1. I know something that can help you forget about it.

  2. I prefer the Green Dragon. Mom says I can't go to the Green Great Dragon though.

  3. The first person is replying saying “the circus said he’s ok but I don’t believe them”

  4. I think you have a future ahead of you in calibrating circus cannons.

  5. Ypu make Hitler laugh and then he puts his hand on your thigh.

  6. My initial answer was going to just be to chsnge thr pitch to deepen your voice. That's what I've done to a couple auriobooks where the reader's voice is very high.

  7. All I will say is that it bothers me when someone makes a movie (or something) about Germanic peoples from one time or another and they just copy-paste some Snorri stuff as if it can be applied anywhere and everywhere. Because it feels like most things do that.

  8. I refuse to belive the man who wrote 'Step in the Name of Love' is anything short of a genius. He's the Pied Piper of R&B y'all!

  9. I'm getting that error too. But I've only started trying to reford in the last couple of days, so I don't have any previous successes to compare it against :|

  10. This post made me realize my best friend is a former Marine who is in a one-sided love story with his boss and started working out like crazy to impress her.

  11. It won't show anything racy like this for me, even if I use the same prompt you did.

  12. Have you tried Transport > Rescan Audio Devices?

  13. I just clicked the link and it looks like it’s empty. Did it get deleted?

  14. What's hilarious is Sylvester stallone started the gerbil rumor and I must say, I thank you mr stallone for many years of entertainment and laughs because of it. Apparently it happened over a movie they did together and Gere was a real JERK!!!!

  15. The three shells are for catching the gerbil.

  16. Oh yeah, I was also going to say that instead of trying to figure out which Beowulf adaptation is best, instead I like looking for themes and plot points from Beowulf in other movies like Predator, Top Gun, Blade Runner, The Ghost and the Darkness.

  17. Plus there are European law codes that mention the practices. The Visigoths, for instance, punished people who sold poisons for abortion, etc.

  18. It was like the first story to delve into this stuff, and to me is still my favorite version.

  19. Neat thing you mention that, thats a large plot point in the Kenobi novel! You should check it out, very well written and has an audiobook with music and effects. But i will say, its not a traditional star wars story. No space battles, no dramatic duels, but obi-wan coming to terms with himself on Tatooine, just as much if not more of a focus on the Tatooine settlers (who tou genuinely care for and really get to know). Its almost a slice of life above all else, but tied together in a nice western mystery plot. 100% recommend. John Jackson Miller is a fantastic author in general.

  20. I'm pretty fucking certain her life would be absolutely ruined after this no matter what she looked like before.

  21. It made me imagine myself horribly disfigured, and people saying "OH MY GOD!" when they see me, but I just say "It's ok, I was already ugly."

  22. Untangling Danish history from c 350-550 a.d.

  23. They're so happy, I couldn't hwlp making the same face too.

  24. This story just keeps getting worse. It was revealed today the husband of one of the killed teacher's was an officer who responded to the shooting. She called him from the room, told him she was shot and dying.

  25. Ia that also the husband who died of a heart attack days later?

  26. Wow you can really see the crows feet hardcore in black and white. The real Ken would kill himself before it got to that point. My suspension of disbelief is gone

  27. One of his eyes is also higher than the other. I'm not saying it to be a bitch, it's just true.

  28. Aw, they only have the first eleven minutes of Explorers on the Moon, pt. 1. 😕

  29. That's strsnge. I wonder if it uploaded wrong and nobody noticed. That...kind of ruins the whole thing for me.

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