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I needed this today

  1. People in Japan can speak other languages believe it or not

  2. Yes they do but this is probably work from handsy tourist or shitheads tryna cash in from that Logan paul fiasco back then. Or some suicidal tourist which is kinda ironic

  3. Lol this guys youtube is very interesting.. He do all kind of shit like this. Based Indonesian

  4. Okay serious tho, sharing their tiktok is obviously not same as sharing leaked because they willingly posted the video on the platform. Its like sharing a youtube vid. The other day some "influencer" gelabah tetek sbb some white knight told her that someone shared her tiktok video. The thing is, she the one consciously and willingly capture and post the video. It just that maybe they gave it stupid title like tetek selambak or some shit. Tiktok is truly the worst

  5. wait, who was it that handed malaya over to the british again? oh, thats right.....

  6. Not really handed over but force to accept british advisors but this all stems from the right to collect tax. After they introduced "residen", one of the main job is to decide where to sell all the raw materials (silver,gold,timber) and who can collect the text. The Sultans could've done more for the people tho but im guessing they afraid they'd be snuff out for refusing to accept residents. P/s, History is told by the winner.

  7. I dont mind them lol. Sold a copies of old Mutiara Naga there for $$$$. These people are loaded lmao. Still went there once awhile to sell stupid stickers that you can print by urself. People still buy even i sell 3x the cost.

  8. They have this other worm which i dont know its name. It is super slow but the moment you touch it. It move like it got seizure attack

  9. Is this lagu raya or not? If lagu raya then please dont. Hari Raya is a religious celebration, shouldn't be associated with whatever this is.

  10. Nowadays them being in school is the only time their face aren't glue to the phone. You wanna add more screen time? Go ahead.

  11. Its good that nobody has to suffer living like this anymore but kinda hoping they wont demolished it or at least keep a part of it as reminder

  12. Indonesian just a different bread of brass ball. Source : i am their mortal enemy, a Malaysian

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