1. France 19: The only race I fell asleep in while watching.

  2. Und zum Richtigstellen müssen wir jetzt auch noch die Hände aus der Hosentasche nehmen.

  3. Gibt es so viele Leute, die sich für Österreich interessieren? (260k/329) (außer Österreicher?)

  4. Die Antwort war glaube ich hauptsächlich ein Witz. Die meisten aktiven user hier sind wahrscheinlich aus AT und sprechen Deutsch.

  5. Probably targeted at people who know their car will break down any time soon and they will need a replacement. The replacement could be public transport or another magic money destroying box of metal.

  6. RSC crashing into BAR and being launched into the sky in Melbourne, 2001(?)

  7. The grass is always greener on the other side...

  8. Why does he have his IQ tattooed on the back of his head?

  9. Interessant: im Vergleich zu nem ami-bundesstaat subreddit sind wir hier extreme Nerds... Tabletop, Finanzen, flightsim, Videospiele.

  10. Die Frage ist halt ob das Service der Post halt das gleiche in gelb ist …

  11. Bei mir landen die Pakete von der Post dann entweder in der Postbox oder zumindest in der nächsten Postfiliale. D.h. zwei bestimmte Orte und ich muss nicht für jedes Paket in irgendeinen anderen handyladen.

  12. But my cat needs special wet food and only Purina sells it :(

  13. Purina Gourmet is the only thing my cats want to eat :( It hurts me that I have to throw hundreds of euros each year towards Nestle but I want my cats to enjoy their food.

  14. Ich glaub eher, dass man da wo dazugehoeren muss.

  15. Ist das eine Anspielung auf irgendwas oder ein boomer Kommentar?

  16. I have to take my children with me to the supermarket, they are much too small to leave at home alone. They are just sling for the ride, I am the only one pedalling.

  17. Yeah, I totally get that. My comment was a joke, as marked by the "/s" ;)

  18. traurig dass die arme Frau erst sterben musste, bevor in dem Fall dann doch plötzlich was weitergeht ...

  19. Es passiert jetzt vermutlich auch nur was wegen der medialen Empörung.

  20. Definitiv keine Linguine, aber hast du dann aus Überraschung dein Getränk auf die Spaghetti gespuckt, oder warum ist die Soße so wässrig?

  21. Nope, actually after seeing that post with a husky next to a wolf.

  22. Followed your link, the first two pics were this huaky-wolf comparison pic. Switched to all-time top posts, and the highest voted post is from 112 days ago with exactly the same pic.. I'm not really convinced by the quality of the sub when literally three of my first four clicks ended up with the same pic..

  23. It does sound really good. There is a healthy amount of scepticism though. Hugo de Jonge was the minister in charge of our corona measures, and didn't shine with competence during that time. Plus, the VVD (liberal/center-right) are the largest faction in parliament, and they are often a kind of "the free market will deal with it" kind of party, or try to shoe-horn public-private partnerships into projects where they have no place.

  24. Important to note that the VVD is also known as the pro car party

  25. Thanks. Doesnt surprise me as it was mentioned that they were center-right. Anti-human and anti-human often go together.

  26. Ich glaube ich hab Zeitreise-Corona ... Essig is mir schon seit der Kindheit zuwider ;)

  27. Don't think I've ever seen a stand fixed at the back wheel before.

  28. All bikes I know either have no stand or have it at the back wheel. I did not know bikes can have them somewhere else.

  29. No. He slowed down and you may overtake the car that caused the yellow. Obviously.

  30. NO. Even if the car crashes into the wall, you may not overtake and everyone has to queue up.

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