1. Hey mate how are you doing and what helped you the most . I year of mystery symptoms and here I am .

  2. Mine went through clearance before it got to Cincinnati and didn’t have to go through it again. It was only in Cincinnati a few hours before it was in transit to my city

  3. Likewise. I am just wondering did your shipment get a customs clearance in New York hub. I have ordered multiple shipment from overseas and everytime it gets cleared In Cincinnati so I am wondering if the clearance hub is changed to New York?

  4. Mine is mould which is why i get so much relief from coffee enemas. Cleans out the bile circulating the toxins stored in the bile.

  5. Hi I'm from India as well and I do have chronic lyme diease. I'm still in the process of finding treatments that work. Sadly antibiotics never worked initially when I was bit or recently when I was rediagnosed with chronic lyme diease.

  6. Hello where in india are you from? I am from Mumbai and how did you test for it ?

  7. Hello mate , I am from india itself and I am wondering I might be dealing with Lyme. Were you able to get diagnosis ? Mind if I pm you?

  8. Hello mate. I am from india itself. Which tests did you perform to get a diagnosis? Mind if I pm you ?

  9. Are you with Dr Preeti at Nutech Mediworld in Delhi? She's my doctor!

  10. Hey I know it’s not a recent post but I am having a lot of crazy symptoms which led me here and I am from india itself. Would you mind if I can pm you. I would be grateful .

  11. I didn't even realize this is a common occurrence until I see so many posts on this topic. I have a package coming from South Africa to be delivered to the U.S. that started its delay in Koeln today.

  12. Didnt get my shipment. God knows what these guys are doing. Hope you get yours.

  13. Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that. What is going on with yours right now? Anyone doing anything at all?

  14. I definitely recommend dhl.l literally gave up since had three bitter experiences just to save some money. Dhl is far better at this point IMO, I reordered and specified in caps no f ups . 9/ 10 times dhl delivers and 0/10 times ups does the job. First they will give you a date and change that date thousand times whereas dhl delivers within the estimated delivery. The only thing I see ups is doing is warehouse scan and import scan lol,they have so much manpower to do the scans but not enough to deliver.

  15. Lyme is a simple blood test and is basically free and covered by insurance. There is literally no logical reason not to get one if you are having odd symptoms that are unexplainable. Doctors are so bad these days..

  16. I have chronic EBV/CFS and Valtrex is the only thing that’s helped me. If I miss a day, my symptoms get much worse + 40 mouth ulcers. I assume this is due to viral replication.

  17. Just poking around trying to find my old post and I stumbled on this. Just thought I'd mention I took an EBV test and I did have the antibodies, but it was not active. My doc prescribed spironolactone (based on a recent study on CFS/EBV), and the meds have helped my symptoms 50%. May be worth checking out.

  18. I can only recommend you to look after aciclovir. It is much cheaper than valaciclovir (valtrax) and has exactly the same effects. The only disadvantage is that you have to take it more often. The side effects and the effectiveness are the same. In Germany the price difference is so huge, that I decided to take aciclovir instead. I tried it the last 7 days. Can not say yet if it worked. If not, I think the next step for me is valcyte. My body has EBV antigenes, but I dont know if the virus caused my fatigue. I have CFS since late 2018. Sorry for bad english :)

  19. Not too much, been on it for about two months. No real effect so far, but I was told to keep taking it until about 4-6 months are up and if it's still not doing anything we MIGHT reassess, or possibly wait the full year before doing more tests.

  20. Hello , did Valtrex help you ? I am in the same boat and wondering what helped you?

  21. What symptoms do you have ? Do you feel exhausted all the time. Bdw it seems to be positive because it’s above 20 ppm within 90 mins. After that its the transit time to large intestine.

  22. Ugh I’m allergic to penicillin. What about xifacan?? I know it’s standard for hydrogen SIBO.

  23. Okay thanks! So the xifacan doesn’t work for h2s typically?

  24. You might need a combination which includes bactrim or augmentin along with Rifaximin.

  25. For long term memories, I got a lot of it back. Not sure if it was fully 100%. My short term memory improved rapidly when I started supplementing with sublingual tablets.

  26. I've been happy with the Seeking Health brand, which can be purchased through Amazon. It's convenient and I haven't had any weird side effects.

  27. I inject methyl because it’s the one that beat penetrates the central nervous system where I needed it. The others require your body to make conversions. Some do fine with it, but I couldn’t take the risk. Some say methyl causes anxiety. I think it was stimulating at first, but the results are worth it!

  28. Thanks mate did you add co factors and one of the Facebook group recommends adding hydroxocobalamin along with Mythl to make it effective.

  29. I did a ton of research before starting. I kind of pulled information from a bunch of sources including Phoenix Rising (Freddd), some of the autism researchers, some clinical studies including those on ALS, and a bunch of reports from people. Hydroxy has to be processed by the body at which point it is then used to make adenosyl and methyl cobalamin.

  30. I am a bit confused mate. Can you just specify your protocol so that I can follow it and see if it suits me.

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