1. This is probably targeted as a response to Porter’s new jet services in Ontario.

  2. Im taking Three Arrows Simply Heme. Its heme iron and I am doing great with it, i started with iron bisglycinate, switched to heme and have no discernable gastro effects. It is giving me a bit of a histamine reaction but its manageable since I take antihistamines daily anyway.

  3. I take Thorne Iron Bisglycinate with no side effects and I’m usually sensitive to most supplements.

  4. Yeah it will, once you get closer to the right dose. I struggled eith incredible hunger from late last summer to about christmas, from 50mcg to 100mcg right around christmas, ive fully adjusted to the 100 and im not there yet.. my tsh is still close to 6 but the hunger is starting to fade. At one point last year my tsh was around 2 for a while and the lack of hunger was such a relief... so that tells me, it can go away, just gotta figure out the right dose/med.

  5. So I can only speak from my own anecdotal experience. I used to offer free shipping on everything PLUS the $35 free shipping guarantee. I didn't really care because I basically averaged out my shipping costs per order, and then added that cost into my list price.

  6. I totally agree. I do this, my shipping costs are the average across the board and i know that some people grossly underpay, about half of people overpay and the rest is about accurate and i think thats stupid. I think people should pay the real cost for their own orders. I sell small value items myself though so I dont really have the option to go with calculated, its just too high.

  7. I don't think consumers realize how much shipping actually costs. And etsy pushes shops to offer free shipping or cheap shipping but we get royally screwed sometimes doing that. And then people complain? I charge $3.25 for shipping one item and it costs me almost $4 but when I tried to increase costs, Etsy kept giving me warnings not to increase and then they decreased shop traffic. I wound up slightly increasing prices to help offset shipping charges. Smh

  8. I have one of those stupid little notices on my shipping profile page too saying "i charge too much for shipping", my ass I do. $3.99 for padded envelope in Canada? Anything with tracking costs $22... get lost Etsy. (Im not near a discount shipper location sadly)

  9. My doctor was supportive of me choosing not to. No flushots nothing in the last 10 years. This is based on the fact that I was and continue to react to everything and in the 20 years she has been my doctor, she has never been able to give me clear answers, although she has referred me plenty of times for further investigations. Every human body is different.

  10. those pills arent particularly bioavailable. eat beef

  11. Any non-beef bioavailable suggestions? I can't digest red meat, especially beef!

  12. how can you not digest the #1 food source for humans? what happens?

  13. Are you medically all okay? Ive been going to the gym for years and was diagnosed with thyroid disease last year after a long period of illness. I am noticing my stamina and endurance etc have made a major improvement with my last medication change. Turns out the problem wasnt my muscles or food or my brain.. i just needed the right treatment. :)

  14. + "Please call at least two dozen times, it's like the lottery, you never know when we will finally pick up!"

  15. Your doctor does not understand how it works fully. Levothyroxine is not only based on weight. Every body has a different rate of absorbtion, there are factors that increase or decrease absorbtion. As well, pharmacogenetic metabolism is not the same for everyone.

  16. Your TSH is 8. You need treatment. I'm sorry that endo is a dink. Good luck with the levo, remember to keep regular testing until you know for SURE you are stable. My doc was too slow and I've had a rollercoaster ride. :)

  17. I'm looking for new dresses and I was looking at modcloth only to be thrown off by the lack of reviews... and selection. I learned on this reddit that that company totally changed over the past few years. Anyway, i am looking for flattering a-line type dresses for myself, in Canada. I would love to find some with cap or half sleeves to be able to wear not just in the summer. What are some other shops, sites? that sell things like that? Budget up to maybe 150/$200 a dress.

  18. I have had many food sensitivity tests in my life and they are all inconclusive. I do not avoid gluten. Gluten does not affect me. I do bake my own bread and find sourdough easier to digest versus store bought bread.

  19. You know crops are genetically modified to be toxic to bugs and maybe that’s a issue for you. When I was younger the amount of worms that used to be in corn was insane now you can’t find them. You can’t find them in wheat fields either, go Monsanto!

  20. Neonicotinoids specifically. I have a pesticide license for commercial farm use in Canada so I'm unfortunately familiar with some of the products. The neonicotinods education brought me to tears and re-affirmed my decision regarding conventionally grown corn: avoid.

  21. I appreciate it. I have seen the Iron Protocol. These doctors seriously playing with my life. It’s been so long and I’m really close to my breaking point and just giving up on life. I’m crying for help and they just don’t listen. Had a breakdown in the office today after they basically dismissed me. It sucks.

  22. Switch to heme, its much better tolerated by the gut too and much better absorbed. You can calculate your safe dose based on body weight and what range you should be. Since you are in the USA you have easy access to many places.. Three Arrows, Iherb... Amazon... Costco...can your parents help you at all with this?

  23. Yeah my parents can definitely help. That’s one thing I can say. I have their full support. Don’t the oral supplements take extremely long to work? I am going to try and press the doctors as much as I can.

  24. Yes oral takes longer but sometimes thats what you need to do. Oral heme iron will be faster than non oral heme iron because its more easily absorbed.

  25. From experience so far I have felt the best at a TSH of 2. At 3 still symptomatic. I do not yet know how i feel between 1-2. You can also do half an increment... go to 62.5 instead of 75. I read a study that the need for levothyroxine increases by about 33% on average through pregnancy. Ill see if i can find that, i was just reading about the calculations for dosage this morning.

  26. Water weight that your body has been storing. I was really bloated too. Lost ten pounds in the first two months.

  27. Yes, last year when I first started 25 mcg quickly made me feel better. Unfortunately my doc did not initially set me up with testing every 6 weeks and after 2.5 months on 25mcg i started slowly deteriorating again. Its been 10 months and I am being checked every 6 weeks and am going to 125mcg in 2 weeks (dose increases have been 25, 50,75,88 and 100 from March to December 2022).

  28. OK the fact that it was so fast for me and everyone says 4-6 weeks makes me wonder if it was all in my head 😂. But I mean, I legitimately went from sleeping nonstop to not needing it. So it must have done something. I'm glad you're feeling better and getting the dose you need! It's a journey but I'm so glad I tried before going on antidepressants again.

  29. No I could tell after 2 days that something was changing, for sure by day 4 and gradual changes for weeks after. Just dont assume you are stable even if the next test comes back within range. Keep monitoring.

  30. My RH has been 51 for a long time. Finally averaging 56 again the past few weeks... seems like an odd thing to be excited about but I am. Haha.

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