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  1. Halo infinite is a good free to play game. You are just bad at it so stop hating and maybe practice

  2. If you read the post you’d see I’m not at all talking about my skill level, I’m talking about the fact that the game is broken in a few key ways that make playing matches less enjoyable at best, or impossible at worst.

  3. I like how this entire post is either a lie, or indicative of a user/hardware issue and not the game.

  4. This post was made last night, basically narrating what the game did from start up, through one match. I can see loading times being problems on my side, but the consistent bugs happening in the march itself? I’ve been in a situation before where I got dropped from so many matches that I got a short ban from multiplayer cuz the game thought I kept entering matches and leaving halfway through. I don’t see how all this could be user error.

  5. It's hard to diagnose with so little info, and without knowing more about your setup.

  6. So there are a number of things to try, the easiest is switching out the ethernet cable.

  7. Sorry for the late response, it’s been hard to catch the problem when it occurs. I had the command window open pinging the router, and when things cut off, the command window just said “General failure.” so I’m not sure if that’s really at all helpful, but that’s what I got so far

  8. Every 4th masters is an MBA. To me it's nonsensical to invest tens or hundreds of thousands to be just one of many people with identical credentials. It also doesn't qualify you for anything in particular. I'd pick a stem major where you come out fully prepared for a specific job, otherwise you may end up in the same place but in way more debt.

  9. Thats a fair point. Like I said originally it was where I’m leaning as I don’t know what I want, so I figured this would be good as, as I understand it, it provides variety. But nothing business-wise really draws me, I’m thinking this route cuz it’s the best option I have for work-life balance.

  10. I have a BA in Philosophy, and am almost done with my MBA (I enrolled in grad school 11 years after graduating from undergrad). The BA helped me get a series of white collar business roles including paralegal, project manager, and even Director-level roles once I had about 12 years of individual contributor and managerial experience under my belt. I’m pursuing the MBA primarily to help me grow further in my career.

  11. It is so good to hear that there’s someone else who followed the same path as I did and still found success. If you don’t mind my asking, what made you initially major in philosophy? And were the jobs you listed basically the path to the job you have today? My first job outta college was as a glorified telemarketer, and I’ve worked minimum wage retail jobs since then. I’ve moved a few times so it’s been hard to get into something bigger, plus like I said originally I have no idea what I wanna do.

  12. Selling two tickets to the Salt Lake City show! I just moved so I won’t be able to make it. Very good seating, Orchestra Right B, 8-7 and 8-9. Because they’re so close (just about 6 rows from the front) they’ll be going for 40 each, 80 total!

  13. Edited: all the tickets are sold. Thank you for everyone’s interest and thank you for helping me out of this silly situation.

  14. Those words always hit hard, I don’t know if I could get through a day emotionally with those tattooed on my hand. Looks fuckin great!

  15. You have nice hair. It looks very healthy. Are you growing it out long? If not, then you might want to visit a stylist (not a barber. They rarely know what to do with longer hair) and even it out. Get them to trim the back and sides, take a bit of weight out of the top, and layer it a bit.

  16. Thanks so much! I rarely wash my hair and I think that helps it look not so flat. I don’t exactly know what I’m doing length wise, I had it long and and I kinda miss it so I think I might keep it growing. But even still it couldn’t hurt to shape it up a little, so that’s good advice!

  17. If you're serious about growing it out long, it might be better to bite the bullet and skip the haircut. Getting a trim seems like a good idea, but will only prolong the awkward stage in the long run. I'm suffering the same dilemna at the moment.

  18. Thats a very good point, maybe I’ll just look into some products that have been suggested here to mitigate things

  19. Aww thank you! Growing uo was a terrifying nightmare as my dad started receding at 15 and his hairline was fully receded by his 18th birthday, thankfully I dodged that gene haha

  20. It’s a societal thing that balding is a bad thing, but it also does take away options cuz hair is fun. You’re blessed bud

  21. Stiffer product, but what you can’t see is how his hair feels. Probably stiff to the point of being almost crunchy. Yours looks good man. In my experience, long hair is difficult to use product cuz it weighs itself down regardless. I think you’re fine.

  22. Because you either have to spend 50 hours chugging through a buggy game, or spend 30 dollars on a skin.

  23. I work in the Hospitallity industry as a chef, my industry has that idea surrounding it of chefs who work a huge amount of hours but to us it’s worth it because we love what we do so much, and this is compounded by the media and celebrities. I’m sure most people here when they think of chefs they think of clips of chefs being on the line, working hard to make plates beautiful and pour their hearts into everything, working as much as possible, and I wont lie when I was in college learning to be a chef I thought that too, that changed when I actually got into the real world. Every kitchen shattered that way of thinking, every chef I was under did not act like how we are portrayed on any tv show you see, they hurt, they are exhausted, they are pushed almost to breaking points, almost all of them either drank heavily or did drugs, they all needed to cope in some way, some just wanted out, others told me that I made the wrong choice because I’ll be trapped in the industry for decades and that I should find other ways to make money, that’s not a very good feeling, especially when I have a lot of student debt and don’t make much. The worst part is how we are expected to act, I know most jobs expect you not to call out and to work but I’m a kitchen you don’t feel like you have a choice, when I was still idealistic I thought we needed to put things off, so for me work came first, even above health, one job I had basically expected you to put them above health.

