1. Yea but if they aren't the proper shoe for they way his foot strikes they are useless. Hopefully the shoes were purchased after he changed his stride and isn't changing his stride to keep the shoes

  2. There’s some opinions saying that a) employees are less likely to take PTO with unlimited PTO and b) that a reason is that the company doesn’t have to pay out vacation days if they let an employee go. I’m on unlimited PTO and have enjoyed it so far, although it does feel a bit odd sometimes.

  3. It’s a tricky situation, the wife is in the military and has a stronger career than me (I work in environmental conservation). She’s already been in for 11 years and wants to do the full 20 for the pension.

  4. Hey man! One thing to do, that has given me a new passion and life quality while living in the U.S. was to join cycling. I’m nearby in Austin if you ever want to meet new people, they have coffee rides, chill group rides, etc, that can be nice to get out of the house, meet people, and get your mind free. I’m sure there’s comparable activities too. Let me know if you ever need an intro. Albeit, I personally (from Germany) with American girlfriend and despite loving Austin, still want to move back to Europe in the next couple years. How would y’all deal with having kids? ✌🏼

  5. The giant propel geometry is racy, so it may feel uncomfortable if you aren’t a trained cyclist. It’s an excellent bike, well spec’d to it’s price range, and a very beautiful one too. Some questions:

  6. Damn, so much freaking out in the answers here! If the bike course isn’t closed (which it mostly isn’t), there will be cars on it during the race. No idea why anyone would think you shouldn’t bike it before when there will be cars and other bikes on it during.

  7. Don't go into the water the morning of the race: there will be many boats from the organization, buoy's will be repositioned and it'll be dangerous. Also it will be confusing for the race organizers if someone is in the water. There is a reason often swimming on track is prohibited for contestants before the race. Also there is absolutely no benefit at all in swimming on race day on that course. You can swim that course any day you like.

  8. Appreciate the long answer. Yea, I was curious about the principle and practicality of it, and was overwhelmingly talked out of it 😅👍🏼👍🏼

  9. I am facing the exact same issue… keep me posted please if you find a solution.

  10. Got it, I just exported it to “My Maps” on Google maps. But it seems like I can’t use it with directions/ navigation? The map is just static as is. Any tips?

  11. I just mount my phone to my bike. Personally I'm a fan of the

  12. I had it installed by the local German auto tuning shop. The tutorial looked pretty straightforward, but I don’t have a garage and I didn’t want to work in the blazing sun.

  13. Bro for me it’s gonna be at least 1200 parts and labor, maybe even abit more. But then after that I gotta figure out the oil consumption, trouble shoot between the motor or pcv valve. But good luck man. Save the money and just get it done :)

  14. I just got an estimate to fix all upper and lower control arms for $3k, parts and labor included. Thinking of doing it myself, any opinions?

  15. Jesus that’s a lot of money. Now I’m scared man. Cause I know for a fact I gotta do everything. 3k just sounds like a lot

  16. Haha I know man, I’m in the same boat. That’s why I’m thinking of doing it myself, parts go for $500 ish

  17. My only preferred setting would would be the option to change the scrolling direction of the MMI knob/dial.

  18. Hot, uncomfortable, won't actually do anything, and it's not a slight aero disadvantage. Hairy legs are a slight disadvantage. A bunch of random, useless padding is a major aero disadvantage. Would probably cause some ungodly chafing on the back of your knees, too.

  19. During all mountain climbers, we are told in the studio we're going 'downhill' as soon as we're lowering the incline - but we're still going uphill, just on a lower incline than before!!

  20. This one comes with better than average stock wheels, it's a great choice for an entry level bike and the price is good. It's a much better choice than the Bianchi in your first post.

  21. I forgot to ask, when you say New, you mean it's at a bike shop where it has gone unsold since 2020 or is it "like new, ridden 10 miles". The price is only fair if you are getting brand new with a frame warranty.

  22. Yes it’s from a bike shop! But I’ll make sure that it’ll have warranty, good reminder

  23. How much was this listed for? Curious since I’m looking at a similar one

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