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  1. Orrr. She could walk a few feet just behind and stop bitching?

  2. Crossing guard here, SUV was stopped illegally and is a danger to pedestrians.

  3. I don't even have the volume on and I heard it.

  4. I think 12 is more reasonable if you have no heath conditions

  5. Yeah, that's closer to the average for females. Young males average under 10.

  6. Did you look up any stats before posting this? Even at peak, for females the average is over 11 minutes.

  7. I agree with your first sentence, because obviously a lot of these old people should have considered how they were going to retired. But assuming everyone had the same starting point and advantage you did or even had the opportunity to work hard and make good money to where they don't need assistance is the epitome of ignorant. I'm wiling to bet you didn't grow up in extreme poverty with a single parent or have any physical/mental disability.

  8. There's something flawed with the system when you can work full time and still need welfare to survive.

  9. For real. What’s happening here? I feel like we’re privy to a conversation in Explorer Cheap’s head that really needs to just stay in there. How does this add productively to a conversation about affordable housing in our area?

  10. Mr. bootstraps probably is proud of working 90 hours a week when nobody forced him to, bought a house when they were affordable, and drives a 80k gas guzzler thinking everyone else is the problem.

  11. Portions are smaller… budgets are tighter… asses are skinnier.

  12. They make special toilets now to accommodate larger asses, what are you talking about?

  13. Look at it this way. Every single financial interaction of your life, from buying a pack of gum to taking out a mortgage, boils down to you versus a corporation with huge resources. Every product you purchase is made by a group that includes multiple highly paid experts with advanced degrees who do literally nothing all day except figure out new ways to get more money from you while giving you less in return. That is what “increasing profits” means. Some MBA probably earned a few thousand bonus dollars for suggesting shaving that roll down a centimeter or two. There’s a line on a spreadsheet accounting for how many people will switch to a new brand because of it. It’s all accounted for.

  14. Joke's on them, all those assholes did was convince me to start growing my own food and figure out more self-sustainable ways to live.

  15. Get ready for work. Still got bills to pay regardless of my sex.

  16. Pee standing up then try to wear tight pants so I can see if they really don’t get squished

  17. Same thing happened to me today. They of course chose the item that brings the most value to the lot. I had a good day as far as sales go, despite a couple of them going back and forth on cost, but this lady wasted my freaking time.

  18. I once had a buyer ask me to separate one item, and then I noticed more people were asking about the same item. It was in a $15 bundle but the one item was going for over $30. I said "sure, thanks for bringing how rare this item is to my attention!" and listed it for double the price of the whole lot. They could have gotten a good deal if they kept their mouth shut.

  19. Next we're gonna hear they were just practise kisses. Just two gals being gals, wrestling on the bed. No funny stuff.

  20. Ok but our local store sometimes only has ONE regular checkout line and we have about 20 self checks

  21. No rear view mirror? What idiot thought that would be a good idea

  22. $0.63 is the current price of a 1oz stamp

  23. Ahh poo I forgot to buy more forever stamps before the rate increase

  24. All he's doing is making drivers upset at bicyclists and they're going to be aggressive around people running errands on bikes and maybe even children

  25. Traditional gender roles exist because of our biology. I don't know a single woman that has said, "I would much rather waste my life away working every day than stay at home doing the things I enjoy while doing chores." Men are attracted to women that will give them comfort when the rest of their life is shit.

  26. I work part time and do all the "housewife" stuff. I'd rather do that than be at a job where I'm harassed by customers, or treated like I don't know anything because I'm a woman. I have much more education than my partner, but I hate the "bro mindset" of the workplace. It's always there unless you're in teaching or nursing. Plus you can't deny how anti-capitalist refusing a "real" job is if you have a progressive mindset.

  27. I've never seen anyone treat a woman like they don't know anything. I've worked with some dumbass people and have never seen anyone treat anyone like that in the workplace. My wife hasn't either. She did mention that the CHRO of a company was the biggest asshole/pervert she's ever worked with, so that's kind of ironic.

  28. I grew up in a rural area with a lot of "old boys club" and is quite behind the times in progressive issues.

  29. My grandma has lived in my house for most of my life growing up. I'm a white upper middle class educated American.

  30. I was told "you're 18, you're an adult now, go be one" like I wasn't taught anything and they just expected me to have the knowledge manifest in my brain magically, so I'm just going to pull the same card. Plus where would they even stay? Me and my bf live in a studio because that's all we can afford and together our combined income is not poor.

  31. To everyone disappointed because you bought something yesterday I’m sorry. But for future reference, if you’re ever buying something not on sale and it’s a Saturday, wait for Sunday. There is always new multipliers available every Sunday!

  32. Because real jobs don’t pay enough

  33. I moved to WI 2 years ago from Pennsylvania, and I must say on average that the pay is higher, and cost of living is less. I mean so many people can afford these $12 shakes here that the mlm person is doing good.

  34. I don't know why MLMs are popular here, there are 2 herbalife cafes near where I live and I guess they're apparently successful

  35. My eye twitched and I had a neck spasm looking at this

  36. I've worked in retail in 2 European countries and no one ever came at me for sitting down, bathroom breaks or drinking water as it happens in the horror stories I see on this sub. I didn't know that this was an issue until I found this sub.

  37. I threw up on register while ringing out a customer because they didn't believe that I felt sick when I buzzed for a manager.

  38. But did she? My parents never let me drive their cars.

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