  24. what do you do now? I’ve worried about putting myself behind by getting into an industry that’ll end up not being for me

  25. Not sure forcing yourself to understand is really possible. Math is one of things where practice makes perfect. Though there are people who are wired in a way that makes math extremely difficult. I can't really speak to how to deal with that from experience unfortunately.

  26. Thats a better way of putting it, it might take me longer than the average bear but I still think it’s possible. This is extremely helpful advice, thank you very much!

  27. Engineering requires relatively strong STEM skills. How strong depends on the type of engineering. Civil isn’t the most academically rigorous field but you shouldn’t be uncomfortable with basic math and physics.

  28. Do you think it’s realistic to, for lack of a better word, force myself into a better understanding of math? It’s not that I can’t do it, there are times when I’ve had real fun with math, it just doesn’t come so naturally to me. Also, are there any equivalent levels of trade school for engineering rather than construction?

  29. I don’t have much in the way of advice, but I just wanna say you’re absolutely not alone in feeling this way. I’ve worked random jobs for 3 years since graduating college (majored in philosophy, smart choice) and I’ve felt completely lost the whole time. Never had the answer to what I wanna do with my life, every job field sounds miserable. I talked with my dad yesterday, he did the same thing, he even got kicked out of college and worked odd jobs for about 7 years before finding his way into his career. What you’ve done since dropping out has not been a waste of time. It’s life experience, and it’s giving you a different perspective. My dad was asked in his med school interview, “why should we accept you rather than the students who are coming straight from undergrad?” His response was that those people probably have never had to pay bills, or have never had little or no money. The time he spent outside of school gave him a different perspective than most around him. The 7 years you’ve had since school have not been lost time. Don’t feel like you’re alone.

  30. It took me 10 years to get my undergrad. Between dropping out and restarting a few times. Graduated high school in 2005 and college in 2016. I graduated with a general business degree (bachelors of management, whatever that even means) and my income has almost doubled in the last 6 years. I believe it will double by the end of the year. I don’t have a passion for the work I do. I do have a passion for eating and having a place to live. The degree opened doors that were not open to me before.

  31. Do you mind if I ask what job that’s led you into? I’m in the same boat where I don’t think I’ll be able to find a job I’m passionate about, coming to terms with finding something I won’t absolutely hate. If that’s the case, I feel like getting a degree in business so I can at least maximize money is the best idea.

  32. Theres a few; Tastes of Luxury, the Mcelroy brothers will be on Trolls World Tour, Things i bought at sheetz and of course GMWGSUANTGHAECOACNH.

  33. She shouldn’t shit on service jobs, like bartending and stripping. We make pretty good money, and I think it’s easy, I shake margaritas and sling tacos for about 90-100k a year

  34. Is it really not that bad? I’m about to start serving, hoping to bartend. It really seems like I’m making a mistake and going into something that’ll be way too much work for way too little money. Then again, both my roommates work for big tech companies so they’re making about 4x as much as I’m projecting I’ll be.

  35. Its really not bad, just have a little bit of a bubbly personality, act like you want to be there, and treat the customers good. Study your menu, offer your favorite recommendations.

  36. But you make that much money? The average salary (or hourly wages equated to salary) I see online is around 30K at best. Most of those don’t factor in tips, but I can’t imagine they’d be a huge amount more. Is it the place you work at, maybe being higher quality than a Chili’s? Or am I just imagining the money wrong?

  37. How do you like being a sales analyst? My first job outta college about 2 years ago was a glorified telemarketer, and naturally that was awful. I left cuz I moved, and I don’t miss it, but at least the pay was okay. Now I’m looking at being a server, cuz that’s about as good of a prospect as I have with my degree (philosophy, smart choice). I’ve heard of data/sales analyst as being a potential for your kind of situation, working way less than average. It wouldn’t be a passion, but it would be good money.

  38. Yep. Work from home makes for some great opportunities.

  39. I worked in sales and made good money, but despised it. I quit, now the best thing I’ve been able to find is restaurant industry. This kind of a position makes me so frikkin jealous. Both of my roommates have similar situations, and it’s so frustrating working almost 3 times as much as them while they make 3 times as much as me.

  40. 9 people? Damn y’all have some patience, I’ve always wanted to try such a big party

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