1. The fact that you’re still wracked with guilt should tell you that you’re not the kind of person to harm an animal.

  2. When was the last time your character went on a side quest away from main objective characters?

  3. Welcome to a beautiful server! First of all, you should know that sadly many of the Colorado quests, such as certain areas of national parks, are hard locked in winter unless you're using some really pricey gear and/or guides. That being said, skiing is of course hard locked to winter, which you should definitely try. It's tricky, but accessible to accounts of almost every experience level. There are many beautiful trails in national forests which my mentors taught me to love, but you may consider hiring and using snow mobiles or snow shoes, which are both fun, fairly rare achievements. One of my personal favorite places is Divide, just north of pikes peak. The highway up from Colorado springs is beautiful and well maintained and open from snow except in rhe most extreme weather. You can use the internet to book a place at an inn and enjoy the incredible view of the greatest peak of the rocky mountain's front range while having easy access to sledding hills and good local food.

  4. I will say while I was waiting for the mod to download it came with a “legalized mushrooms” patch and I was really excited for that. But alas I think you have to have originally spawned here to know how to get them :)

  5. Colorado is a great game area! I particularly like the Garden of the Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park sub-areas due to the amazing graphics (art team really knocked it out of the park there)!

  6. Try to consider that your mom is coming from a place where she worries about your future. A lot of People from different generations don’t understand the boom in demand for certain things like photography.

  7. I love Minnesota so much. We thought about moving a couple years ago but I’m so glad we stayed and kept voting and supporting people and causes that I think are making our state a leader post Roe.

  8. When they say they want it passed “this session,” that means the end of May, right?

  9. No, we were leaning last year. Now we are leading the pro choice charge.

  10. I’ve been debating this tattoo for years! I even asked this sub and learned that outside of America the joke might not be understood but it’s still so funny! I love it!

  11. Not as bad as I thought it would. Upper part hurt worse than shin which was surprising

  12. My dad is Burt. He doesn’t have the ammo but he’s got all the conspiracies and a backup, backup generator

  13. And that’s okay. I will still love it. Not everything lasts forever.

  14. It’s solid line work OP. Don’t let negative nancies make you look at your piece any different.

  15. Thank you. The plug in screens that they have are both embarrassing and inconvenient.

  16. Dobby’s pissed because his dad didn’t pet him before getting in the sleeping bag (which he is scared of)

  17. TO B CLEAR : he grabbed my slipper and bites multiple times

  18. I mean these are obviously dyed flowers but there are a lot of things in nature that are blue.

  19. I guess I said it that way because I checked and was briefly bummed I didn’t qualify but our State’s budget is targeting people who need support like this and I think that’s really cool. Hopefully you’re having a better evening:)

  20. Anyone know if there is a site or something that is keeping track of the new amendments to the bill? I've seen some reported in various articles, but I wondered if there was someone tracking it more comprehensively?

  21. I will just keep enjoying my medical marijuana and hope the prices go down a bit when there is more competition :) 🍃🍃

  22. As long as the competition isn’t some scheme front company run by Marlboro. Otherwise I’ll have to keep payin that Green Goods money

  23. I got my dog through 4 Luv of Dog and while the process itself was a bit up and down I can’t recommend them enough

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