1. One of our favorite things to do on a Sunday, after we stopped attending church, was going to a local bakery, next door to a coffee shop. We bought a pastry or slice of cake to share, then went next door to coffee and sat at a window and just talked and people watched. It was our small way of reclaiming Sunday in a way that was fun and brought us closer together.

  2. I was a Sunbeam teacher and after finding a sub three weeks in a row, I just stopped showing up. There were two of us "babysitting" so I knew someone would be there. I just ghosted after that. That was over twenty years ago and I had my name officially removed in February of this year. Figured it was safe to say I wasn't ever going back. I didn't go the tell them route for the sake of manipulation. They would have tried and I probably would have caved. I needed the space to figure it out. For years, we thought we might go back, on our own terms, but realized that with the distance, we were finally able to arrive at our own conclusions on doctrine and not what the church insisted we think.

  3. This makes sense. I feel like I need the space. This feels so similar to leaving my abusive ex which my Mormon parents and siblings helped me with. My sister emphasized to me that I have the right to stand up for myself to my ex but they don't see it's the same regarding the church. My ex is a perfect-on-the-outside TBM but a sadist in private. My family is all emotionally enmeshed and I wasn't allowed to become an individual as a child because everything is about the church to them.

  4. It is an abusive relationship. You're not happy and you can't figure out what you want if your abuser continues to manipulate you. Your family should see this as a good thing in terms of if you stay, you'll be plagued with doubt that you made the right decision, but if you step back, you may realize that you do want to continue in the church and you can do so knowing it's what's best for you. Of course there is the chance you don't go back, but again, it'll be because you're following your own beliefs, not someone else's. No one should feel obligated to stay in an abusive relationship.

  5. I think the Turbo Christians are what seal the deal for me. It's one thing to believe what you believe (cool, you do you) and something else entirely to thump your Bible and insist that others believe as you believe, lest they face eternal damnation. Yeah, no, I'm pushing the button you insufferable twats. You ruined it for everyone. 🤷

  6. Nursery was actually my favorite calling. Lessons are 2 minutes long then playtime and snack time while talking with the other adults. Don't have to listen to priesthood lessons that make me feel guilty

  7. This calling is what eventually broke my shelf. I was newlywed and felt like the calling was meant to "inspire" my husband and I to have kids. Had the opposite effect and I grew resentful of being unpaid babysitting. Paired with an adult who was clearly having mental issues, the only conversations I was having were with three year olds. I noped right out of there after a couple of months.

  8. Um, they probably shouldn't be inviting priesthood holders that sexualize girls/women. For them to be so distracted by a wayward shoulder or knee, probably means they shouldn't be around children at all. Just my two cents.

  9. I'll be honest, that's the crappiest off-Broadway performance I'VE ever seen. Two thumbs down!

  10. I'm angry at the church for missing my twenties, which should have been a time to learn about myself, my likes, interests, education, away from my family and on my own, but like a good Mormom, I married at 21. I'm in my forties now and still trying to figure myself out. It's such a horrible sense of feeling lost and hopeless. I had the babies, now what? Who am I?

  11. My wife and I are right there with you. We were cheated out of our youth. I got off my mission at age 21, married at 22, kids at 23, 25, 27, 30, 33 and 39. I wish I could go back and make a few selfish decisions, I’ve had so much responsibility my whole life. Both my wife’s and my academic development was stunted. Now we’re paddling upstream in life with shitty paddles. It sucks.

  12. The sad thing is the perpetual cycle within the church. No one is really ever given the chance to find themselves outside of their family or church. It keeps members obedient because the twenties are really meant as a time to spread your wings, not have them clipped.

  13. You don't need your membership number. I didn't know mine. They can find you. Just fill out everything else on the form at QuitMormon.

  14. They're awesome! I went through them. Fortunately have a friend who's a notary, but I heard that UPS has one? It took about a month and a half to get the final email from them saying it's done. Never heard a single thing from any church member. It was fabulous.

  15. I used QuitMormon. It took about a month and a half after I submitted a notorized letter. I just had to sit back while they handled it and they sent me email updates on where it was in the process. They were awesome!

  16. I know you are being sarcastic, but I just want to say how much I hate "gospel art." Even as a believer I hated Mormon shit on the walls. If I'm being honest I don't even like dog shit on my walls, but you know what I mean.

  17. I'm not a fan of gospel art either. It feels shrine-ish. But the temple photos I'm referring to are my wedding photos (which makes my wedding feel kind of void, in a way). My husband and I have decided that we're going to have the wedding we should have had as a vow renewal, for an undetermined date in the future, after he resigns as well. Destination wedding, sleeveless dress and an open bar! 😁

  18. I’m not Mormon, but I am very impressed with their family values. And I also know that they are the largest charitable donors worldwide. Not sure what their children’s songs are but my guess is their children are a whole lot better more on track than most kids out there. Especially the kids that don’t know how to fold their own clothes.

  19. I'll be sure to tell my narcissistic physically abusive father you said so. And if I ever speak to my mother again, I'll thank her for teaching me to fold clothes.

  20. So glad you have a supportive spouse. Approaching the kids as a united front is definitely the way to go. I think reassuring the kids that just because you're no longer attending, doesn't make you a bad person. That it's okay to have different faiths and that everyone everywhere should be supported in whatever faith/or not, they choose. That just as you'll support their desire to continue in their faith, that you hope they will still love and support you in yours. This will also help them to ask their own questions in the future, should they question their faith, and know that they can come to you and your wife without judgement.

  21. My text wasn't included, not sure why, but this is in reference to Johnny Lingo.

  22. Jealous! We had amazing seats to the show when it was coming to our town. Bought them as a Christmas gift. The show was supposed to be in May 2020. 😭 Yeah, cancelled. Hoping they come back to town soon. What an awesome gift to yourself. Happy birthday! Enjoy London!

  23. For sure! Even better if we can see it in Salt Lake while visiting family. I should time a trip to coincide. Lol. Side note: if you haven't done it, I loved Tower of London and Madame Tussauds.

  24. Is this not how you treat your carpal tunnel? Blindfolded, spread eagle in your skivvies?

  25. I feel like it’s closer to 95% for men and 30% for women

  26. Yeah, I thought the number for men was low since it's usually much easier for them to orgasm during sex. And maybe it does have something to do with the pull-out method or just fear in general of getting her pregnant?

  27. I think that 61% is a massive overestimate. Huge. Ime it's far less. And if I remember correctly the number of women who are even capable of orgasm during penetrative sex is around 20%. I'm assuming they're counting oral and such.

  28. Which, honestly, without help, I'm probably closer to 25%. It just becomes too much work and it's frustrating. But does capable mean with the right circumstances or at all? Regardless of their partner, they're physically incapable and only 20% will ever experience that type of orgasm?

  29. Seriously! On top of that, every time I look at it, I get Les Miserables stuck in my head. Could be worse, I guess.

  30. Have you been checked for endometriosis? I've had painful periods since I started, to the point of missing school or work the first day because I could hardly stand, and in some cases because the cramps were so bad, I threw up. I used to have to schedule my life around those days, knowing I was going to be incapacitated.

  31. It's totally normal. I've googled this in the past because I'm a laugher and wanted to know if it's normal. It's just how your body released. If it only happened the one time, still normal BTW, it may have just been the release your body was needing that day (tough day at work, pent up emotions, etc).

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