How to handle a nasty Karen 101

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  1. Her face when he was slurping the pasta. 😂

  2. THAT was probably the moment where she decided I don't think I can do this lol. And it was right after the moment when he said things were going to get a little more extreme in regards to his environmental opinions about her lifestyle and habits.

  3. Plus, they didn’t know at first that they would be fighting over Flav. When they were casting for the first season, they just said it was a Bachelor-type show where the contestants would compete for a famous musician. The money and the fame were the only attractions 😂

  4. Can you imagine showing up expecting some smooth, good looking guy and you saw Flav sitting there and now you have to actually fight for his affections! Lmao nothing could've made that worth it for me.

  5. SCOTUS going to shoot down the republicans chances in the house for november.

  6. There is a huge part of me that wants them to shit the bed so bad and alienate so many people that it completely tanks the Republican party.

  7. Accelerationism is ultimately a privileged thing to pursue because what needs to happen to change the course of things is shit like more homeless people freezing to death, more women dying from unsafe abortions, more police murdering people, more civil unrest killing people, etc. and only people who have the means to stay safe from those things would ever support accelerationism

  8. I agree in some ways but I am not one of the privileged few who is safe from those things. A good portion of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck (including me) and we are a couple of bad, heartless policies away from being homeless. I am black and live in a not great neighborhood so homelessness and police violence is around me all the time and a threat to me daily.

  9. One problem with that is, patients require human compassion to become well... Robots even if designed to act human, it would be a lie...

  10. It would probably be most successful with a good mix of both. AI to do a lot of the dirty work and to record to make sure environments stay safe and humans to come in and maintain that the AI stays functional and also to spend quality time with patients.

  11. 🤣 The complete disregard for uncle tubby's authority and throwing it mid sentence is masterful.

  12. I don't like her at all but meeting with your friends for a few hours each week is not "living the single life".

  13. Yeah, you hit the nail on the head about these too. I really don’t like her anymore. But I also don’t get the issue with clubbing - if you trust your partner, it doesn’t matter if they are at a club or brunch. What’s the issue with liking to go out dancing over luncheons?

  14. I agree there is nothing wrong with going out dancing at all. But only because this experiment is so strange and trust hasn't been established yet, it would make your partner feel more secure if you weren't going to a place where it would be very likely you will be hit on numerous times.

  15. That shade of red is heaven on her and I would rock this tomorrow if I could get my hands on a good seamstress. 😍

  16. Doesn’t the hair fall out? That looks closely shaved.

  17. That's how it looks as it's falling out. It gets thin and patchy until it's all gone. And I believe the picture was taken in June at the beginning of the treatment.

  18. Oh my god I never knew Taeyang has cancer! I can’t stand Deaven at all but I feel so bad and devastated that poor Taeyang has to face this at such a young age! This is terrible

  19. Taeyang was diagnosed with b-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. “A type of blood cancer that’s more common in young children,” 

  20. I feel like she should have filed for an annulment instead

  21. Annulments can be difficult so I hope she is at least charging him with fraud or something like it.

  22. Is it a good aesthetic design to see a stair the moment you enter the house?

  23. I actually really don't like that but I gave this one a pass because it's set a ways away from the front door so you're not assaulted with it the moment you enter the space. And also because the entranceway is very charming so that helps too.



  26. I love this on her 😍 She looks glamorous and confident and it's styled beautifully with the hair, makeup, and shoes.

  27. It’s stupider than even that - forget about using an old vaccine, he was amazed that you couldn’t treat a virus with antibiotics:

  28. I ALMOST forgot what a drooling imbecile he is and then you read the actual words that came out if his mouth! 😳🤪

  29. I appreciate the effort but its pretty meh for me.

  30. I like that he never looks like most men at these things. He's got his own style and a certain cut that he likes and he plays with fashion (textures and colors).

  31. I don't love that it's backless. There is something not quite right about the look of it. But I like that the designer took a chance and did it. It's an A for effort but C for execution.

  32. Is she though? Without seeing what happened beforehand, it's impossible to tell. Both are being rude, the worker by ignoring the customer, the customer by telling her to finish her sandwich. Both are asking for respect. Pretty even if you ask me.

  33. Agreed. There is far too little context in this video to see why this exchange was so hostile.

  34. My property value is over $1M by a good chunk, but I meant that not as an expense for teachers buying houses in the area, but rather to say that the county and local governments don’t have a lot of additional room to raise taxes to increase teachers’ salaries.

  35. Fellow Californian, homeowner (in central and southern Cali), landlord and taxpayer... this reality is everywhere where one can be gainfully employed in this state and it is exactly as you describe.

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