1. As owner of a factory overclocked 3060ti, I approve of this meme.

  2. This performs extremely similarly to a 3060 to ti

  3. FYI: Seller name is "Favorite beauty home", but clicking on the sellers page indicates the following:

  4. This is my stop. Switching to team Red from a 1060 3gb.

  5. Ever since Doom 2016 was revealed, I've dreamed for a Quake 1 remake along the same lines. I always thought Quake 1 had amazing atmosphere and themes that were maybe held back a little by tech of the time. A Doom 2016 reimagining of Quake 1 would be divine. Every Quakecon I hope for an announcement, maybe this is the year?

  6. Totally agreed! A reboot of the original Quake would be great as long as it's not a copy and paste of the newer Doom games. It needs to do it's own thing with not just game play, but the dark, lovecraftian setting and story elements that Quake 1 is known for.

  7. Yeah, exactly! Keep the tone and artistic themes, some gameplay refinements but I definitely don't want a bombastic over the top game like Doom at all.

  8. Well, I'm one of those weird people who perfers Doom 2016 over Eternal. Which don't get me wrong, Doom Eternal isn't a bad game. I just prefer Doom 2016's game play, story, and design choices. Again, a Q1 reboot can take notes from 2016 while still remembering its roots.

  9. Wow, we are on the cusp of sub $600 6950XT!

  10. We have all been spoiled by that Crucial P3 deal. This sadly feels "meh".

  11. These fans are monsters lol was able to fit them on my dads Thermalright PA120. Pretty much the best all around 120mm fan on the market due to it's extra 5mm thickness etc. Just pricey is all.

  12. Did the included fan clips with the PA120 actually work for the T30? Or did you have to use another creative solution because of the fan's size?

  13. Damn you OP for this solid deal, I have too many keyboards now. (However one has a failing "." switch and the other is 5+ years old that has faded keys & 1 broken key cap, so maybe it's time to retire those.)

  14. You can likely easily replace the key caps and possibly replace the broken switch, although that might require soldering

  15. The failing switch is on a Logitech K845 and I don't know how to solder so sadly repairing it likely wont happen. (I've been using it as a WFH keyboard, and there is another period key on the number pad, so no big deal!)

  16. Recommend Use: Intel 600 Series

  17. Some AM5 motherboards have XMP support, so its going to vary. Plus it's always a good idea to see if this set of ram is on the motherboards QVL list to ensure its 100% compatible.

  18. Only a 90 day warranty from Woot. Some of Acer's monitors have a 3 year of warranty so you are sacrificing that for the price here. If you need a 32in gaming monitor ASAP, It might be a better idea to buy the HP X32 for about

  19. Fans are like Kit-Kats. You can't just have one.

  20. Sorry had to redo my original post due to a bad link (And this comment because it wasn't showing up. Ugh!)

  21. New version of the P12 by Arctic which looks to be one of the best bang for buck fans that competes with the high end "Be Quiet! Silent Wings 4 Pro" and "Noctua NF-A12x25" for a LOT less.

  22. I'm just spitballing here, but there is a small chance we could see it. However that is only if the 7900X3D sales tank and Intel brings enough pressure for AMD to financially warrant taking those extra 6 core CCD's with the V-cache and create a 7600X3D. Realistically, its a "wait and see" scenario.

  23. Every day I'm more and more happy with my 5800x3d purchase.

  24. As a late 5800X3D adopter (picked it up at Best Buy back in November) it's been a great upgrade from my 3700X even at 1440P. Some games have had a significant performance improvement, especially in the 1% lows. It does run hot, but luckily undervolting helps with that via PBO2 Tuner or similar BIOS option if your motherboard supports it. (My MSI mobo luckily received an update with Kombo Strike)

  25. Basically: wait for the x3d 7800, or disable one CCU and make one yourself for twice the price. Especially if you like games like Factorio, which GN again ignored to benchmark AAA games without any difference. The Hardware Unboxed vid is vastly superior.

  26. Not sure if I would call the Hardware Unboxed video vastly superior. Don't get me wrong, its a not a bad review. However unless I missed where HU Steve said it, he only disabled the non V-Cache CCD. The

  27. This or the HP32 from bestbuy from this morning. Please help

  28. The LG will likely have a better panel. However it also depends on how big of a monitor you want. This LG is 27in, the HP X32 is 32in. That will boil down to personal preference.

  29. Available on Amazon for the same price too :) Also available with heatsink for $11 more if you need it

  30. Or better yet, see if you can get Best Buy to price match as they are including a free BeQuiet! Heatsink with the P5 Plus, that way you save another ~$10 over the heatsink version from Amazon:

  31. How are your temps with it? Also have a 5800X3D and am looking to upgrade my Scythe Mugen 5 Rev B (switching the fan with a Noctua helped a little, but can still spike to 90C while gaming).

  32. Why does that fan in the 88 jersey look so Depressed lol!?!

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