1. OP does your roommate have a TV in her bedroom? It sounds like it is needed here. Maybe even offer to buy one for her bedroom if it bothers you enough lol.

  2. is that a dying fish in the bottom right😭pls reevaluate your stocking. beautiful scape, but very bad stocking

  3. she wont notice the door is locked unless she tries to open it, and if she tries to open it while youre sleeping it should be locked lol

  4. Do not clean her mess. She will think she “won” that way. Put her dishes in a box or in her bed. Wash your dishes put them away somewhere she cant get them. Put her dishes back in the sink and dirty flour crumbs on the counter after the inspection.

  5. i think ill do this lol an hour ago she texted me saying she was “leaving them to soak and will clean them later” but didnt wipe up any of the flour and shit. to her bed it goes as soon as she leaves the house

  6. As soon as she leaves the house? So you guys text while you're in the same house?

  7. of course i do talk to her, but i prefer to text and have everything in writing because she has threatened to call the cops on me multiple times for no reason. on top of that, she ignores me when i knock on her door 90 percent of the time.

  8. my concern is the stocking. is that a black moor? iirc, they prefer cold water, and your other stock like the platys and the betta need warm water. Since bettas are so territorial, it would definitely do you some good to have larger plants that break up the line of sight and allow your betta some space “alone”

  9. you’re totally not being too picky, especially with smoking indoors. Id have gone to the landlord alot sooner lmao

  10. very scientific answer here, beastly little motherfuckers that will eat your small tank critters

  11. FUCKKKK my brm uses her OCD as an excuse in the exact same way😭😭like, im autistic with bpd, i totally get it, but you have to learn to function as an adult if you live with other people

  12. What would the cops even do?? Literally nothing that's what. Inconvenience to deal with at most, but they won't get involved bc its a civil matter and dishes aren't worth enough to take to small claims court

  13. as penguin said, please update your post to include her diagnosis! dont want any more cats to get sick. good luck:)

  14. Sounds like an honest mistake on their part since they're the ones "losing" money. Please keep us updated op!

  15. honestly i really like it, has a cool wild look that im sure your betta will like, but if you want to increase space and visibility try pushing the tallest plants in back, around the back of the driftwood

  16. kinda looks like they’re gasping for air, but they could also be begging for food?

  17. That sticker is insane. No way. I hate keeping my house anywhere over 70. Not no way, not no how.

  18. girl ive had little kids call me much worse things. shes 14, socially awkward, was probably nervous and wanted to make you laugh without realizing the connotations of her words. YTA, be mature and dont let a 14 year old get in your head

  19. Is she there yet? I am so invested in this lmao she is insane. I'm sorry you have to deal with anyone that acts like that, much less a ROOMATE.

  20. sorry! she is home! currently avoiding me like the PLAUGE. She opened the front door, saw me making dinner in the kitchen, and fully RAN out of my line of sight. cops never showed, i wonder why … /s

  21. a few things here and there, but nothing worth picking a fight over. I think i won this 4 week long fight

  22. there are lynx busses, thats what i used for a while to get to and from class. but theyre slow, and unreliable. Sometimes theyll show up 20 min early, sometimes an hour late, or never at all.

  23. I should add some backstory to this my friend had them basically in a big glass jar and didn’t want them anymore and he was just gonna off them so I quickly set this up in a time crunch but I now see that I should add more water there is about 2.5 to 3 gallons in there though the perspective is just weird

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