AITA for banning alcohol from Christmas.

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  1. Ugh. Please respond to him and be like "what the actual f**k does that mean? That is disgusting and not okay to ever say to anyone. I will not be staying with you. Happy Holidays, jackass."

  2. NTA - let them know how disgusting they are for trying to bully a minor into giving them something you have no intention of giving them. Send out a message to respond to your family that way.

  3. NTA - you have a very valid reason to not want to meet him at Christmas. She is the one who decided to hide him from you. She is the one who has now decided that she isn't attending Christmas.

  4. I love those. I have always wanted to do a design with crystals but am so afraid to get caught on stuff.

  5. I know at my pharmacy if someone decides not to take a medication and we return it to stock we will reuse it for another script. However, I would never just place a new label over the old one for exactly this reason.

  6. I gave birth without medications at home with a midwife and her assistant in 1996. She had helped deliver hundreds of babies. It was an amazing experience. While in labor I walked around a lot, ate spaghetti, used the bathroom. I gave birth sitting on a birthing stool. It was a great experience for me. We did have a doctor on call that had hospital privileges, just in case there was a problem and I had to be rushed to the hospital, but everything was fine. My water broke and my son was born 2.5 hours later.

  7. I started at my pharmacy as a deliver driver right before my 40th birthday. I became certified as a tech last year at 43.

  8. I normally do my nails at home. I got mine done as a birthday present and when I removed them my nails were weak. So I did a quick builder gel overlay on them and some gel nail polish (with no tips/extension) so they will have support while they grow out.

  9. I do my own for the same reason and if I get hurt it is because I did it to myself.

  10. Depending on your willingness to go slightly nontraditional but still have apple pie, we have a unique recipe in our family for a cranberry apple ginger pie that uses fresh ginger, lime juice and brown and white sugar. The filling is cooked on the stove top so the cranberries burst and dye everything a beautiful red - it also allows you to reduce the crazy amount of liquid that comes from the cranberries and the apples. Let me know if you want more details!

  11. I love cranberries and fresh ginger, I would love that recipe!

  12. NTA - you have insurance for a reason. You took responsibility for the accident. Her driving with children in the car without a license has nothing to do with you. She could have gotten into an accident with anyone. That is on them.

  13. NTA - does she really want to dance with someone who was forced into it? That doesn't sound like the sweet moment she is hoping for.

  14. Thank you for sharing. I am so sorry your family went through all of that but I am also glad they are doing better now. Thank you for sharing pictures.

  15. I agree that he shouldn’t have tried to come to her place. That said, one can imagine that it might be somewhat unkind to expect someone to read an 8-page diatribe without responding. It’s a bit like saying, “you’re going to sit there while I tell you all the reasons you suck and you are to never respond and we shall never speak of it again.” If I were subjected to that I would have blocked OP on every possible communication channel and shaken the dust from my shoes.

  16. YTA - not for not wanting alcohol at your house, but for the reason of 'time for everyone to grow up' and for making your husband stay home and sort of just doubling down on it. They choose to make alternate plans. One good thing is you will never have to host again.

  17. I recommend Madam Glam. They have a builder gel in a bottle that is easy to use, their gel polishes are 21 free and HEMA free. They are expensive, but they have an outlet store that things are discounted if you want to try them. I have been using them for 2 years (is started doing my nails during the event of 2 years ago) and haven't had problems. Check on Gels N Gems Nails on youtube for swatches and comparisons.

  18. Daily on work days, sometimes not on weekends. So 5-6 times a week. Each shower is 20-30 mins. I love showers.

  19. I have so much stuff and my goal for 2023 is to get rid of things.

  20. NTA - girl, this man is a hot mess. Why do you even want to marry someone like that? It is your job to be there for your daughter. Just walk away. Both of you deserve better.

  21. NTA - find out what it would cost to have it catered and ask everyone to chip in a certain amount. That is what my family does for Thanksgiving. Then people can bring a side or dessert or beverage. It really isn't that big of a deal.

  22. NTA - baby showers are for the first baby, perhaps the second if it is a different gender. The point of baby showers is to get supplies for the child, diapers, bottles, onesies. With the exception of diapers you shouldn't need that stuff again so having multiple baby showers is just gift grabs and tacky.

  23. My favorite is when they call and ask us to fill whatever is ready, then don't come in for a week and accuse us of missing something.

  24. I insist to them that they have to tell me what they want refilled. I had one lady that absolutely fought me tooth and nail on that. She was a huge bitch about it. When I would start to tell her that she needs to tell me the individual drugs, she would just interrupt me and say "noo no. You can see what I need on there. Just fill it if it's due."

  25. Nice. I have a couple of people that are like 'it's my 4 monthly pills'... ok, that I can do. But when you have 10+ medications, some 30 days, some 90 days, some controls I want to know exactly what you think you need.

  26. INFO: Why didn't you just walk outside and introduce yourself? I don't think this situation needed to be where a child has to make the first move in approaching adults.

  27. Tell your mom that comments about your physical person are no longer tolerated and she needs to keep her opinions to herself.

  28. NTA - but why don't you stay in the house and find a new roommate? Since he isn't there and you have to pay rent anyway....

  29. I would've done just that minus getting a new roommate I'm done with that...Lol

  30. You are probably right. That guy is a jackass. It sucks that you have been put in this situation. I have been in a similar situation and ended up having to just pay so it wouldn't harm my credit.

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