage.

  4. Suicide Hotline Numbers If you or anyone you know are struggling, please, PLEASE reach out for help. You are worthy, you are loved and you will always be able to find assistance.

  5. Usa changed theirs to “988”

  6. I’m soon to get Starlink for mine. The only downside that I’m aware of is you can’t (or stents supposed to and it voids warranty) use it while in motion on the road.

  7. Automatic transmission or manual? RWD or 4matic? I think the only configuration that MIGHT be ok with being flat towed is manual and RWD. You'll probably need a trailer.

  8. You'll need a trailer, you'll fry the transmission towing with the wheels down.

  9. isn't there a pump that can move transmission fluid through without it actually running? or is that not a thing?

  10. It's real fun solving this mystery of spring making when you cant just order them for 8$ like you do in the States. Are people interested in me making a video on the whole process, releasing the 3D models and instructions etc?

  11. Absolutely. Is there a reference somewhere for types of mag springs length, width, and angle needed? Or is it just guess and check?

  12. I bought a cut in half Howa 1500 kit from EGP and printed the ass end of it that holds the trigger in place. All the pressure is retained in the bolt/front trunnion locking area so the printed part was basically cosmetic.

  13. Personally I've never owned a bolt action more than a 22. in your opinion if I were to use the best and strongest CF-Nylon that I could print the receiver of a .223? or do you think I would end up eating it?

  14. I'm pretty sure someone is working on a bolt-action right now, but I don't remember what the project is called. The Amigo Grande in 308 may help with your marksman needs in the meantime

  15. Do you know relatively how far along the project is? It's not that urgent, I have some that would work fine also it's less of a need and more of a want...

  16. They have silicone tops for cans that cover it and have a plastic cap so it makes a can into a bottle

  17. There are dash cam hardwire kits that you plug into your fuse box and provide 5V output.

  18. So I decided to go with the ‘add a fuse’ and just do a fuse tap, but my Mercedes mainly uses MAXI fuses whereas the LED kit came with an 10 amp ATR… can I just switch out the ATR with a 10amp MAXI? Or will I catch my car on fire. I’m not that experienced with electrical but I am quite experienced with “figuring it out” I just don’t want my car to be collateral damage in the process of figuring it out

  19. is there a video or any resource that shows what lengths for calibration are needed for different types of mags, as well as the angle needed? Or do I just need to do trial and error until one is the right size?

  20. Like i said, i always focused on precision hand work, i learned casting and grinding like they do it in the Kyber Pass... not 3d Printing and CNC Stuff or other "high Tech solutions"

  21. Not trying to sound like a dick, but you sound like a broken record. We understood the first time that you like doing shit by hand… the process of ECM has absolutely nothing to do with 3d printing or cnc. It can be beneficial to make the jig, mandrel, etc. but it is by no means necessary. People just found a separate method, and incorporated it with different hobbies.

  22. This has been a very common method for a while now…

  23. Definitely doing some lines and beating some cheeks 😆. Books are for bitches

  24. Have you tried hairspray? Hairspray paired with micro stepping your z offset down a tad should be the fix you’re looking for… also like others said, leveling your bed at the exact bed temperature you print on is CRUCIAL to a successful print. 🤙🏼 best of luck

  25. Tightening the nozzle does nothing when there is a gap between the nozzle and the PTFE. And looking at your photo the gap is there definitely.

  26. You can’t see the Bowden tube in any photo, and if you read my comment I said I am sure that it is pressed in as far down as it can go. I had a perfect 30+ hour print before this.

  27. I appreciate your comment. And yes my nozzle is practically flush with the heating block, but I did have my PTFE inserted and pushed as far down as it could before I installed the nozzle. And I most definitely heated up the nozzle and tightened again before I attempted to print anything. That is one of the most vital steps.

  28. Ended up working! New screen had a different 10 pin port and now the screen turns on now it’s just stuck on the start up screen and doesn’t make progress but still an improvement

  29. Did you buy it directly from creality? And you tried flashing the new screen?

  30. Tiny machines, screen works now, but now it seems to be a problem on the thermistors end since when I try to heat up the bed or hotend I get the thermistor error, once I unplug it the temp goes to -14 instead of 350 degrees so it seems to be a problem on the thermistor rather than the motherboard thankfully, but the screen is useable now and loads in

  31. I hope you are not talking about 350 degree Celsius… right? If you don’t have an all metal hot end you should really not heat it over 240-250, especially for an extended period of time. PTFE Bowden tubing starts to burn around there and puts out very toxic fumes. But when it’s cooled down, take out the set screw on your heating block and pull out the thermistor, sometimes there’s a weird adhesive type material on the thermistor from the factory. I would suggest being careful pulling it out, but the little glass bead is most likely already broken if you are getting the temperature error. If that glass bead is in tact then it has to be a loose wire or plug.

  32. Try some hairspray. I’d say 4 or 5 on the ‘hardness scale’ for hairspray

  33. Tormach 1100 series are very good machines. We have had our 1100MX for a year now and it has been excellent. The main weakness is spindle power with large cutters. (Over 1.5") Without the tool changer you are close to your budget. We use it every day and cut aluminum, brass and stainless mostly. Zero mechanical issues or any other issues really. We did change out the pendant controller for a better one and don't buy their touch screen. We found a much better one for way less bucks. We also bought a lathe, which works but we would rate it as poorly designed. Their mills are very well thought out and the design is excellent.

  34. So I’m hoping to pick up a 2011 tormach 1100Pcnc this week, I’ve looked online but what are the main differences between the Pcnc and the MX

  35. I wish I had that kind of turn around for ordering things online. I usually have to wait a week.

  36. Yeah I have one on my tubee and I love it, I’m just exploring options. But thanks for the response

  37. Look up brickAR 4.0 used to be on Matt's fb group but got rid of Facebook so not sure how to get his files anymore

  38. Hairspray is the way for sure. Then after a couple prints just scrub it with hot water and soap and it will be like new. Just make sure your print head is raised, or you hold something in front of it so you don’t get buildup on fans, etc.

  39. Yes because he’s obviously sitting in front of it watching it make spaghetti the entire time 😑

  40. I came home from work to see my printer was still moving as if it was printing, but it was 30mm from the bed. I had just dried my filament (CF-Nylon) and I assumed there was a clog but there wasn’t.

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