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  1. Multiple decades?!? Fuck I don't have that time.

  2. It is insane how much risk these companies in 2021 2022 took.

  3. So you have to realize how much of the rise to 70k was because of leverage & not Bitcoin's inherent value.

  4. I learned when I see it in social media, it's time to jump ship. I sold at 60k, I regretted it when it went to 70k but I'm happy now.

  5. I hesitated because I didn't want to pay the taxes. (I was up well over 10x). That cost me a lot of money.

  6. Which is literally the opposite of what professionals do.... You buy strength & sell weakness.

  7. Jesus fuck, thanks for the reminder... rotten was a source of nightmares

  8. My first thought. But then I was 17 when I enlisted.

  9. I feel like it’s often the second company who gets market share. First is typically clunky and unrefined but it primes the public. Something like meta may be different if it’s got a really high barrier to entry.

  10. Truth. Apple didn't innovate the tablet, but they did make it ubiquitous. IPad has become a generic synonym for tablet just as Kleenex is for a tissue.

  11. Secretly, they both think they're the pretty one.

  12. lol im sure the powers that be would sure hate a guy that wants to completely deregulate industry and make rich people pay no taxes. jesus christ lol

  13. And end the Fed.... The greatest tool ever created for embezzling the wealth of the masses.

  14. The statement “we have a transfer of wealth from the poor to the wealthy because of our monetary policy” is incorrect. Policy doesn’t directly create the transfer. Given that assets capture and preserve wealth, the mechanism of transfer delineates along the “asset owner” or “asset non-owner” divide. Whether you’re a sole owner of a successful restaurant, have $500 in VOO, or are a billionaire business founder, you’ll receive wealth through your assets over an extended time period.

  15. I cashed out when I hit 10x. That's pretty much get-rich-quick. Thank the gods that you got lucky & don't get greedy. I didn't sell anywhere near the top. But I sure as fuck sold WAY hugher than this. Lesson: take your fucking profits.

  16. Coinbase Pro or Kraken Pro.... But don't keep anything on any exchange longer than necessary.

  17. I moved ALL my shit out of BlockFi last week over to cold storage. This is the way

  18. I withdrew everything from every exchange the day beforw Celsius suspended withdrawals. Was puckered pretty tight for a day.

  19. Okay, yes, beware. But it is sort of expected that young companies lose money in their early years. BlockFi has backing in the hundreds of $millions from VCs alone.

  20. And those VCs will get cashed out first while lowly retail get left holding a flaming bag of poo.

  21. Just had someone tell me yesterday that the American dollar is our global currency and nothing can replace it. Also that it has not gone down in value.

  22. Only because the others are devaluing even faster than USD.

  23. Bullshit. These are withdrawals from exchanges.

  24. I pulled mine off. The day that Celsius played fuck-around with their clients money.

  25. Not about timing the bottom. But you buy strength & sell weakness. There's no strength to be found yet this year.

  26. I did in Mar, 2020. It bought me 2 new vehicles & paid off debt. Plus I still have like 5x left over. Helps if you take profits instead of getting greedy.

  27. One of my favorite off grid YouTubers always says, “if you make getting land a priority, it’ll happen.” I alway took that to heart. I think anyone has the capability to do that. Good luck to you!

  28. There's sacrifices too. I commute 2hrs every day. Broadband? LOL.

  29. I know one Saylor who was telling everyone to mortgage their house to buy Btc when it was 55k.

  30. How long before the MSTR stockholders bail?

  31. You don’t lose until you sell…

  32. Well, I lost at $40k then. FML.

  33. Crypto giveth & dumbasses give it back.

  34. Jesus Christ y’all stop listening to the people that call you paper hands. You’d literally be set for this recession if you had taken profits.

  35. Truth. I'd be shitting if I didn't have that cash in the bank.

  36. If you have been trading for decades that means you must remember a time when a savings account had an interest rate thats above .05%. You will judge people for taking on stupid risk (which is fine because they are stupid) but you must understand there is a reason behind it. Safe investments used to at least come close to try and keep up with inflation. Now a days you have no option. Im not trying to make an excuse for people taking on too much risk but there is a reason why alot of people are taking on more risk then they should. They kind of have to

  37. The S&P has had insane returns the last decade. More than enough to build wealth.

  38. I thought we were talking about risk though. BTC regularly has drawdowns of 80%.

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