1. He’s 18 he’s grown enough to date whoever he wants and deal with whatever consequences come his way he’s no helpless victim

  2. Would you say the same about an 18 year old girl fucking a 45 year old man?

  3. To the first question, yes. As for 17 year olds, no. That is underage. I’m aware that an 18 year old is not much more mature than a 17 year old, but if you’re old enough to join the army and get killed for America you’re old enough to have a sugar daddy/mommy

  4. Bill Clinton and the infamous cheating scandal and impeachment. And ofc his famous "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" speech

  5. I’m sure that was not the first nor the last time a president received adulterous oral sex in the Oval Office, you have to be kind of a narcissist to make it that far in politics lol. I was born the year that happened but I don’t understand why it was such a big deal really, like ofc it’s spicy and people would talk about it but it’s crazy to me that they tried to politically attack Bill Clinton just for being a horndog lol

  6. Tom Cruise going off against psychology/therapy/antidepressants. Calling Matt Lauer "glib" before we all knew ML was also a garbage person.

  7. Scientologists have their own special version of cognitive behavioral therapy with a bunch of Scientology mumbo jumbo and pseudoscience mixed in. And Tom seems like a pretty devout Scientologist so I’m not surprised that he would talk shit about mainstream mental healthcare

  8. She said she liked having threesomes with two guys and some other spicy things but idk what was regrettable about it

  9. Damn what’s up with the saweetie lashing in here? She just dropped it out of nowhere with no promo and it’s not like she has a huge fanbase that buys her stuff.

  10. I dunno if the criticism is all in bad faith. her record label is probably lashing her too when people see numbers this bad they try to figure out what went wrong

  11. This isn’t that weird tbh. My uncle did this as a kid and he went on to be a very successful biologist.

  12. I got a genuine question for people in this subreddit. What are we meant to do with Chris Brown now?

  13. Fr, they act like him still being able to have a career is the worst thing ever. Nobody is forcing anyone to listen to him if you dont like him that’s okay, there are plenty of valid reasons to not like Chris Brown. These celebs putting their necks on the line to defend his reputation is unnecessary but the Chris Brown discourse around here is just a bitch-a-thon

  14. Chris Brown has never faced proper consequences for his behavior and given his track record of abusive behavior after Rihanna, he clearly hasn’t changed. It’s absurd to sit here and act like people have to coddle an abuser or stop talking about his abuse because his victims don’t anymore.

  15. He was held accountable in a court of law tho. He was on probation for years, did community service and served some jail time for violating his probation.

  16. You can tell whoever made this ain’t from the south. How you leave out Kodak and YB? No Durk? But they got Dave East. Lol ig it’s just a random collection of artist.

  17. Dave east make music for Amazon night shift warehouse workers

  18. is that not what he is tho? 😩😩 He’s beating up women left and right and just being a violent menace, he has every right to be the face of DV in Hollywood.

  19. “Beating up women left and right” who are the victims?

  20. Diligent, it’s one of the best traits and the only downside is a stress penalty. Unless you have a trait that’s already putting a strain on your stress like paranoid it’s the way to go

  21. Well he was but then Chris released his record of text messages with the accuser and she was enthusiastically begging him for dick before and after the date of the alleged rape so her accusation didn’t go very far after that was revealed

  22. It's unfortunate all I saw were the allegations, not dam thing about his proof of innocents (in this case).

  23. It got a decent amount of attention when Chris shared his evidence , it didn’t totally fly under the radar. But Chris has a bad reputation so he is guilty until proven innocent in the eyes of many people.

  24. Shit I guess being stuck in your house for a year will do that

  25. If you’re on bad terms with your liege it’s not a bad idea to hold onto a county or two outside your de jure dutchy/kingdom so that way he can’t revoke all your titles at once.

  26. If you are suzerain of Valletta and have the faith it’s for sure worth it, especially if you have theocracy. Otherwise it’s best to wait until the world congress votes for double production in the city center and combine that with the double production when building walls.

  27. Valletta is my favorite city state in the game hands down. As soon as I see it spawn in the game I set in motion my plan to build a shitload of coal power plants, battleships and tanks because you can just buy all your coastal floodplain dikes with faith lol

  28. this is the take i dont get. like, i can see everything else - almost everything else - but this? like its just fashion, and more to the point - its a photoshoot. its not like he dresses like that in his day to day life. like its crazy to me to look at half of the photo shoots celebrities do for promo and have the take be ‘oh god he cant dress himself because that looks terrible’. fashion is so subjective, that it just… confuses me.

  29. I mean I would never let anyone take my picture in that outfit ever he’s not gonna squirm out of the accountability on that one😭it’s not like hes a bad person just because he can’t dress but he chose to make a fashion statement and put it out for public consumption. There is a point where it can get to the level of bullying, but lampooning his fashion and cracking some jokes at Harry’s expense is all in good fun.

