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  1. This is just trying to get people to lick random things. Whats worst I think it will probably work.

  2. In the post apocalyptic future these objects will be collected as holy relics and worshipped.

  3. Honestly I'm just sick of hearing about all this twitter drama. Maybe Musk elevates twitter maybe he burns it to the ground. Doesn't matter at the end of the day he has already won.

  4. I mean in general he is the richest man in the world he will never not be fabulously wealthy. He won.

  5. Hey! I played you game for a bit but didn't really finish it (might do it later). Overall it was pretty fun once you got the hang of it. Here's some feedback if you want:

  6. Honestly I'm just glad to hear that its working at all. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure I really want to improve this game but I might make something that explores the concept more.

  7. yeah it's great work man! I have no idea how you made it but it must've been tricky cuz it has such a cool effect. Good luck on ur future stuff!

  8. Its actually really easy to make the visual effect. You just add a decal to one side of the object while making the object itselft transparent. Making the one way walls selectivly passable was a bit trickyer.

  9. “All of ice bears friends are future enemies”.

  10. I think it’s completely the Spiral. The video only appears for the victim. She even begins the statement talking about the flawed nature of the human brain. Also Sergei’s backstory involves him being diagnosed with a brain disease. Plus we are meant to understand that a human brain on a computer is fundamentally painful. Everything about it is drawing on fears of a broken mind, totally the spiral.

  11. Yeah I really thought I was looking at a digital painting of a cosmic horror.

  12. They wouldn’t fight. They would have to reign in there girlfriends but that’s unrelated.

  13. I think the Hunt is about natural order while the slaughter is artificial suffering.

  14. Ok what if this is foreshadowing the characters that got destroyed or defeated in the archives? So the first fly with the green cake is the flesh hive(forgot her name). The second pair is Breekon and Hope. Which would make the last fly Peter Lukas. Hmm idk really.

  15. Awesome I'm getting some real yellowstone vibes from this.

  16. We actually don't see much of how the Eye manifests outside the institute. Right now I can only think of two instances, the Mirror, and the one about the security guard. I know its weird to think of such a central entity as under represented but we really don't get much.

  17. Yes! I had a vague hope while listening that we would meet another, non-Institute Avatar of the Eye, because it would be fascinating to see how Jon reacted. I feel like Elias would get very territorial! But I feel like Elias has been steadily consolidating all Eye power for years, so it probably doesn’t manifest anywhere except the Institute.

  18. Pitch: A traveling doctor who freaks the patients out by casually mentioning ultra personal details. Things the people don't even know about themselves.

  19. I kind of think its aligned with extinction, i just get that vibe

  20. Extinction is meant to be terrible change, I'm not sure this would qualify.

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