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  1. I don’t like Brandi but this showed Kim and Kyle’s true colours. They are both two bullies and very high school mean girls

  2. Eden was done dirty. She got the Barb from RHONY treatment where she got isolated and mocked by the FFF 🙄

  3. Fk no!! She's trashy. If I wanted to see trashy I'd watch Jerry Springer.

  4. Mama Joyce is an evil, toxic, narcissistic witch who only cares about her own gain/gratification. The only person taking Kandi’s money is her. I really wish Kandi would have the sense to cut her off although I think that’s unlikely given all that’s went down and she still hasn’t. Her behaviour really isn’t normal.

  5. Nordpak from Aldis is an acceptable alternative.

  6. Oh absolutely she was. The way Teresa, Caroline and Deena came for her was wrong. It’s crazy to think we could have had Dolores in those early episodes instead. What a snooze fest that would have been

  7. Don’t get me wrong she spiced the show up but I felt like she always went that step too far. She was NASTY. Her treatment towards Adrienne in the beginning was so wrong and then again with Denise. I also hate that she’s flip flopped into being friends with the FFF.

  8. All I want to add is that Charlotte is such a snob in this scene

  9. I’m glad they are taking a break. The show is so dark now. I hope they don’t complete fuck up RHOBH like they’ve done with RHONY. I’d just like to see the toxic cast split up.

  10. I don’t believe in the Democratic Party or the Republican Party - I just believe in parties 🥂

  11. I wish Carole had stayed. She was RHONY whether people want to admit it or not. They needed someone who was flawed but level headed.

  12. Welcome to the club 😂 everything you’ve said is the general consensus of most on this sub.

  13. I think boycotting this bullshit and blatant nepotism would be better than analysing it. Don’t give Mauricio, Kyle and their spawn the platform they so desperately crave

  14. The reality is that she’s watched the seasons back from the beginning and probably not once regretted any of her actions

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