1. I mean this is just typical RMTV bullshit 😹 they're clowns and everyone knows it lol but I'm glad

  2. I really wish UEFA would do something about these cunts getting their tentacles all over football. Very wishful thinking, I know, but it's shit to see that we're heading towards a future where many clubs will have the same owner across many leagues... It's a parasitic practice and it'll just be a net negative for the fans (like everything else lately lol)

  3. 'They were in control and we were in control. It was evenly matched. These matches are resolved in small details'

  4. I'm surprised it took this long hahah he was ready to burst

  5. Lol Madrid ultras being fachas isn't really a surprise. Ultra Sur are notorious in that sense

  6. Knowing full well the limited scope Reddit provides, but based off the news I've seen on here about LaLiga the last year, it really does not make me like the league. It just seems to be run by clowns and everything is just chaos. It feels like the kind of organisation where every legal document is printed in Comic Sans.

  7. Unfortunately it's not very different throughout the entire country beyond football... We don't like to do things the easy way in españita lol

  8. Liverpool please just this once make me happy

  9. Reminder to label anyone who defends upping ticket prices as a bootlicker, nothing worse than seeing people defend people getting priced out of the sport

  10. It really is very bizarre to see that sort of behaviour. I don't really understand why anyone would defend rich billionaires squeezing us fans like lemons even more than they already do lol

  11. OKDiario is less reliable than my used toilet paper after eating a delicious and spicy Indian meal

  12. Mad how Guardiola's legacy is shattered completely now. All his titles with Barca have an * and winning with Bayern domestically means nothing. Then you've got City also hit with countless corruption cases

  13. Shattered according to whom lol ? Most top clubs would take him in a heartbeat

  14. this is random but i’ve recently gotten into watching soccer (it’s been about 4 months) and it’s significantly improved my quality of life (sounds like a joke?). i usually go into depressive episodes and the only thing to pull me out is like having random obsessions but this is the longest lasting one. i watch premier league and i’ve learned so much about the game and different teams and such!! just wanted to say that

  15. It's not the beautiful game for nothing ! Glad that it's been a helpful thing for you 😊

  16. The whole interview is really good & interesting and this is the only quote you post lol

  17. So small and yet still battered you in two European finals 😹

  18. Such a revelation he's been this year ! Another gem from la masía

  19. No pedri and no Dembouz but we still getting three points

  20. This is fucking shit tbh idk why Xavi talks about that tiki taka shit and then plays like this.

  21. I got banned from Barça for saying such a thing lmao

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