1. Repeated threats of divorce in a marriage are controlling behavior and a form of emotional abuse. The yelling is a sign of that as well. DO NOT stay in this marriage, even if he love bombs you and changes his tune. You need to get out.

  2. It’s the custody I’m most worried about. i worry about starting an ugly fight with him bc he will want to spite me and take away as much custody from me

  3. Dated for 2. Married for nearly 20 years before separated, now for two years, divorce processing still in process.

  4. Not to minimize the pain of course, but I think in a way it’s easier to divorce once your children are grown. Our kid is 2 years old, I desperately wanted a sibling for her and am running out of time. And this is the time he chose to pull the plug. I’m wrecked in so many ways! Financially, family building, I will likely lose time with my daughter in custody. I just can’t believe this is happening

  5. I sell everything and anything, or try to. I've had tons of bad buyers. It actually hurts my experience as a buyer as well. Sellers that have dealt with bad buyers won't hold anything for any amount of time. I definitely don't blame them, but I've missed out on some crazy good deals because I couldn't get there soon enough.

  6. If you paid a deposit people are willing to hold. You definitely can’t ask someone to hold for a week just for you to flake. So you have to give some assurance to the seller too

  7. I've also been scammed paying a deposit lol. So have a few others I know. Once was enough to learn my lesson. I've never asked anyone to hold anything more than a few hours or until I get off work. I've had people sell shit on me during the drive to go pick it up. They usually make up BS excuses, but it's almost always because someone offered more and they didn't bother to look up it's value before posting. You must live in Canada. Not sure, but you either have much nicer neighbors than I or just started buying/selling.

  8. No I live in California. I think it more depends on what you’re selling. If you’re selling some cheap crap that attracts certain kind of buyer, or maybe the area you live in idk. But I sell a lot of furniture pieces and ppl who can afford them tend to be decent

  9. You share the room with a spouse? If they make a stink bomb you should be accustomed to that. Plus there are tons of ways to deal with that. There’s air fresheners. There is also this stuff you can put in the toilet. Otherwise any occupants of those two areas should be accustomed to the things that go on in both places. Most people have master closets that one has to enter via the bathrooms. In most of those cases the doors remain open virtually all the time, just taking up floor space. One door to that area is sufficient. Plus you can always add it back later if need be.

  10. It’s not just about stink bombs but privacy in general. I don’t want someone in the closet or getting dressed while another person is on the toilet. Some privacy in marriage is good for everyone. Plus we have a little kid too. So yeah a door to the bathroom is pretty essential. I’m just debating now if the closet needs one or not

  11. That blows my mind. I wouldn’t think any of those three parties would need privacy in that regard. If you happen to be in that area at the same time, everyone mentioned would see each other naked without issue. 😂🤷🏿‍♂️ it’s your home though. Do you!

  12. It doesn't look like you have room on the bathroom or closet for pocket doors. One between the bedroom and hall into the bathroom and closet seems like the only option

  13. There could be one made in the closet. The bathroom will be a little trickier but can if we move shower a couple inches. The bathroom needs some kind of door for sure for privacy

  14. The bathroom should be able to use a regular swing door. I agree there needs to be something for the bathroom

  15. Just not sure how to swing the door to bathroom. Wouldn’t it hit the shower glass? and if it opens other way then it’s a really bad look to face shower first :(

  16. Thinking to do 3 pocket doors there to the bathroom. One from the room, one into closet, one to the bathroom. Would it be too many pocket doors? Is there a rule for doors next to each other if they should be all the same or what? Not sure what it will look like esthetically

  17. The dude stealthed her. Started with a condom, then took it off without her knowledge/consent. So, she was trying to be responsible, but that happened nonetheless. So you can take the self-righteousness elsewhere.

  18. Yea it’s always the dudes fault. I have a hard time believing this. Was he trying to make a baby with her against her will? Kinda doubt that. Otherwise why would a dude take off a condom right before finishing, doesn’t make sense. And there are just so many ways to control this, we’re all adults. So that sounds like a made up story for being stupid and irresponsible.

