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  1. Last time I heard it was when my dad was watching his John Wayne blue ray box set, and ya its not a term that comes up to often so they absolutely had to know what they were doing.

  2. I’ve heard it last in… Disney’s Peter Pan maybe? The matriarch of the indian camp calls Wendy that a lot

  3. your detection for post creation was only for life signs, not droids

  4. Sometimes I find Luke a smidge hard to read. Mark Hamil is a really good actor but sometimes he’s quiet in a scene for a while and part of me is like ‘what’s going on in that noggin of yours, I don’t know and you’re the main character lol’

  5. What, you mean you don't like it when people criticize your stories for the characters not acting perfectly logically at all times?

  6. “A competent character” please you don’t know what competence is from your doylist viewpoint and this character exist in the world they don’t know the speedrun hax to win the story early

  7. -Work In A Small Business Like Dexter Jetster’s Bar Or That Lady Selling Juma Fruit On Tatooine

  8. wait, Jedi Jesus is the canon head for that one poster?

  9. I just did an open world activity where I had to carry a box for 200 meters and that was it. Like what the fuck 😅

  10. I’m guessing stealing clothes from the nudists?

  11. Caroline: “Hm. So that’s new. Hello little spirit, I see you’re trying to be my conscience.”

  12. Aren't you Caroline? It's says you there before getting turned into a supercomputer. Of course you might just self lobotomies yourself for science or whatever.

  13. Cave Johnson needs us to get a win! My soul is only a small price to pay for science!

  14. … I really want to see one day if one can rebind way of the flame to be swiping right now just for the joke

  15. We really only see gru through the movies, kids movies at that, so we can really only assume that in between kid gru and adult gru he amassed super villain status and power through heinous events. Though if you take the history of other super villains, he's not as BAD as they are, just efficient.

  16. part of that is because gru worked out how to make more of them by altering corn to mutate into becoming them. Gru isn’t their master, their ruler, etc… He’s their father.

  17. There is a reason why there’s a god in warhammer called Khorne

  18. Kirby can vomit though. It’s why rats die to poisons but humans can sometimes induce vomiting to bring it back out if they’re quick

  19. Full disclaimer: In the comics at least, magneto’s powers could basically do anything they liked

  20. I’ve noticed goons get stuck there a lot somehow, I think they struggle pathfinding around the water and don’t like climbing

  21. All the other Jedi Masters treat you fighting the mandalorian wars as a betrayal of the order wheras Atris sees it as a betrayal of herself. Handmaiden talks about how true feelings can only be found through battle and so her going from "Your execution has long been delayed exile!" to admitting she was willing to die for her during the wars is very telling.

  22. “Stupid Exile-baka, it’s not like I like you or anything” basically sums up Atris’ thoughts in any scene she’s in

  23. Because honour died at komoda beach. So thus we leeroy jenkins our way for we are honourless curs

  24. But if you are gonna go the murder route, be sure and follow through. No half measures. That shit will come back to bite you.

  25. “Keep off the blue milk, kid, I know a planet where the Jedi were hoarding the real good shit”

  26. ah building around resolve gain and cooldown reduction to keep using the heal entire party over time ability! Took me far too long to read this and figure out what you were doing

  27. In the force awakens Han says “Mumbo Jumbo”

  28. in stargate’s defence the p90 is a very striking gun visually

  29. I'm not sure, its possible they both had the rank of master, but its mace who gets on the council whilst dooku does not. I'm not sure, we have to wait and see.

  30. dooku I think in old canon gave up potential mastership to focus on being a count

  31. Treantmonk’s 3.5 guides are really good too for that edition

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