1. Well, animation isn't as big in America as in Japan. (I'm not sure what constitutes a western country any more) if it was as much a part of the culture I'm sure the voice actors would be more well known.

  2. Basically this. A lot of Japanese people don't watch anime and don't know most of the seiyuus.

  3. Taiwan has traditionally been quite big on Japanese pop culture and I think that would include anime too.

  4. I don't put much significance on holidays so it's much easier for me. I also don't think the holiday can only be celebrated on the actual day itself. I celebrate birthdays with my partners not on the actual day most of the time, but just a day that's close to it and convenient for both of us. What matters is what you do during the time you are both together.

  5. Many students are lazy but do well in class. I think what matters more is that the student is a good person and is willing to listen to my advice. Even the rude student is also okay as long as they're not actively spiteful.

  6. As a straight woman, I am fond of linking gravure videos to my also straight boyfriends and talking about it in general. It's fine to appreciate adult content. I find porn a bit distasteful for myself but also have no issues with my partners enjoying them.

  7. Human bodies are gross, I pick floating orb with personality.

  8. That happens to me a lot too, and it's hard to stop because we so badly want somebody to listen to us, right? Maybe the next time before you vent, ask if it's a good time for them and if they're okay with listening right now?

  9. I'm a straight woman dating 2 straight men. 1 of my partners is dating 2 other straight women. No one is romantically interested in their metas. In fact, we practise parallel polyamory so we don't really see the metas much at all. I think it works much better this way and has less drama, and we have our own individual freedom to pursue our respective relationships in the way we want to.

  10. One of my best friends is an INTP and honestly I think the secret to it is to be patient and give her time to naturally open up on her own. She typically takes years to really open up to a person and I don't force her or anything. We just have chill conversations about our interests and I don't make a big deal of anything or create drama.

  11. I usually get relief on the day of my period, but somehow the PMDD feeling returns again near the end, like on the fifth day onwards, and goes on for a few days. Right now I'm on my sixth day and feeling kinda depressed.

  12. No I usually find them more attractive after I know them well and they let me into their inner world, which is often richer and more varied than what it seems at first.

  13. It really bugs me when people pussyfoot around actually asking me for what they want. I understand that it's a way to be "polite" by giving someone an "out" by not directly asking. But man, I am tired of trying to read between the lines of all your hints. Fe is terrible about it

  14. As an Fe-dom, I genuinely get that, and so I try my best to be clear with everyone. I want everyone to know precisely where they stand with me and what I need them to do.

  15. I think that for the most part - since my blood tests and everything came back normal I should be okay in that sector. And that's interesting!

  16. I went with a gynaecologist first and just self-reported my symptoms and got diagnosed.

  17. Honestly the whole "you can't love others if you don't love yourself" thing is quite nonsensical imo. Lots of people love others a lot more than they love themselves, and their feelings shouldn't be invalidated just because of that.

  18. I just wanna know why they say that, like why is that a thing? Part of me seems to go ok ya if u don't love an care for urself enough how will you for another blah blah makes sense.. but in my case it's impossible to love myself in hell wk and I lose sight of anything/who I am outside of hell wk...so I hate myself an wanna Hyde out right, and when I do I'm not loving myself or the other person because I'm no longer concerned w anyone outside of my personal pity party .. then leaving me to believe that whole line "if u dont .." I am realizing I am incapable of really loving someone all the way all the time, like I just don't have the capacity for it? I will never be 100% good to go all the time, so here's this, I do love him w all of my lil frozen black heart, I love him so much I will just let him go to be w someone who can be 100% for him, I'm not ok w knowing I am a problem for him more then anything else anymore it's not fair to him.

  19. I think they want to do some kind of reverse motivation thing like, please love yourself so you can then love others. But it doesn't work and when it comes to love I really think you should pursue your own happiness. He chose to be with you so trust that he also made the decision that he wanted to make.

  20. It has a few darker moments and plot points that betray those initial impressions from the first episode, but nobody in the series is ever sexualized. There's some light or otherwise off-screen gore/dismemberment and a particularly impactful death, but it's all in service to the plot.

  21. Love the series but I think the ending had a strange paedophilic quality to it so I don't think it was too wholesome.

  22. I was hoping you would use something true to roast the ESFJ, the opposite of the truth doesn’t hit as hard

  23. On the contrary though, nothing annoys me more than being maligned.

  24. To be fair I doubt they would recognise it as anything symbolic - they might just think it's a fashion accessory. I think it's alright to wear it - it's more important to think about whether your overall look gives off a professional vibe.

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