  19. For your own sanity and the sanity of all other providers who will see that patient after you, start educating patients about the time limits of a visit.

  20. I understand this from the stand point of time constraints and insurance. But this unfortunately is what’s wrong with our healthcare system. If you put yourself in the place of the patient, it’s so frustrating!

  21. Totally understand how some patients can find that frustrating. But put yourself in the place of the provider. If so many patients want to go over their time limit and they are stuck working through their lunch and then staying late working unpaid, it's a recipe for burnout or even suicide.

  22. Sure, a solution to this would be less appointments, more providers! they need to focus energy on that

  23. No matter where you go, your first year is going to include a lot of busywork. The substantiative classes first year are your patho, pharm, and physical assessment. Everything else is the stuff you have to trudge your way through to get the paper. Although, you are likely to get a lot more out of those classes at an in person school than you would at an online school (if you don't like inefficient busywork, definitely don't do online).

  24. Unfortunately in person school isn’t an option right now. Maybe hybrid, but definitely not all in school. The clinical part gets less busy or more busy in your opinion?

  25. You have to truly want it. My FNP program was part time, 6 semesters as well. It was brutal, and I didn’t have kids and wasn’t married at the time. I worked full time though, all the way through. It never got easier. Tons of assignments, discussion posts, case studies, practice exams, real exams, clinicals. I’d say it gets harder rather than easier. If you have zero responsibilities and don’t have to work, maybe it’s “chill”, but I don’t think any program where you’re learning how to be a provider should be “chill”. Doable? Yes. Efficient? Absolutely. NP programs have a long way to go before they’re truly efficient though.

  26. I can see it being doable if you just work 3 12’s and then devote the rest of the time to school without other obligations. But when you have a small child, that requires you to be hands on all day, and then you try to cram all that fluff useless homework in the night hours, it’s just really hard to sustain. I don’t understand why they don’t just stick to crucial information. We’re all professional adults here. It’s really disrespectful to our time really, to be assigning bs filler assignments just to fill up the “units”.

  27. Go dark on bottom cabinets and light on the top. The colors work well together in that sense.

  28. I think pictures don’t reflect the true colors. The darker has a tint of green, the lighter is just a warm grey, not like a sage

  29. Impossible to decide without knowing the floor and countertop colors. Color chosen out of context often looks off once everything is put back together. I’d lean away from grey altogether. The grey trend is over and already looks dated.

  30. The floors aren’t grey they’re a warm brown. I think for cabinets the grey is classic, don’t think it will ever be dated

  31. It would be too dark, the space doesn’t get a lot of natural light

  32. The next question asks what they can do better, so I told them:

  33. Idk honestly I haven’t experienced the issues you mentioned. Any time I received a dirty or a broken product, fff promptly sent me a new one or refunded no questions asked

  34. The point is they shouldn’t be sending dirty or broken products to thousands+ of subscribers. A one off? Sure, mistakes happen. A product or stock issue every other box? That’s a problem.

  35. I mean we’re also only paying $40 🤷‍♀️ I feel like there’s always at least 1 product in there that is worth the price of the entire box. I used to be subscribed to Popsugar for $80, now that really wasn’t worth it!

  36. The floor is a light to medium brown, there’s on plank on a photo next to island. The color in left is more like a grey mixed with hint of green. It’s a pretty color, just not sure renters will like it

  37. This is for a rental. Would you do a darker (fawn brindle) or a lighter (mindful grey)? Both by sherwin Williams. The counters are white quartz, appliances will be stainless, white backsplash

  38. Lots of ignorant people here. That box is a circuit breaker that is required per NEC, state and local code. There’s no remote operation of a circuit breaker box. Now utility companies could control your smart thermostat if you gave them access to it. Usually they provide some incentive. I don’t believe Roseville electric does that though

  39. We ended up having a utility guy come and open it, and he said a fuse burned down there. Then we had an ac guy come out, and he said that box was shutting off our ac for some reason. It was controlling it, so he ended up rewiring it. Because that box is old, Roseville doesn’t offer any discount program anymore for those who have that

  40. I’m absolutely not an expert, but I think residential units operate in a 30° range of the outside temp, so if you have your AC set to 78° but it’s 116 out the best you can hope for us 86°, and that’s pushing it at its max. Might be the issue.

