Twitter suspends Jordan Peterson's account after comments about Elliot Page

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  1. That is very strong appeal. I am sure the Baltics states will leave NATO tomorrow and join the mighty USSR again !

  2. Yes, yes, the nazis are hiding there. Russia cannot risk that they might get away !

  3. Russia tomorrow: It didn't happen, those images are fake ... but ukrainian nazis did it

  4. European Union or Schengen are not “regions”. This map is mixing political organisations a geographic areas (ie Scandinavian Peninsula) without any clear logic

  5. V4 is not a region either, not to mention that we are part of many different political groups and V4 is just one of them.

  6. I personally cant find a reasonable path for the Red Wings to make the playoffs next year. Especially with how tough both our conference and division is. I mean who is dropping out in our division, Boston? They may be aging but they still have more talent then us, especially on Defense which their top 4 all in their prime and a talented young Goalie. Then outside of our division being a battle you got the metro. Whos dropping out there, Capitals or Pittsburgh? Both teams similar to Boston having an aging core but still better well rounded roster then us. But if they drop out, you can probably expect that NJ has made a big jump, the Islanders have bounce back season and Philly who is going to be aggressive this offseason from the sounds of it makes that division tougher. Then we have to remember we are not the only ones coming out of a rebuild soon. There is Buffalo, Ottawa and Columbus, which I dont know what to make of them.

  7. Well it is definitely possible to be better than Boston next year. Marchand will miss like half of the season, they dont have any good 2C anymore and there are rumors that Pastrnak will not sign. Also they have a new coach which could shift thing in any direction.

  8. Not in the same way. No. All of their resources are still there if not by them.

  9. Not in the same way ? True, some European countries had it even worse, actualy way worse

  10. If fuck off with the lies. Nobody came to europe and took Al of its shit with machine guns and disease

  11. Lies ? Do you know anything about history besides colonization of Africa ?

  12. I mean, Nico is great, but I’d trade him for Makar in a heartbeat

  13. Everything he said is the reason I want us to get Wright. You can coach defensive responsibilities, but you cannot teach a player to have a drive and intelligence.

  14. He also said that top NHL players drive the play and forcing others to react while Wright play is reactionary based on others.

  15. To be fair, a huge amount of us fans wanted Zadina.

  16. It cannot be even called gambling. Loot boxes is scam to extract money from kids.

  17. Depends on how lucky you are. But 10 years is not an exception and the fanbase should count with it. (Edmonton, Buffalo, Detroit ....)

  18. Jaromir Jagr, Ray Bourque, Phil Esposito, Bobby Orr, Patrice Bergeron, Brad Marchand, David Pastrnak, Joe Thornton, Zdeno Chara, Tuukka Rask, Jarome Iginla, Taylor Hall, David Krejci, Marc Savard, Adam Oates, Phil Kessel, Blake Wheeler, Dougie Hamilton, Tyler Seguin, Kevin Stevens ...

  19. Missing a ton of all timers there. Half those guys listed don’t even sniff the team with the amount of depth you’d get with the Bruins.

  20. I know, but did not wanted to google someone who played 100 years ago. + i think the game is now so different that they would have hard time to adapt quickly

  21. I have many times, but does the President travel with a bodyguard? I could easily foresee a situation where a high profile politician traveling on a scheduled flight ends up seated next to an absolute lunatic who hates their guts for some political or perceived personal reason.

  22. I dont know, such situation is highly unlikely as you travel with random people without them knowing in advance + they had to go throught airport check.

  23. It is also entirely possible that this draft teams will make significant reach all over the place. I would not be that surprised to see some high projected picks still available at 6

  24. And private companies should be free to choose what is platformed on their websites, even if it makes insane people upset.

  25. I dont know how US law look into this, buy twitter is essentially a worldwide public platform for communication and interaction online.

  26. I don't live in US, but the law was clearly written before internet age. If you provide online public communication platform, then the platform should have certain degree of freedom of speech in accordance with constitution.

  27. I would argue for Kane, but there’s a reason why Datsyuk was the Magic Man. I miss watching him play

  28. Yea, saying that countries in Europe were "neutral" during WW2 is simply not true. They supplied Germany with materials and services because otherwise they would have been invaded like other "neutral" countries.

  29. we just need another dot in the north for perfect Yin and yang

  30. I hope one day technology allows us to be old and the benefits that come with it mentally (wisdom, bliss, not giving a shit about petty things) while still having a healthy physical body :)

  31. I would have rather stay at the range like 25-50, you say that old people have wisdom, i say that there is also a fair share of senility, ignorance and unwillingnes to change.

  32. Ok but what if this was 2016 and we picked Laine instead of Matthews? Laine is a great player, but you'd still be mad we didnt go for the consensus #1 guy.

  33. Wright a floor is Nick Suzuki of this year tbh. Wright at worst is going to be a 60 point two-way center.

  34. NATO did not even invited them, Sweden and Finland have formed the application at their own will. NATO simply accepted that application

  35. Local redditors: Nick Suzuki is paid by leafs, he did not said that he want Wright. reeeeeeee

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