  30. I mean duh you’d do porn if you were paid enough for it too everyone has a price tag. But it doesn’t change the fact that Harry Styles looked like a fucking goofball in that bizarre getup.

  31. I no longer listen to R. Kelly in my house. Hearing his voice just immediately makes me think about all his shit and I don’t like him. I’ve watched Jeepers Creepers 1&2 in recent times, and I definitely think about the director and if I should watch them or not. Because they are good imo. If I chose not to ever watch them again, life would be alright, though.

  32. R Kelly is hard to listen to now. I love the type of music he makes (horny love songs) but the songs are so explicit and knowing that he’s singing about minors is just🤮🤮

  33. I went to a Chris Brown concert last summer and next time he goes on tour im going to be there once again. If that makes me a bad feminist then so be it but I’m just a fan of good music

  34. Well, hip hop culture is quite misogynistic. I love hip hop but it’s hard to listen to a song like “Ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have none” by Snoop Dogg and try to say that hip hop culture isn’t misogynistic with a straight face. Would what Miley did not have been as big of a deal if she continued to make hip-hop influenced music instead of changing her sound again?

  35. I’m sorry but my unpopular opinion is that this era was the WORST and some of the stuff she said and did was really awful. I’m surprised to see soooo many people want her to revive this era because I feel like there was so much blowback even at the time towards her.

  36. I don’t really remember what she had going on back then, can you elaborate a bit? I remember she caught some backlash for appropriating hip hop culture, making twerking mainstream and then doing a 180 and rebranding. Full disclosure, I’m white so maybe I don’t get the nuances of it but I didn’t think it was a big deal and didn’t understand the backlash. But I do agree with you that this Miley Cyrus era was bad, but I feel that way primarily because I think the music was mid especially this song.

  37. How many hours of trans porn would you estimate he has consumed in his lifetime?

  38. Sexual assault victims aren't the only victims, although the other person's rhetoric could also be applied to SA victims.

  39. Calling the people of Great Britain victims of the monarchy at all is a stretch. All they do is pay taxes and some of that revenue goes to the royal family, there’s been no crime done to them by the monarchy. It’s just a shitty pointless institution that’s a waste of money but British people aren’t victims just because they’re supporting it. And it’s a democratic country, if they wanted to get rid of the monarchy they could realistically do it but considering all the fanfare around the queen’s death there’s clearly plenty of British citizens that still think the monarchy is a relic worth honoring.

  40. Talk to any British person that makes less than 90k a year and get back to me.

  41. I’m an American. Some of my tax revenue goes to supporting pointless bullshit as well but I’m not a victim just because my government has some backwards priorities.

  42. One of my friends is an engineer for one of the legacy big 3 automakers here in Detroit. Great pay, vacation, benefits and work life balance.

  43. Perhaps it’s a decent employment opportunity for an engineer fresh out of college who can’t get a job anywhere else who is looking to just get a year of two of experience for their resume. I can’t imagine why anyone would willingly work such a demanding job if they had any better options.

  44. I think it’s because he went a little overboard in a scene with Selena. IIRC he was intimidating her and violating her personal space when she didn’t know he was going to do that. The director and him planned it to get a real reaction out of her.

  45. I didn’t know this, and I know which scene you’re talking about she looked very uncomfortable. That’s underhanded some of these creative types definitely disguise some of their sadistic impulses as art

  46. This was years ago so I don’t remember the context. I know it was directed by Harmony Korine who makes movies. He sure does make movies. Plus most of the girls were 21+ and Franco was 30. The movie is about college kids so I’m not sure where those claims came from. I think it was just an unfortunate time in 2013 where child stars were going wild, and their fans didn’t like it.

  47. James Franco did get in trouble for basically being a sex addict he taught an acting class and was trying to fuck all his female students. But that didn’t have anything to do with this movie

  48. The Wolf of Wall Street inspired an entire generation of douchebags

  49. One of the biggest rap songs is really pushing it

  50. Bigger than any YB song that dropped this year be fr bro

  51. I’ve heard black ball on my local hip hop radio station a couple times

  52. Wtf you talking about? He’s in jail it’s not like he’s dead lmao, and he’ll probably bond out. And this attempted murder doesn’t seem like it has anything to do with Chrisean

  53. she call me daddy ion even know her momma

  54. That song is a banger Blueface really a solid rapper but he’d rather fight with his girl in public and go to jail for whatever tf this shit is instead

  55. Reminds me of the ASAP Rocky situation. Hip hop has a violence problem for sure, these rappers need to stop doing the things they’re rapping about, imagine taking penitentiary chances AFTER you become rich and famous shit is so backwards

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