1. Jrue losing the game by himself as per usual with turnovers and hero ball bricks nothing more to see here

  2. Με όλα αυτά τα γεγονότα που έχουν συμβεί τις τελευταίες μέρες στην χώρα μας οι στίχοι του Νίκου Γκάτσου στα τελευταία λεπτά του συγκεκριμένου τραγουδιού βρίσκονται στο μυαλό μου συνέχεια.

  3. OP was behaving like a dick, idk what this has to do with leftie brainrot.

  4. The dude is in the comments bitching and crying and insulting people idk

  5. No he is not. What the fuck are you saying. Are you inventing stuff? His only " mean " comment was the one above and someone shoot him for it and it wasn't even bad. The OP came here with good intentions to have a discussion. He went back and forth with some people had an open mind changed his view on some stuff and someone banned him for it because he got annoyed of people telling him to post a source. That's what happened.

  6. Commenting in this schizo post because in case you are correct in 500 episodes from now and you link this post to the subreddit about how you were correct and how people in this post were making fun of you I want people to know I always believed in this theory :))

  7. What's up with American Tennis commentators and pronouncing Stef's name wrong? There are literally 2 Ts in his name and they ignore them and calling him Sisipas. McEnroe does it also. I mean you can just listen to the umpire calling his name correctly why just invent a new name for him ?

  8. Got arceus from my first etb! Was stoked when that happened! That made me purchase 9 more etb’s untill i pulled giratina.. 😬 sold few doubles of other cards from the zennith line up and purchased the dialga and palkia one after that from someone 🙂

  9. Got 5 ETBs and Pulled the Secret Rare Pikachu but no Legendary Dogs or Golden cards. FeelsBadMan

  10. I know I’ll get downvoted, but tennis players are notoriously stubborn creatures and sometimes delusional.

  11. Because he just lost to possibly the greatest player of all time (time will tell ) and not only that but he has all the future ahead of him? Djokovic lost his first Grand Slam final and Murray lost all four of his Grand Slam finals before he won. You guys acting as going to a GS final and losing to the best players of all time is a dissapointing result. What do you want him to do? Give up ? Be negative and cry? Do you people realise how delusional you sound when you type things like that? Stef's losses on GS finals was to Djokovic not to someone outside of the top 10

  12. You're talking about the Nemesis who had trouble breaking into Challenger in Korea?

  13. 1000LP is not top 100 in KR though, not even close lol. I also didn't claim he never hit challenger, in fact low challenger in KR is already 900LP so we're not even far off in our assessment.

  14. 1k LP was his average he climbed to 1400+ plenty of times and of course dropped bellow 1k that's how it works when you play games. You invented something like "had trouble breaking into Challenger in Korea " for no reason without any evidence. Now that I am proving you he doesn't have trouble getting Challenger you want to argue semantics. Take the L

  15. Yes but he replied to a comment saying these exact things with “none of you know why I got banned” I didn’t mean we don’t know, I meant he’s being purposefully obtuse

  16. Obtuse? He literally described what happened in exact detail. Hell I am in this community since 2014 I remember all this. You literally made a throwaway account to comment here my brother. The only one being obtuse is you

  17. Either make a serious discussion and discuss about Elon or stop posting every single tweet from him as a screenshot. How hard is it to understand that the subreddit is literally turning into an Elon sub. Before 4Thot armed people the entire front page was full of Elon tweets and some of them where the same. Why would I shoot you if you didn't post an Elon tweet? I am not abusing my powers. I am only shooting Elon spammers :) Fuck off now

  18. this feels like an unhealthy amount of anger about a streamer subreddit

  19. No anger. You must be new here. There is a reason this subreddit is popular and one of the only subs from a streamer that is active. Because Destiny always took steps to remove lazy and low quality content from the sub. I am in this community since 2014. Elon posts are lazy and provide nothing than soy raging about how dumb Elon is and how Lex is sucking his dick there is nothing more to be said about it. If something major happens create a serious discussion post. How hard is that? Seems to me the unhealthy one here is you that you cry about me removing spammers :)

  20. Firm handshakes 🤝 my fellow gunman. JAJJAJAJJAJAJAJAJJAJAJA

  21. He should contact the owners of Twitter so they can get to the bottom of this

  22. You should contant the owners of this subreddit so you can get to the bottom of your ban.

  23. Don't worry my DGGa 4Thot gave me bullets I am gunning everyone that just post Twitter threads involving Elon and Lex. Memes and discussions about it are ok but print screening a tweet and then posting it here has to go :)

  24. !arm you know what you have to do.

  25. I asked you yesterday to do something about it and butthurt Elon spammers downvoted me into oblivion this sub is slowly becoming Elon/Lex twitter spam. Arm me also I can fix this :)

  26. I mainly posted it because Lex was involved. Being that he’s a part of the community and has had multiple interactions with Destiny I thought it relevant enough to post.

  27. Yeah no shit someone else has already posted the same thing it's on top of the reddit. People posting Elon and Lex interactions the past week it's so boring it's always the same thing

  28. Like I said in the live thread before. Tsitsipas managing to end this year as world number 3 is unironically an insane achievement even better than winning a slam because he has to deal with this shitshow in every game he plays. Imagine playing top level tennis only to get dragged because your father cannot behave like an actual human and on top of that when his mom is also in the box they are not only talking and tilting Stef they are actually arguing with each other. I fully understand him throwing the ball at them so they can shut up. I would have lost my shit way earlier. It's insane the level of toxicity he has to deal with in every big and important match he plays. He needs to fire his dad and remove his family from his box and stick with Phillipousis as his coach it's the only path to world number 1 and a Grand Slam tittle

  29. Stef ending number 3 this year with Apostolos in his box every game must be a bigger achievement than winning a Grand Slam. I would have thrown my racket every game at him if I had him in my box. Impressive tbh

  30. I literally have no idea why he keeps inviting them to important games. They really destroy him mentally everytime when they are both in the box. He needs to fire his dad and never let them close to him so he can focus on his tennis. Stef with an actual coach and room to grow could be so much better

  31. I would hit my dad too if he was behaving like a clown every tournament talking all the time. I have no idea how Stef can edure all this talking and not go nuts every game he plays

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