1. No not really. You grind like no tomorrow and miss half of the items, or you pay and literally go through the entire campaign in a blink of an eye without a chance to upgrade all the squads you unlock. Either way it's been dead like a month after it came out.

  2. The whole point of faster progression is so you can get to the fun stuff much sooner, it's not like the grind is the point of the game. The bigger problem with Stalingrad overall is the lack of maps despite the whole map being there. Updates have been really slow as of late, I hope that they're putting all of their effort into the Pacific update and haven't forgotten to keep updating the campaigns that are still here.

  3. Personally what's keeping me playing a campaign faction is slowly upgrading soldiers and weapons to max (best perks, 6 stars weapons, etc.), not really the levels grind. But with this new system, you get everything already near max... So in no time its done. Aaand on top of that, there are no maps basically, which doesn't help.

  4. The fast grind is the point, I don't want to grind for cool equipment and soldiers, that's why Stalingrads progression is great since it cuts out all the annoying grinding. My biggest problem with Stalingrad right now is just the lack of maps, every other campaign has a pretty large selection of maps besides Stalingrad.

  5. Beyond what's been added about fleet composition and deployment, there's also the matter of how you build your ships. No amount of officers and capitals will make up for terrible loadouts, make sure your ships are actually good at fighting; if it can't beat it's counterpart in the simulator, it's probably not a good design.

  6. the majority of my ships have rolled over their counterparts in the sim, some could even, with relative ease, beat some higher dp ships (45 vs 55).

  7. Having your ships capable enough to beat more than their DP in the simulator is definitely a good start, have you refitted them for Remnant combat? Solar shields and Resistant Vents are very strong hullmods for fighting remnants.

  8. Two additional or zero if there already are two?

  9. Tried it yesterday, its 2 max and the second one costs 5 story points in addition.

  10. Interact how? Like run your fleet into it?

  11. I believe so, I haven't tried it myself but I've seen it on the forums and a tooltip ingame that said so.

  12. Pinging causes the bots to direct their attention where you ping and will see enemies from further away as well, they also seem to get better accuracy. Beyond that, in any good team pinging enemies' locations quickly leads to your teammates directing fire that way in short order. If for nothing else, you should always at least be pinging for your own bots so they can get actually get more than a couple of kills.

  13. Are there ANY classes where an extra weapon would be worth it?

  14. Riflemen, they have many weapon options for different combat ranges/situations so it's pretty useful to give them a lot of different weapons. They also don't have extra utility unlike other soldier types so I'm not usually concerned about having my riflemen having the ammo to stick around for very long.

  15. What guns can riflemen use that arent bolt action or semi automatic?

  16. M2 Carbine and the Fg 42 in Normandy and Berlin.

  17. If the practice range is anything to go off of, you can destroy the tracks on tanks and the wheels on armored cars (Puma and AB 41) with regular firearms, it just takes a stupid long amount of time and ammo to do so. It would take a couple of LMGs with large ammo pouches and an ammo box and way too much time to destroy tank tracks with guns, don't bother shooting unless you're trying to draw their attention or the commander pokes their head out.

  18. The allies became way worse when they patched machine gun turrets to not be destroyed, it's too hard to get past the first point on 2 of the main maps, the german tanks are stronger too. and the bomber is good. The m2carbine got overnerfed and the thompson SMGs have too much recoil and muzzle flash, it's honesltly barely better than the second one you get. Also late game it's m1garand vs fg42s since m2carbine sucks. Early levels used to be easier to win on allies so they patched it to make it take way too long to capture points especially on that map with the church and swamp and they haven't reversed it yet.

  19. The MG changes are truly puzzling, bring back MG zoom and destructability.

  20. I think that's not true. US has really great stuff in Normandy.

  21. The Allies had dominance for a while until a little after the M1919 Browning was added, but even with the ticket adjustments some of the maps are just brutally designed. The Airfield map in particular is a slog, the Allies get shitloads of tickets back from caps but it doesn't resolve the poor layout/design of the map overall. Darkflow should really look at changing spawn and cap locations and adding cover to certain maps.

