Today I filed police charges against a patient

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  1. I suppose you could sell high on Chytil, maybe throw in Lundkvist and a mid tier prospect. Wonder if they would also mind taking on Nemeth as well so we could clear some cap.

  2. I don’t think you trade chytil in this situation. Whole point is to solidify center depth, which it absolutely would.

  3. Are you sure this wasn't an RN? If it was an NP they likely would be a mid level, and not the one handing you discharge paperwork. RNs do that in every ED I worked.

  4. My husband is a DoorDash driver and unless it’s a really good tip refuses to do hospital orders. Especially if no one comes outside or specifies where to deliver to. He too doesn’t have the time to be hunting down people or what entrance to use. The best ones are when people are outside actually waiting and don’t send him on a wild goose chase (typically family or workers who ordered food). He said that DoorDash needs to ban hospitals lol

  5. I have in all caps on two different spots on my instructions to deliver to the emergency dept front desk. I'd say it ends up there maybe 60% of the time.

  6. 6 months? You probably don’t have tncc yet, nevermind any advanced certifications like cen or tcrn or the like. I wouldn’t be overly worried about getting in a level 1.

  7. Howard is literally Edie Falco. I can’t watch the show without thinking of this now.

  8. Anything going on in the Valley area? I'm pissed and my wife is in tears

  9. Once it is private, you won't be able to sell shares of OilCo (there's no market). However, if the company is bought or the assets are sold, shareholders will get paid based proportional to their share ownership in either cash (from a sale of assets) or in the form of shares of the company that buys OilCo (Marathon, Conoco, etc.) or possibly some combination of these two.

  10. An allergy can suddenly develop at any point in a persons life. Sometimes these lead to death, because the person had no clue.

  11. Mine has progressively gotten worse as I get older. I can’t even look at it anymore.

  12. $50 fine? It’s a felony to assault emergency personnel in Texas

  13. Felony in my state too. One of my last full time weeks I got hit by a pt, and the unit secretary insisted on me pressing charges, so I did. Months later the local DA basically called to ask if I “really wanted to do anything about it” as it was easier to just drop the case. Told him that it was inappropriate for a felony to get dropped, but I’d expect the legal system to do the right thing, especially considering what the healthcare system sacrificed during the previous year (Covid). He got probation. 🙄

  14. Yale has its own shuttle system which will bring you anywhere. Public buses are great in some areas, not great in others. Whitney Ave through Hamden is good if you live near the line.

  15. This. Between yales system and municipal busses, you're fine locally.

  16. Almost anything is better than Thunderball. It's like watching paint dry under water

  17. Zinc and union league, imo, have the best pastry chefs in New haven. Zincs in house chocolates, when they're making them, are fantastic (along with their gelato). My kids have been to zinc once, 5 years ago when they were 8 and 6, and the chocolates are all they remember.

  18. First mistake is shopping at S&S. Team Shoprite!!!!!!!

  19. If my local shoprite did curbside I would use them, but they don't, so stop and shop it is.

  20. Bought during the last bubble in 2005. Took 10 years to not be upside down.

  21. I went a couple weeks ago to grab lunch. I liked it. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  22. Yup. Lived on Norton/ Whalley, Hobart/ whalley, and Hubinger / Whalley

  23. Buddy of mine lived on Norton for a few years. Relatively ok neighborhood, just mind your business and don't create a scene either. Although he did get his car stolen out of his driveway.

  24. You go to Cava for the ambiance, apparently - I'm told that the food sucks and is wildly overpriced, and the owner/staff are obnoxious.

  25. All we need is a young defensive mid and we’re sorted

  26. He also had Covid, which generally causes more problems more frequently than the vaccine.

  27. He's been diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome. Why isn't that enough? Everything has to be a huge conspiracy.

  28. I’ve averaged down to 2.55, and s good chunk of mmtlp, but man I’m loathed to throw more at it

  29. Shouldn't action be closed? Player A raises to 10, OP 3bets to 35 (25$ raise), Player C goes All-in for 58 (raise of only 23$). So OP should not have been allowed to reopen the action and raise.

  30. Where is this paradise? I'm 7 year er rn and I'm often the most experienced, when did that happen? Hahah

  31. This felt like a very typical lineup for my old Ed pre Covid. I left, as did a ton of other people…I bet 5 year most experienced is the norm now.

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