1. Ban political contributions to even the playing field to allow a third party to form

  2. At this point, nothing, you're fucked.

  3. Time for a third political party. It’s been tried before with little success. However, many voters hate both the Republicans and the Democrats and don’t vote. A third party with a different platform could break the deadlock, given sufficient support

  4. Alice Cooper back in the 90’s was the loudest I’ve been to.

  5. He's 74 now and still alive and looks about the same. He had some great songs

  6. lol I know, I play in one, but there is loud and there's exaggerated

  7. When I was a teen, I saw the Canadian rock band, Triumph in concert at a hockey rink. You could feel the bass in your stomach and seat. When I got out of there, I couldn't hear anything. My ears rang for three days. The people in houses near the hockey rink complained too. It was fun times and it was the concert I enjoyed the most. First concert I went to and left the biggest impression

  8. Thinking you should work for a living. Being responsible for your own actions. Not being afraid of words.

  9. In the Turkish language, there is one pronoun, "o," that covers every kind of singular third person. Whether it's a he, a she, or an it, it's an "o." That's not the case in English.

  10. How is it pronounced? Like standalone 'O' alphabet?

  11. Very similar. Try Google Translate to get the exact pronunciation

  12. I would recommend you don’t do it. It’s no one’s business what disabilities you have and you don’t need to disclose them in a job interview

  13. It showed me things I’ll never forget but I didn’t want it to be a monkey on my back. Dependency starts to creep in and it was starting to feel like a crutch.

  14. It’s so easy to get addicted to things. I’ve quit alcohol and cannabis and recently quit smoking tobacco too. Next thing I have to do is lose some weight.

  15. This is my current challenge too. I saw my side profile in the mirror recently and it was undeniable.

  16. lol. Mine too and I want to do something about it. I’m eating less and fighting the urge to snack and trying to get a bit more exercise

  17. Without a doubt! I read an article a couple of years ago (Pre-Covid) that if Texas were to secede from the US, it would be the 9th most economically powerful country in the world. Would be very curious to know if that figure has changed since Covid.

  18. California could probably do ok too. Which would be richer, Texas or California?

  19. Honestly, I have no idea. I don't give too much thought to California... except for the fact that they legalized marijuana (HA!). I would think that California's Government wouldn't be able to sustain them as a world powerhouse like Texas would. There's a reason people are flocking in droves from CA to TX.

  20. In 2005 the assault-type weapon ban expired. When it first passed (under Clinton in the 90s) there were 400,000 of those weapon types. Today that number is 20 million.

  21. Corruption seems inevitable but it often has its own ceiling necessitated by the secrecy it requires. When corruption becomes an accepted part of the system the need for secrecy wanes and the ceiling becomes cracked.

  22. It's got to be the hats and uniforms, they remind me of something children would wear.

  23. I'm employed but struggle to keep jobs due to severe ADHD. I experience emotions on an extreme level. I'm not confident in my body. My social skills are negatively affected by autism.

  24. I wish I could give you an easy answer to help you but I can’t. There’s no single solution that can solve the things you said. Physical appearance is something you could work on. Getting into shape and getting big muscles worked for me when I was dating. I have mental illness too and have also struggled to stay employed. I’m currently not working. I’m in a stable relationship currently but know if I had to date again now, I would find it hard to find someone else. I’ve lost a lot of my confidence.

  25. Sort of. I'm fat af, so losing weight seems like the next good thing to do/change, but I don't have the patience for it. I get a burst of motivation and lose 5 - 10 kg in a few weeks and then get stressed from something random, go fuck it and start eating things I like. I of course gain it all back with a slight interest and maybe a month later - here we go again.

  26. I know what you mean. My weight goes up and down all the time. I’m currently trying to lose weight. I was underweight just 2 years ago, reached normal weight and now I’m overweight again

  27. Make it easier to start a small business and tax large businesses more to make it easier to run a small business

  28. We only lost power for 48 hours but still long enough to lose all the food in our freezer

  29. No. I don’t need a laugh track to be prompted to laugh and most things aren’t funny

  30. Stop school shootings by giving kids guns. Big brain move right there

  31. They need to do fast replaceable batteries so you don’t have to wait for charging.

  32. Apparently it can take 30 minutes to charge an electric car at a public charging station, if the car’s battery is mostly discharged. That’s unacceptable. If electric cars become commonplace, the lineups at charging stations will be a block long.

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