  22. The squads are cool but Idk if I would pay money for them personally since I'm max level in every campaign now. The fact that the weapons are suppressed is pretty unique but I'd generally prefer to use my already fully kitted out, fully leveled squads I already have. If you don't grind a lot they're probably very nice to have but IMO your money would be better spent on just getting premium.

  23. For the most part yes, iirc the Train map in Berlin is separate from Berlin itself, but otherwise all the maps are just chunks of larger maps. Nearly all of the maps are modeled off of IRL locations, someone on the forums matched a bunch of the Moscow maps to these random villages in Russia in the Moscow area, Tunisia might be just based off of general Tunisian geography and architecture.

  24. And the Siege lasted for 3 years. The civilian population was reduced to boiling any and all leather they could find from clothes, boots and furniture.

  25. What do you use the smoke for?

  26. That's A. skilless, B. cheese as fuck, C. lame as fuck. More rifles, more ammo, more rifle grenades, long-range and close-range, million times better. Grenade pouches are for mouthbreathers who can't aim.

  27. Depending on the campaign, you may just be on the 'losing side' this patch cycle. Over the past couple years different factions have enjoyed varying levels of dominance due to their equipment, Darkflow attempts to balance this by adjusted objective capture times, respawn ticket costs and objective capture ticket awards.

  28. I always see lots of families and single people, male and female, at Rancho San Antonio in Los Altos, it's very safe there, just be aware parking is hard to come by on the weekends.

  29. Friendly spawns up? Good, built another one on a different flank so you have multiple routes to attack/reinforce the defenses.

  30. Alternatively, building a second rally next to another friendly rally is also great so more people can spawn there without having to queue.

  31. This is so easy even with a normal rifleman with a stock rifle, just find a spot to pick off a bots tailing a player or full bot squads.

  32. The AT rifles(especially in Tunisia) have reeeeeeally bad penetration values, past 100m they pretty much can't penetrate any tank and even point blank there are a lot of plates on tanks they won't be able to punch through. The Boys AT rifle is mostly only effective against the AB 41, the other Axis tanks will require the PIAT.

  33. Peep sights are damn near impossible to model correctly through a screen.

  34. Even in VR all guns with peep sights have large rear apertures since you're still looking through two screens just inches from your eyeballs. It's a limitation of the medium, there's really no way around it.

  35. All the Thompsons in Tunisia have different sights, it really depends on which sights work best for you.

  36. No, smoke artillery can also kill, it just has such a small blast radius that it typically doesn't get more than a couple of kills. In this case one of the smoke shells hit an enemy soldier directly which allowed the shell to make a giant sphere of damage rather than getting buried into the ground and making a much smaller blast.

  37. No. That’s incorrect, it was a grenade that killed all of them. Shown by the kill feed and the fact smoke shells landed about three seconds before I got kills

  38. Ah, I can read it once I brought it up fullscreen. Still true that smoke can kill, usually it only gets like 2-3 guys.

  39. Bayonet kills count as melee kills, more range than the knife too.

  40. Berlin is the same, the Allies lose 25 tickets per spawn in some maps, thats a 2x ticket loss over normal. The balance is super fucked for some maps now.

  41. The M1 Bazooka actually has a little bit less penetration than the PIAT and the higher velocity means it has a larger minimum arming distance so you have to be further away for it to arm. IIRC it has 60mm of pen vs the PIAT's 80mm, you'll effectively still penetrate the same plates the PIAT can on most enemy tanks besides the Tiger but not unless you're mostly perpendicular to the plates. The primary advantage of the M1 over the PIAT is having better ballistics so you can actually hit that annoying tank all the way back in the grey zone. The M9 is a marked improvement over the M1 once you unlock it with even better penetration than the PIAT.

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