1. Looks like a hen to me. Do you know the age and habits of this bird. Could she be laying eggs outside of the nest box?

  2. She’s about 4 months! hasn’t started laying yet (that I know of lol). I went into a deep google search of hen vs. roo and thought wait-Cleo almost looks like a roo???

  3. There’s an isa brown and lavender Orpington !

  4. omg that's awesome! What is the pretty grayish almost lavender chook, is that one of those buff orps? Looks like a fancy tub of frosting!

  5. Close!! A lavender Orpington! She’s a real big girl lol

  6. Fluffball is a silkie and the other is a starlight green egger

  7. Shaped like an eloquent bowling pin. I love the little nugget!

  8. Shaped like an eloquent bowling pin. I love the little nugget!

  9. I’ve been told he’s a silkie cross of some sorts!

  10. I love when roos do that little half side way run/nudge thing

  11. Ha! Yesssss. They’re so special. Can’t live without them though

  12. Wow thank you so much! I felt lucky to have found it

  13. This is gives me childhood energy of that giant colorful parachute we’d play with as kids in the summer time.

  14. I like b! I think A looks a little too busy/doesn’t really match the whole other vibe Such a cozy looking room either way :)

  15. Aw she’s so sweet! One of my new chickies also has fierce eyeliner so I named her Cleo (after cleopatra lol)

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