1. Scream FIRE FIRE not help, it gets more attention. Most powerful muscle are in the legs, kick kick kick. Also jam keys into solar plexus to inflict pain and allow chance at running away.

  2. Screaming HELP! MY BABY! is actually better. Go for their eyes if you’re going offensive.

  3. I don’t care if he’s smashing Daphne and Velma, Ima need this Que to do better.

  4. On a first date I always ask to see how many tabs they have open. 20+ means you’re for the streets.

  5. I’m an agent of chaos. When I finally get in front of the car that’s coasting in the left I’m slow down gradually until they’re crawling at 50 or so and have to get over. Then I let them pull up next to me on the right and salute them as I gun it.

  6. Can you wear headphones, even if just in one ear, while you refold? Sucks either way but at least then you get music.

  7. Yeah, it’s like 20 to 1 or better. Whoop Rico’s narrow ass and tie him down.

  8. Angelina Jolie popping up at the end like the spirit of hate kinda made the video

  9. Yeah, both solid. And both recognized when it was time to go sit and hurt. After 60 seconds of grappling or exchanging blows you learn real fast that whatever I was fighting about ain’t worth it and you’re tired as shit.

  10. I met Pam once and the only thing my mouth would say was, “Would you like to see a list of local recommendations?” while my brain turned to mush. We were at an airport.

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