  41. I realllllly want to know what the 2 star one said.

  42. Now that you mention it. I went back to check and out of 400 reviews I only have One 2-star. And it was from a chick who knew I would rate her bad bc I asked for a return for an item that came reeking of cigarette smoke! She didn’t accept the return and mercari couldn’t approve it bc “smells” is a category they can’t approve for. Do I left her a rating and she knew it wouldn’t be good. Hence the 2 stars, guilt I guess?

  43. Idk that I agree with you there. One could get you disowned or killed depending on your culture and the other while not everyone is up for one night stands (I’m not but that’s just me) overall it doesn’t hurt people in a lasting way. I’ve also known many couples to meet on tinder and they’re still together years later.

  44. The couples who have met on tinder and are together years later are probably 1%, same as cultures where “unpure” get killed as you put is, is also a tiny tiny %. So if we put the extremes aside, I believe that good values serve and protect people, women especially. And the current toxic culture is only ripping families apart, and degenerating society. That’s clear for all to see in America for example.

  45. I don’t understand why you can’t let air in if there is 1 blind. More than 1 will look like a mistake design wise.

  46. I’m actually thinking to do 3, one for each window separation. One will start to bow over time, this is a long window! Almost 8ft

  47. It can be, however, are you planning on opening them all, all the time? If no, and you are only planning on pulling open one wide of the window at a time, it might be worth it. 🤷‍♀️

  48. My daughter plays in the room so I do like to let in a lot of light

  49. I see a gray with a greenish undertone, but whatever it is, it’s really pretty with that gold mirror.

  50. I have a similar window and I did one giant thermal blocking cell shade where there aren’t any pulls on the side for kids to hang themselves on! My window is in the main living room and we live in AZ, so the thermal shades aren’t so much about blocking the light as it is about being energy efficient.

  51. Why do you think it’d look weird? It can also be hanging off one panel thing at the top. So two blinds on one connection.

  52. It just comes down to personal preference, but I prefer a more unified look with one large shade.

  53. No I’m not offended, just want to hear reasoning as to why. Maybe I’m not seeing something. To help me make the decision

  54. Will be a pain to clean those ridges. You want something very low pile under a dining table

  55. I went to the shop to try and see a sample, and what they showed me wasn’t the same, but it was much plusher than I wanted.

  56. Good call! I love loloi rugs! Have one of those under ours. Much friendlier on the wallet too

  57. Well technically it a holocaust and human rights museum… there are people all over the world that were affected by the holocaust. We have survivors here and any American that fought in WWII had their life changed by the holocaust. Why is there a museum in Dallas, because the hate that led to the holocaust affected the entire world and it’s only by remembering and honoring what happened that we can hope to prevent it from happening again

  58. Yeah idk, it’s all good words, but at the end of the day what our politicians support has little effect of what the citizens might be thinking. Just like right now, most Americans believe that the US is supporting democracy in Ukraine right? When in actuality we’re throwing billions of dollars at a nazi regime that is in control in Ukraine. Actual Nazi ideology that is an extension of what was being fought in ww2. We just keep dumping money in there. So unfortunately reality shows that we have quickly forgotten what ww2 was fought against. at the end of the day, geopolitical interests and money prevail.

  59. Goto Fort Worth. Visit stockyards, they do stockshow twice a day at 11&4 ( check timings on website). Plenty of BBQ joints, western salon style bars and cowgirl museums. There is a train between Dallas downtown and FortWorth Downtown.

  60. You can always email their customer service and explain your situation. If it’s a mistake they’ll unban you. But likely you’re pushing fakes

  61. I feel like inito strips solve this issue. They test for 4 different hormones in urine and are able to predict your ovulation better. I feel like they need to pay me for promoting them lol but I’ve really been liking it

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